Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

White, Kitty.

So many beautiful wonen.

(RE 5-964.)

Westcott, Cynthia.
The Plant doctor, the hou, why and

when of disease and insect control

in your garden. (RE 6-698.)
Western Piction Publishing Company, Inc.
Journey into unknown worlds.

(RF 8-499.)
Journey into unknown worlds.

(RE 8-509.)
Journey into unknown worlds.

(9E 8-647.)

White, Margaret L.
Guidebook for The New If I vere going.

(RE 8-628.)
White, Nelia Gardner.

The Bitter herb. (RE 9-020.)

White, Robert Adans.

Nishful thinking. (RE 5-376.)

White, williaı Lindsey.
Bernard Baruch: portrait of a citizen.

(RE 4-642.)

Western Fiction Publishing Corporation.

Wild Western. (RE 8-536.)
Wild Western. (RE 8-655.)
Wild Western. (RE 8-675.)

Wiley (John) & Sons, Inc.
Comunications on pure and applied

Rathenatics. (RE 6-393.)
Cona un ications on pure and applied

nathenatics. (RB 6-396.)
Consunications on pure and applied

sathenatics. (RE 6-399.)
Connun ications on pure and applied

aa the natics. (PE 6-404.)
Conservation of natural resources.

(RE 6-567.)
Journal of polyner science.

(PE 6-392.)
Journal of poly ner science.

(RE 6-395.)
Journal of polyser science,

(RE 6-397.)
Journal of polymer science.

(RE 6-401.)
Journal of poly ner science.

(RE 6-402.)
Journal of polymer science.

(PE 6-403.)
Wilhelı, Hans,

The Provler. (RE 8-410.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

wilk, Kurt.
The Legal philosophies of Lask,

Radbruch, and Dabin. (RE 5-494.)

Whitnan, Philip A.
Essentials of plane trigonone try vith

tables. (RE 5-816.)

Wilkerson, Donald.

Red pepper in ny pie. (RE 6-756.)

Neston, Paul.

No other love. (RB 5-689.)
When April comes again. (RE 6-214.)

Whitran, Walt, 1819-1892.

How it was vith then. (RE 5-960.)

Wilkins, Chester, Jr.
A Handbook for personal soul-winning.

(RE 6-433.)

Nexels, Wilhelm Andreas.

The Eternal day. (RE 8-723.)
Wexler, Norman.

Who calls it war! (RE 8-841.)

[blocks in formation]

Weyer haeuser Company.
Cha cacteristics of modern woods.

(RE 4-773.)
Whartor, Edith Newbold Jones, 1862-1937.

An saith Wharton trea sory. (RE 7-052.)

willcockson, Mary.

Other places. (RE 9-655.)
willet, slin, pseud. See

Moore, Winston L.

Whitney, Maurice c.

Nightfall. (RE 7-177.)
River Jordan.' (RE 7-180.)

Willett, slin.

Pin tall millionaire. (RE 4-911.)

Wheeler, Hugh.

The follower. (RE 8-777.)
Wheeler, Opal.
Paganini, nasters of strings.

(RE 5-060.1

Willey, Malcola Macdonald.

Punda ne ntals of sociology. (RE 7-509.)

Whitney, Maurice Cary.
Backgrounds in music theory.

(RE 7-184.)
Whitta ker, Ja ne s.

Run for your life. (RB 9-303.)
Wickenden, Dan.

The Dry season. (RE 8-143.)

Whelton, Marion .

Par don ay blood.

Williars, Agnes M.
There's nothing greater than a prayer.

(RE 4-547.)
Willians, Charles R.

Selected prose. (RE 9-194.)

(RE 9-957.)

[blocks in formation]

Pillians, Mary Lee.

Selected prose, (RE 9-194.)
Nillians, Paul H.
A Beginning on the short story,

(RE 6-419.)
Horey. (RE 6-421.)

Winkler, Gerhard.
Ein kleiner Akkordeon spieler.

(RE 7-081.)

Winkler,' Traudi.
Bin kleiner Akkordeonspieler,

(RE 7-081.)

willians, Ralph Vaughan, See

Vaughan Willians, Ralph, 1872-1958,

Nilli ans, slin,

Paper face. (RE 5-390.)
Hillians, Spescer.
There's nothing greater t ban a prayer.

(RE 4-547.)

Nilson, Ira B.

Art thou weary? (RE 9-088.)
Bethleben. (RE 6-706.)
Paithful unto death. (RE 5-170.)
God has provised. (RB 5-509.)
His light is shining. (RE 6-719.)
Ho, every one that thirste th.

(RB 4-739.)
How can I but love hia. (RE 4-461.)
Joyful and triumphant. (RE 6-716.)
Let me hear the story often.

(PE 5-182.)
Lord, I believe! (RE 9-100.)
Morning hymn. (RB 4-470.)
Ny prayer. (R3 5-505.)
No one like Jesus, (RE 9-103.)
Op en ing sentence. (RE 7-914.)
Prepare ye the way. (RE 6- 724.)

Winsey, A. Reid.

Draving siaplified. (RB 6-386.)

Preeband drawing ranual. (RE 5-977.)
Hinvar, Prances.
The Innortal lovers: Elizabeth Barrett

and Robert Browning. (RE 7-511.)

Willians, Stanley T.

Selected prose, (RE 9-194.)

Withers, Carl.
The Treasure book of ciddles.

(RE 9-868.)

Nilson, Jack.
Kiss you.

(RE 7-783.)

Willians, Tennessee, 1926-.

Constructing a play. (RE 8-750.)
The Husan psyche--alone. (RE 7-503.)
Which is ay little boy? (RB 7-501.)
A Writer's quest for a Parnassus.

(RE 7-502.)
Young man with a screwdriver.

(RB 8-749.)

Witkin, Bernard Ernest.
Reports of cases de ternined in the

Supreme Court of the State of
California, (RE 6-877.)

Nilson, Louise L.

Beautiful road. (RE 7-904.)
Horning sa lutation. (RB 7-916.)
Pass ne sot, o gentle Savior.

(RE 4-467.)
There is peace. (RE 5-515.)

Witneyer, Jan.

Bonds of natrinony. (RB 8-616.)
Hitt, Herbert.

Patinitza. (R'E 6-515.)
Paticitza. (RE 7-873.)

Willians, Wade H., 3d.

Destination noon. (RE 6-506.)
Willians, Willian Carlos, 1883-1963.
A Beginning on the short story.

Honey. (PE 6-421. )

[blocks in formation]

Wittke, Carl Frederick.
The Otopian counun ist: a biography of

Willian Heitling, nineteenth century

reforber, (RE 5-298.)
Wittke, Mrs. Carl Prederick.
The Utopian comaunist: a biography of

willian Neitling, nineteenth century
reformer. (RB 5-298.)

Willians, Willian Bric.
A Beginning on the short story.

Money. (RE 6-421.)

Willians, Mrs. Winifred.

magic casenen ts. (RE 5-056.)
Way side glory. (RB 5-057.1

Nilson, Roger C.

Abide with me. (RE 9-101.)
Blessed art thou, (RB 5-174.)
The Bread of life, (RE 4-732.)
Carol ye. (RE 6-711.)
Ca st your burden on the Lord.

(RE 4-736.)
Christaas starlight. (RE 4-727.)
The Grace of God. (RE 9-097.)
Lovely appear. (RE 6-708.)
Miracle at the int.. (RB 4-724.)
O Lord, our Lord. (R3 5-521.)
The Prince of peace, (RE 6-722.1
A Prolog for Christmas. (RE 6-703.)
A Psala of praise. (RE 9-086.)
A Quiet tine vith Jesus. (RE 7-915.)
Turn ye even to be. (RE 5-507.)
le that stand in the house of the

Lord. (RE 9-093.)

Hittaer, Eberhard Ladwig.

Messe in D. (RE 8-402.)
Wodehouse, Lady Ethel.

Phipps to the rescue. (RE 7-223.)

Willian son, John Pinley.

o nagnus Eysterium. (RE 5-105.)

Wodehouse, P. G. See
Nodehouse, Pelhan Grenville,


Willis, Elizabeth,

State recreation. (RE6-272.)
Willis, Pichard s.
It cane upon the midnight clear.

(RE 8-611,1

Wodehouse, Pelhar Grenville, 1881-1975.

Phipps to the rescue. (RE 1-223.)

woert, Elizabeth T. Van. See

Van Woert, Elizabeth T.

Willis, William Grier.
The Pittsburgh aa nga!: a guide to the

government of the City of
Pittsburgh. (RE 6-561.)

Nilson, Ruth Elinor.

Police adainistration. (RE 7-722.)
Wilson, William H.
The fil. book: for business,

educatior, and industry. (RE 4-621.)
Wilton, George.
How to overcome stuttering.

(RE 9-647.)
Nincor, Richard.

How to secure copyright. (RE 7-920.)

Woezel, Heinz.
Pardon, ich wollt' mich nicht

verlieben. (RE 7-335. )
Wenn du den kst, wenn du glaubst, dass

es anders wird. (RE 1-083.)

Pilloughby. Joe.

Push ka pee shee pie. (PE 6-752.)
You will alva ys have a friend.

(RE 6-744.)

Woglon, William H.
The Problem of knowledge: philosophy.

science and history since Hegel.
(BE 7-493.)

Willson, Dixie.

Mystery in spangles. (RE_9-038.)
Nillson, Willian Mortiner.
1950 сunulative pocket supplerent to
Willians' Tennessee code, annotated.
(RE 8-689.)

Ninders, Prank Austin.
"Hinders dial" (South Polar)

PRE 4-774.)
Winders North Polar dial. (RE 4-775.)

Wohlberg, Meg.

The Real Santa Claus. (PE 8-160.)
The Real Santa Claus. (RE 8-161.)

[blocks in formation]

Wood, George Scott-. See

Scott-Hood, George,

World Publishing Company, Inc.

Editorial Department.
Little giant Webster dictionary.

(RE 5-708.)

Wood, Gilbert,

As I go on ay way. (RE 9-671.)
This is the song of life we two will

sing. (RB 9-681.)

Wood, Grace Trotter.

Sylvan City. (RB 4-867)

Norman, Theresa.
The Little boy who lost his name,

(RE 8-110.)
The Little girl who found a bird.

(RE 8-111.)

Xerox Corporation.

Publishers weekly. (RE 4-598.)
Publishers veekly. (RE 4-599.)
Publishers weekly. (RE 4-776.)
Publishers weekly. (RE 4-777.)
Publishers veekly. (RE4-956.)
Publishers weekly. (RE 5-152.)
Publishers weekly. (RB 5-422. )
Publishers weekly. (RE 5577.)
Publishers weekly. (PE 7-447.)
Publishers Weekly. (RE 7-448. )
Publishers Weekly. (RE 7-449.)
Publishers veekly. (RE 7-450.)
Publishers veekly. (RE 7-451.)
Publishers weekly. (RE 8-775.)
Publishers weekly. (RB 8-955.)
Publishers weekly. (RE -293.)

[blocks in formation]


Wright, Angela Gay Dickson.

Colonel Chinstrap. (RB 7-824.)

Wright, Prank Lloyd, 1960- 1959.

Drawings of Johnson Tove r. (RE 7-535.)

Yacob ichyli, Jacob.

Pan dan go dans la nuit. (RE 4-517.)
Pandango dans la nuit. (RE 4-518.)
Pandango dans la nuit. (RE 4-519.)
Pandango dans la nuit. (RB 4520.)

Hright, Jonathan.

Song of the plough. (RE 8-482.)
Spring norning vith you. (RE 9-675.)
Spring Borning with you. (RE 9-678.)

Yale, Brad, pseud. See

Young, Barnard A.

Woo da 11 Publishing Company.

Trailer travel na ga zine. (RE 7-669.)
Trailer travel na gazine. (RE 7-670, )
Trailer travel ma ga zine. (RE 7-671.)
Trailer travel maga zine, (RE 7-672.)
Trailer travel magazine. (RE 7-673.)
Trailer travel na ga zine. (RE 7-674.)
Trailer travel magazine. (RE 7-675.)
Trailer travel magazine. (RE 7-676.)
Trailer travel sa ga zine, (RE 7-677.)
Trailer travel magazine. (RE 7-678.)

Trailer travel ma ga zine. (RE 7-679.)
Woodison, Elizabeth Tyler.

The Patchwork quilt, (PE 7-088.)

Night, N. Louise.

A Ballet valtz. (RE 5-343.)
Et ude coulante. (RE 5-344.)

Yale, Elsie Duncan.

Bells of glad ness, ring! (RE 6-717.)
Carol ye. (RE 6-711.)
Faithful un to death. (RB 5-170.)

Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd.

Dravings of Johason Tover.

[ocr errors]

(RE 7-535.)

Wright, Ralph B.

California's missions.

Lord, I believe! (RE 9-100.)
Pass ne not. (RE 7-906.)
A Quiet time with Jesus. (RE 7-915.)
The Trumpet call. (RE 4-733.)

(RE 5-387.)

Woodruff, Everett B.
Ste an plant opera tion. IRE 7-728.)

Wright, Sylvia B.
Getting along with people in business.

(RE 9-393.)

Woods ide, Moya.
Sterilization in North Carolina: a

sociological and psychological
study. (RE 9-203. ).

Yale University.

The Yale review. (RB 8-230. )
The Yale review. (RE 8-231.)
The Yale review. (RE 8-232.1
The Yale review. (RE 8-233.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Yedlin, Barbara.

The Bitter herb,

Za abarano, Richard L.

National Capital march,

Zou bek, Charles A. See

Zoubek, Charles E.


(RE 5-396.)

[blocks in formation]

Zoubek, Charles B.
Gregg advanced dictation simplified.

(RE 9-735.)
Gregg Short ha ad sinplified hone-study

course. (RB 8-605.)
Gregg Short hand simplified hone-study

course. (RE 8-606.)
Gregg short hand simplified hore-study

coarse. (RE 9-741.)
Gregg sbort hand sinplified hone-study

course, (RE 9-742.)
Gregg short hand sinplified bone-study

course. (RE 9-743.)
Gregg s bort band simplified hone-study

course. (RE 9-744.)
Gregg short hand siaplified hone-study

Course. (RE 9-745.)
Student's hone-study instruction

aanual and tests for Gregg speed
building simplified. (RE 7-702.)

Ze dantas, pseud. See

Dantas, Ze.

Zeigler, John A.

Herman Melville. (RE 8-117.)

Ylla. See

Kof fler, rlla.

[blocks in formation]

Yor ke, Peter.

The Wall's thene. (RE 8-480.)

[blocks in formation]

Young, Barnard A.
Baby, please be good to me.

(RE 9-335. )
Do, (RB 9-336.)
I wish you the best, (RE 9-332.)
Mad a tout love. (RB 9-333.)
Perfectly, (RE 9-334, )
Sup er calafatalist ickespeealadofus.

(RE 9-331.)

Zellner, Harry.

B1 ue vonder. (RE 9-325.)
I love you. (BB 9-326.)
We'll meet again. (PE 9-324.)

Zucker, Irvin.

It's high tine. (RE 6-828.)

Zweig, Perd in and.

Ecoponic ideas. (RE 6-383.)

Zena asky, Mark W.
Problens to college physics.

(RE 5-813.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Young, Morris N.
Supercalafajalist ic ke speealadojus.

(RE 9-331.)

Young. Nancy Wilson Ross.
The Pine art of being a stepmother.

(RB 4-349.)
I, ay ancestor. (RE 4-324.)
Portrait. (RE 4-348.)

Young, Paul Martir.
IBM customer en gineering manual of

instruction. (RB 9-993. )
I B N customer engineering aan oal of

instruction. (RP 9-997.)
I B M type 26, printing card punch,

customer engineering instruction.
(RE 10-017.)

Zerbolt, Gerard.

The Imitation of Christ. (RE 5-715.)
Zerubia, Tony.

Ar bres de Paris. (RB 6-239.)
Bandit de la sontagne. (RE 4-505.)
En ecoutant non vieux phono.

(RE 4-506.)
En ecoutant non vieux phono.

(PE 4-507.)
Es pagnola. (RE 4-513.)
Une Penne est venue, (RE 4-563.)
One Penne est venue. (RE 4-564.)
Ma folie rousse, (RE 4-558.)
Ma folie rousse. ( RE 4-559.)
Hoi, ca l'emballe. (RE 4-566.)
Moi, ca m'enballe, (RE 4-567.)
Noi, ca n'emballe. (RE 4-568.)
La Roue tourne. (RE 4-503.)
La Roue tourne. (RE4-504.)
Ruaba Datumba. (RE 4-572.)
Santa. (RE 4-571.)
Le Telephone. (RE 4-510.)
Le Telephone, (RE 4-511.)
Le Telephone. (RE 4-512.)

[blocks in formation]
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