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Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 79-640907.

ISSN 0163.7363 Key title: Catalog of copyright entries. Fourth
series. Part 8. Renewals.
For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.


For a more complete description of the
contents of this issue of the Cutulog see
the Introduction.
Orders for individual issues, subscrip-
tions for one or more parts, or for the
complete Catalog, should be sent to the
Superintendent of Documents, U.S.
Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D.C. 20402.
The Copyright Office welcomes in-
quiries, suggestions, and comments on
the content and organization of the
Catalog. Such communications should
be addressed to the Chief of the
Cataloging Division, Copyright Of-
fice, Library of Congress, Washington,
D.C. 20559.

The Catalog of Copyright Entries for viations from the prescribed format
1978 begins a new series. Published by were necessary to better meet the needs
authority of section 707 of Title 17 of of the Copyright Office.
the United States Code, this new Fourth

Entries for published and unpublished
Series coincides with the implementa-

material are interfiled. Entries for
tion of the Copyright Act of 1976 (Pub-

supplementary registrations are interlic Law 94-553).

filed with entries for basic registrations, The Catalog is divided into eight parts.

and should be consulted in conjunction
Five of these parts correspond to the with the entry for the original registra-
administrative classes established tion. Entries pertaining to original
under section 408(c) of Title 17 of the copyrights secured before January 1,
United States Code. Three additional 1978 but not registered until on or after
parts consist of categories of works January 1, 1978 are interfiled with en-
within these classes: maps, motion tries pertaining to original copyrights
pictures/filmstrips, and serials/ secured under Public Law 94-553. En-
periodicals. The table at the end of this

tries appearing in the Catalog for the
preface shows the organization of the first time which pertain to pre-1978
Catalog and the registration class des- registrations are filed and indexed in a
ignators. The parts of the Catalog in separate section at the end of the
which each entry is published are de- Catalog
termined, in some cases, by both the

Information pertaining to changes of
registration class and the nature of the

copyright ownership is not included in work covered by the registration. Some

the Catalog, but a search of Copyright issues, therefore, will contain trie

Office files may be requested from the for registrations in classes in addition to

Register of Copyrights. A fee for the those designated in the table.

search and report will be estimated at All works listed in the Catalog are en- the statutory rate of $10


hour. tered under title, with an index of au

For each registration listed, except for thors, claimants, and other names as

renewals and supplementary regissociated with the work. Filing is word

trations, there has been deposited one
by word. Titles which consist only of

or two copies or phonorecords (or in
special characters are at the head of the
Catalog, followed by titles beginning

some instances other identifying mate

rial) of the work in accordance with the with Arabic numerals filed in numeri

provisions contained in section 408 of
cal sequence. Each entry includes a bib-

Title 17 of the United States Code. Such
liographic description followed by data
relating to the copyright claim (name deposits may be selected for inclusion

in the collections of the Library of
of the copyright claimant as given in

Congress. Library of Congress printed the application for registration, date of

cards are available for many of the pubcreation, date of registration, copyright

lished works so selected. Orders for registration number, etc.). Except for

such cards or inquiries concerning renewals and supplementary regis

them should be addressed to the trations, the descriptive portion of the

Cataloging Distribution Service Divientries is formulated in a modified

sion, Building 159, Navy Yard Annex, ISBD (International Standard Biblio

Washington, D.C. 20541. graphic Description) format. Some de

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