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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980

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271. lappuse - ... work copyrighted by a corporate body (otherwise than as assignee or licensee of the individual author) or by an employer for whom such work is made for hire...
101. lappuse - HELEN and SCOTT NEARING. The Maple Sugar Book. Being a Plain Practical Account of the Art of Sugaring Designed to Promote an Acquaintance with the Ancient as Well as the Modern Practice, Together with Remarks on Pioneering as a Way of Living in the Twentieth Century.
4. lappuse - Adventure Into The Unknown: The First Fifty Years of the General Electric Research Laboratory...
83. lappuse - Industry's Unfinished Business: Achieving Sound Industrial Relations and Fair Employment. By SARA E. SOUTHALL.
59. lappuse - ... Clarke, Irwin, 1952. pp. xv, 367. $7.95; $10. Rev. by Coleman Rosenberger in NYHTB., Aug. 31, 1952, p. 7; by Wayne Andrews in Sat. Rev., July 12, 1952, pp. 19-20. 1714. PERRY, RALPH BARTON. Characteristically American. (Bibl. 1949, 854.) Rev. by RH Gabriel in AL., xxm, 139-41. 1715. PERSONS, STOW (ed.). Evolutionary Thought in America. (Edited for the Special Program in American Civilization at Princeton Univ.) New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1950. pp. x, 462. $5. Rev. by HH Clark in AL., xxiv,...
14. lappuse - GS, The Blacky Pictures: A Technique for the Exploration of Personality Dynamics: Manual.
123. lappuse - Parents must be flexible; a practical approach to the care of children.
68. lappuse - A gnome there was, and other tales of science fiction and fantasy, by Lewis Padgett [pseud.].
186. lappuse - Jessup-Redfield Law and practice in the surrogates' courts in the State of Hew Tork. (PE 8-786.) Jessu-p-Pedf ield: Law and practice in the surrogates' courts in the State of Hew lork.

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