Catalogue of Title-entries of Books and Other Articles Entered in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, Under the Copyright Law ... Wherein the Copyright Has Been Completed by the Deposit of Two Copies in the Office

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980

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271. lappuse - ... work copyrighted by a corporate body (otherwise than as assignee or licensee of the individual author) or by an employer for whom such work is made for hire...
101. lappuse - HELEN and SCOTT NEARING. The Maple Sugar Book. Being a Plain Practical Account of the Art of Sugaring Designed to Promote an Acquaintance with the Ancient as Well as the Modern Practice, Together with Remarks on Pioneering as a Way of Living in the Twentieth Century.
4. lappuse - Adventure Into The Unknown: The First Fifty Years of the General Electric Research Laboratory...
83. lappuse - Industry's Unfinished Business: Achieving Sound Industrial Relations and Fair Employment. By SARA E. SOUTHALL.
59. lappuse - ... Clarke, Irwin, 1952. pp. xv, 367. $7.95; $10. Rev. by Coleman Rosenberger in NYHTB., Aug. 31, 1952, p. 7; by Wayne Andrews in Sat. Rev., July 12, 1952, pp. 19-20. 1714. PERRY, RALPH BARTON. Characteristically American. (Bibl. 1949, 854.) Rev. by RH Gabriel in AL., xxm, 139-41. 1715. PERSONS, STOW (ed.). Evolutionary Thought in America. (Edited for the Special Program in American Civilization at Princeton Univ.) New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1950. pp. x, 462. $5. Rev. by HH Clark in AL., xxiv,...
14. lappuse - GS, The Blacky Pictures: A Technique for the Exploration of Personality Dynamics: Manual.
123. lappuse - Parents must be flexible; a practical approach to the care of children.
68. lappuse - A gnome there was, and other tales of science fiction and fantasy, by Lewis Padgett [pseud.].
186. lappuse - Jessup-Redfield Law and practice in the surrogates' courts in the State of Hew Tork. (PE 8-786.) Jessu-p-Pedf ield: Law and practice in the surrogates' courts in the State of Hew lork.

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