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Table of Cases
Volume 15

Issue 35
Case Name
A.L.Z. Broadcasting, Inc.
ALLTEL Corporation
ATEAC, Inc. et al.
Accent Communications, Inc. et al.
Access Charge Reform
Access Charge Reform
Advanced TelCom, Inc.
Amendment of Parts 13 and 80 - Maritime Communications
Amendment of Parts 25 and 101 - Fixed Satellite Service
Anderson Community School Corporation
Anderson Community School Corporation
Applications for Authority to operate in 39 GHz Band
Atlantic Satellite Corporation, Inc.
Battle Lake School
Bay Broadcasting Corporation et al.
Bell Atlantic Corporation et al.
Bell Operating Companies et al.
Booth-Newsome Broadcasting, Inc.
Broadwing Local Services, Inc.
C.F. Communications Corp. et al.
Cambridge Partners, Inc.
Carbondale Public Library
Carle Place Union Free School District
Carmichaels Area School District
Caroline County District
Cerebral Palsy Center School
Children's Television Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters
Children's Television Programming Reports
Citizens Utilities Company
Citizens Utilities Company
Coalition for Affordable Local and Long Distance Services (CALLS)
Coalition for Affordable Local and Long Distance Services (CALLS)
Coffee County Board of Education
College of the Ozarks
Comment Invited on Third Generation Wireless/ IMT-2000 Petitions
Common Carrier Bureau Extends Pleading Cycle CC 98-147 et al.
Competitive Networks in Local Telecommunications Markets
Comsat et al.
Corpus Christi Independent School District
Dearborn Public Schools
Educational Service Unit #6
Emergency Alert System National Advisory Committee
European Telecommunication Satellite Organization
FCC Announces Increase in Application Fees
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service
Federal-State Joint Conference on Advanced Services
Federal-State Joint Conference on Advanced Services

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Case Name
Fiscal Year 2000 Regulatory Fee Payment Data
Flambo Broadcasting, Inc.
Flippo, William
Forum on 90 GHz Technologies
Franklin County Public Schools
GE American Communications, Inc.
General George S. Patton School District 133
Gizzo, Sandra J.
Global NAPs South, Inc.
Good Samaritan Health Systems Foundation
Gulfport School District
Homer-Center School District
Hughes Network Systems
International Authorizations Granted
International Authorizations Granted
International Authorizations Granted
International Authorizations Granted
International Authorizations Granted
Iowa City Community School District
Iowa Utilities Board
LaPierre, Richard E.
Learning Community Charter School
Local Competition and Broadband Reporting Form
Local and State Government Advisory Committee
Lockheed Martin Corporation et al.
Lockheed Martin Corporation et al.
MCI Telecommunications Corporation
MCI Telecommunications Corporation
Maritime Telecommunications Network, Inc.
Michigan Public Service Commission
Minneapolis School District 1
Morradio, Inc.
Mountain Home School District 193
National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc.
Network Reliability and Interoperability Council to Hold Meeting
Newton County School District
Numbering Resource Optimization
Numbering Resource Optimization Proceeding
Our Lady Help of Christians Parish School
Oxford Hills School District M. S.A.D. #17
Pubic Forum on Access to Next-Generation Remote Terminals
Public Utility Commission of Oregon et al.
Roaring Spring Community Library
Samsung Telecommunications America, Inc. et al.
Savanna Elementary School
Seattle Hebrew Academy
Spectra Communications Group, LLC et al.
State of Washington Department of Information Services
Supreme Radio Communications, Inc.
Technological Advisory Council to Hold Sixth Meeting
Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet
Tri-Star Marketing, Inc.
U.S. West Communications, Inc.
UTStarcom and Drew University
Ubly Community Schools
Universal Licensing System Interactive Demonstrations

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Case Name
Universal Service Administrative Company
Utica Community Schools
Vernon Parish School Board
Vernon Parish School District
Warsaw Public Library
Wathena Unified School District 406
Wireless Bureau Announces Grant of Licenses for 39 GHz Band
Wireless Bureau Assignment of Transfer of Control Applications
Wireless Bureau Grants Consent to Assign Broadband PCS Licenses
Wireless Bureau Grants Consent to Assign Broadband PCS Licenses
Wireless Bureau Grants Transfer Control of Broadband Licenses
Wireless Bureau Provides Guidance on Carrier Reports
Wireless Telecom Action
World Access, Inc. et al.
York County Public Library

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