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499. lappuse - ... (d) Should a controversy arise in respect to the value of the home, the loss sustained in its sale, the loss under a contract for purchase, loss and cost in securing termination of...
387. lappuse - Director at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting, except where a Director attends a meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called or convened.
402. lappuse - ... whether or not the corporation would have the power to indemnify him against such liability under the provisions of this section.
10. lappuse - The Commission is hereby empowered and directed to prevent persons, partnerships, or corporations, except banks, common carriers subject to the Acts to regulate commerce, air carriers, and foreign air carriers subject to the Federal Aviation Act of 1958...
386. lappuse - Any such resignation shall take effect at the date of the receipt of such notice or at any later time specified therein; and, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective. SECTION 5.
169. lappuse - The Corporation shall be a for profit corporation, the purpose of which shall be to provide intercity rail passenger service, employing innovative operating and marketing concepts so as to fully develop the potential of modern rail service in meeting the Nation's intercity passenger transportation requirements.
390. lappuse - ... the Board of Directors in the management of the business and affairs of the corporation, and may have power to authorize the seal of the corporation to be affixed to all papers which may require it.
395. lappuse - The corporation shall have a president, and such other officers as may be named and appointed by the board, at rates of compensation fixed by the board, and serving at the pleasure of the board. No individual other than a citizen of the United States may be an officer of the corporation.
396. lappuse - That in lieu of closing the stock transfer books as aforesaid, the by-laws may fix or authorize the board of directors to fix in advance a date, not exceeding forty days preceding the date of any meeting of stockholders or the date for the payment of any dividend, or the date for the...
57. lappuse - ... and the act of a majority of the directors present at any meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the board of directors, except as may be otherwise specifically provided by' statute or by the certificate of incorporation.

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