Lapas attēli

Pypins, Evelyn.
The Book of thirty cen tur ies.

(RE 9-894.)

Sanberg. Ben fanin.

Madison. (RE 7-772.)

Hone-longing. (RE 8-711.)
The Indvelling God. (RE 8-716.)
The word rejected. (RE 8-710. )

Sannet, L. L.

Par structures. (RE 6-564.)

Rypins, Stanley.
The Book of thirty centuries,

(RB 9-894.)

Sanpson, Arthur.

Ted villia ns. (RE 6-273.)
Sancan, Pierre.

Bo íte a susique. (RB 6-538.)
Dusting, . (RE 6-537.)


Sacco, Joha.

The Holy day. (RE 9-415.)
Luck or the coad. (BE 8-386.)

Sandburg, Carl.

Prayers of steel. (RE 8-715.)

Sat ur day Even ing Post Coa pany.

Child life. (RE4-477.)
Child life. (RE 5-629.)
Child life. (RE 5-631.)
Child life, (RE 6-234.)
Child life. (RE 8-381.)
Children's play aate magazine.

(RE 4-475.)
Children's play nate bagazine.

(RB 5-628.)
Children's play nate sagazine.

(RE 5-632.)
Children's play rate ragazine.

(RE 6-233.)
Children's play nate na gazine.

(RE 8-380.)
Jack and Jill. (RB 4-476.)
Jack and Jill. (RE 5-627.)
Jack and Jill. (RB 5-630.)
Jack and Jill. (RE 6-232.)
Jack and Jill. (RE 8-379.)

Sage. Dana.

The 22 brothers.

Sandel!, Ernest Birger.
Coloriaetric determination of traces

of retals. (R$ 5-819.)

(RE 5-699.)

[blocks in formation]

Saturday Review Magazine Corporation.
The Saturday reviev of literature.

(RE 5-670.)
The Saturday reviev of literature.

(BE 5-854.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-855.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-856.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-857.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-858.)
The Saturda y reviex of literature,

(RE 5-859.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-860.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(R2 5-861.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-862.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-863.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(RE 5-864.)
The Sat orda y review of literature.

(RE 5-865.)
The Saturday review of literature.

(PE 5-866.)

Salas, Catherine,

Pua danen tos de espanol. (RE 9-657.)
Salas, Manuel.

Pun darentos de espanol. (PB 9-657.)

Sanford, Dorothy D.
The Architecture of the Southwest.

(RE 8-113.)

[blocks in formation]

Sauer-Barabas, Else.

Pranz Lehar. (RE 7-780.)

Saltz nan, A. Noraan.

A na zaan. (RE 9-185.)

Sautter, Bail.

Feuerverk. (RE 6-026.)

Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, Ltd.

The musical salvation ist. (RE 8-424.)
The Salvation Army brass band joutual.

(RE 8-425.1

Sansone, Lorenzo.

Coacert piece. (RB 8-989.)
Concerto Queber 1 in E flat na for.

(RE 8-987.)
Serenade espagnole, (RE 8-988.)

Sauvage, Robert.

Chanson du bel hiver. (RE 5–753.)

Savar, J., pseud. See

Ravasini, Nino.

[blocks in formation]

Savcik, Otakar. See

Sevcik, Otakar.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Schubert, Ann.

The Enery. (RE 4-371.)
Faith Baldvin says: this is sy best

gift. (RE 4-368.)
Pollov fat Flora. (RE4-354.)
A Man from Santa. (RE 4-372.)
Writing for the vonen's sagazines.

(RE 7-821.)

Schnitz, E. Robert.
Piano works of Claude Debussy.

(RE 7-054.)
Schnitz, Maria.

Hy on to the Trinity, (RE 5-180.)

Hyan to the Trinity. (RE 5-522.)
Schn utz, Auguste.

Bella Ba abolina. (RE 8-094.)
Schautz, Madeleine. See

L'Hotelier, Madeleine Schmutz.

Schubert, Pranz, 1797-1828.

Promenade. (RE 4-403.)
Schuck, Arthur A.

The Outdoor chef. (RE 5-907.)
Schuetz, Heinrich, 1585-1672,
Le Sette parole di Gesu Cristo sulla

croce, (RE 7-965.)

Schneider, Hernan.
Everyday sachines and how they work.

(RE 7-729.)
Let's look under the city. (RE 6-432.)

Schulman, Reni Revel.

Jet. (RE 4-382.)

Schneider, Nina.

Let's look under the city. (RE 6-432.)

[blocks in formation]

Schindler, Gretel.

Vagabunden. (PE 4-606.)
Schirmer (G.) Inc,
andante from the "Surprise symphony."

(RE 5-342.)
The Birthday of a king. (PE 5-108.)
The Birthday of a king. (RE 5-355.)
Cal vary. (RE 7-166.)
Cao tique de Noel. (RE 5-111.)
Cantique de Noel. (RE 7-183.)
Chc istmas hyor.. (RE 5-336.)
Christmas hymn. (RE 5-339.)
The Crucifixion. (PE 8-384.)
For all the saints. (RE 5-347.)
God lives in my heart. (RE 8-383.)
Hosar. na! (RE 8-388.)
The Lord's prayer. (RE 5-351.)
Magnificat. (RE 7-193.)
ma''selle Marie, (RE 5-349.)
The Musical quarterly. (RE 5-644.)
The Musical quarterly, (RE 7-172.)
The musical quarterly. (RE 7-185.)
Nina. (RE 7-169.)
0 let us turn to Bethlehen.

(RP 5-337.)
O magnum mysteriun. (RE 5-105.)
Oh, nagical night. (R! 7-188.)
Oh promise me. (R$ 7- 191.)
O per coad, open sky. (RE 5-348.)
Open coad, open sky. (RE 5- 352.)
Patience. (RE 7-186.)
Pra yer of thanksgiving. (PE 5-350.)
Scale technique. (RE 7-168.)
Selected studies in the first position

from The School of violin technics
(opus 1) and School of boving

technic. (RE 5-639.)
Song of Haga. (Re 5-636.)
Speak Lord. (RE 7-179.)
This little rose, (PE 5-338.)
This little cose. (RE 5-353.)
Twenty-four caprices for the violin.

Val se.

(RE 7-178.)
Wake with the dawn, (PE 5-633.)
Whispering hope. (BE 5-340.)
Whispering hope. (RE 5-341.)
Your eyes shine in By own. (PE 5-346.)
Your eyes shine in my own. (RE 5-638.)

Schneider, Roy.

Kuchler's Laendler, (RE 8-284.)
Kuchler's Laendler. IRE 8-285.)
Kachler's Laendler. (RE 8–295.)

Kuchler's Laendler. (PE 8-302.)
Scho en berg, Arnoia, 1874-1951.

Lied der Waldta ube. (RE 5-647.)

Schursacher, John J.

Knee pants. (RE 7-577.)

Schurmacher, Violet.

Knee parts. (RE 7-577.)

Scholz, Jackson.

Keystone Kelly. (RE 8-138.)

[blocks in formation]

Scholz, Karl W. H.
Changing patterns in the distribution

of the national income, (RE 8-108.)
Schonbrunn (s. 1.) & Company, Inc.
Medaglia d'oro band and design.

(RE 6-806.)

[blocks in formation]

Schoolland, Marian ".

Heaven--what is it? (RE 5-712.)

Patsy at Pine Cottage. (RE 5-717.)
Schoon over, Lawrence.

The Gentle infidel. (RB 5-946.)

Schwartz, Harry.

Russia's Soviet economy. (RE 6-619.)
Schwartz, Wolf.

Peu erverk. (RE 6-026.)

Schvarz (Jack) Productions.

Federal nan. (RE 5-657.)
I killed Ge ronino. (RE 4-641.)
Timber fury. (RE 4-640. )

Schott's (B.) Soehne.

Alte deutsche Taenze. (RE 6-775.)
Am Adriatischen Meer. (RE 6-772.)
Aus den Jugendlande. (RE 6-769.)
Die Bildlichkeit der vortgebundenen

Musik Johann Sebastian Bachs.

(RE 6-770.)
Cravistas portugue zes. (RE 6-773.)
Probes Spiel. (RE 6-768.)
Das Gestohlene Maentel ch en.

(RB 6-771.)

Scotney, H.
The Salvation Army brass band journal.

(BE 8-425.)

Schisa, Mario.

Povero chico. (RE 8-010.)
Stornello a pungolo. (RF 8-007.)
Taco toco tico. (RE 8- 011.)
Val zer del caos. (RE 8-006.)

Scott, Austin Wakenan.
Cases and other materials on civil

procedure. (RE 7-484.)


Scott, Edgar.

How to lay a nest egg.

Sharpe, Elizabeth A. Humaer-. See

HURREC-Sharpe, Elizabeth A.

(RE 6-588,)

[blocks in formation]

Shaw, Donald Arthur.
Laboc relations guide for Massac-

husetts. (PE 9-346.)

[blocks in formation]

Festoons for friendship. (RE 7-304.)
Plovers tell of loyalty. (RE 7-311.)
Por accepting traveling Bible.

(RE 7-312.)
Por presenting traveling Bible,

(RE 7- 313.)
Friendship with fans. (RE 7-306.)
The Garden of the star. (RE 7-316.)
The Mar ch of the unbrellas.

(RE 7- 309.)
MeBories of yesterday. (RE 7-305.)
Notes of harmony. (RE 7-315.)
Parade of the parasols. (RE 7-317.)
The Perfect prayer. (RE 7-310.)
Roses speak our thanks. (RE 7-318.)
Twinkling stars. (RE 7-307.)
Voices from the star. (RE 7-319.)

Shaw, George Bernard, 1856-1950.

Buoyant billions. (RE 4-550.)

Scott, Sir Walter, baconet, 1771-1832.

Lady of the lake. (RE4-875.)

Shav, Irvin.

Report on Israel. (RE 6-553.)

Scott Publications, Inc.
Scott's United States stamp catalogue

specialized, 1950. (RE 9-751.)
Scott's Onited States starp catalogue

specialized, 1950. (RE 9-752.)

Shav, Robert.
All creatures our God and king.

(RE 7-171.)
Por all the saints. (RE 5-347.)

Shav, Ruby. See

Hollis, Mrs. E. W.

[blocks in formation]

Shea, Kathleen, pseud. See

Parker, Gloria.

Scott - Wood, George.

The Flying Scotsman. (RE 5-891.)
Pena y farthing polka. (RE 7-827.)

Sheen, Pulton J.

Lift up your heart. (PE 7-711.)

Selick, David Alan.

Lazy tova. (R! 7-411.)
Rhythm nan. (RE 7-409.)
Tonight's the night. (RE 7-410.)

Scribner's (Charles) Sons.

Peter Pan. (RE 8-266.)
The Record of 1949, (RE 8-269.)

Sheldon, Jo Ann.

I dream of a new love. (RE &-872.)
Once upon a midnight drean.

(RE 8-871.)

Sella, Guy, pseud. See

Alles, pierre.

Scully, Prank.

What are flying saucers? (RE 6-575.)

Selleck, Barbara.
The Myth that threatens the world.

(RE 5-482.)

Shelly, Lou.
If all my heartaches were roses.

(RF 9-183.)

Sea br ing. C. S.

Naval auxiliary machinery. (RE 5-128.)
Naval boilers. (R 5-127.)

Selleck, Barbara Stout.

The Mystery novel. (RE 6-794.)

Shelton, Marla.

Pascination. (RE 9-018.)
Sheneid, Betty.

If you were aine. (RE 7-828.)

[blocks in formation]

Selsan, millicent E.

Play vith trees. (RE 8-127.)

Sea ma , Julian.

Great orchestral music. (PE 6-580.)
Great orchestral music. (RE 6-581.)

Selvood. P. N.
Exper inents in general chemistry.

(RE 4-441.)

Shepard, Jens ina M.

Drink, drink, drink, (RB 5-844.)
The Halls of ivy. (RE 5-843.)
Valley Porge. (R3 5-845.)

Sears, Mrs. Prancis W.
Problems to college physics.

(RE 5-813.)

[blocks in formation]

Sears, Prancis Westor.
Problems to college physics.

(RE 5-813.)

Senior, Mrs, Clarence.

The Puerto Rican journey. (RE9-059.)

[blocks in formation]

Sergel, Christopher.

Our Miss Brooks. (RE 6-265.)

Security Pacific National Bank, Los

A Heart of store, (RE 6-766.)

Shernan, Al.
If you say what I saw in Nassau.

(RE 5-566.)

Sessions, Alice Powers.

Singing. (RE 4-768.)

Seele a, Elpha Lee.

Poor Lil. (R3 5-528.)

Sessions, J. Byrill.

Singing. (RE 4-768.)

Shernan, Bob.

I'11 be glad, glad, glad. (RE 7-036.)

Segal, Cora Adrienne,
You can't make a deal with the Lord.

(RE 5-421, )

Sherman, Ray.

I'll be glad, glad, glad. (RE 7-036.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Shernani, Richard.

A Kindred spirit. (RE4-358.)
Shilstone, Arthur.
The Mystery of Batty Ridge.

(PE 5-698.)
Shine, Hill.

Booker Bemorial studies. (RE 7-288.)
Shirer, William L.

The Traitor. (RE 5-30 3. )
Shirley, Charles E.

Anthony's antics. (RE 8-429.)
Sholtis, Lillian A.

Surgical nursing. (RE 5-446.)

Sexton, Ada Bruce.

Like as a father. (RE 4-465.)

Seibly, Robert Louis.
The Psychology of mental health.

(RE 5-820.)

Shanos, Morris Herbert.
Industrial and safety problems of

nuclear technology. IRE 9-060.)

Seide 1, Art.
The Little engine that laughed.

(PE 9-867.)
The Noisy clock shop. (PE 9-871.)

Shand, Terry.
You can't run away from your heart.

(RE 8-824.)

Seidenberg. Catharine.
Posthistoric aan: an inquiry.

(RE 7-290.)

Shand, Violett.
You can't run away from your heart.

(RE 8-824.)

Shore, Ernie, pseud. See

Stone, Ernest.
Shortall, Leonard.

Country, train. (RE 8-157.)

Country train. (PE 8-168.1
Shriber, Tone Sandberg.

Never say die. (PE 6-570.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Sibelius, Jean, 1865- 1957.

You went a way. (RE 4-530.)

Sinon, Bill.

Lonesone darlin'.

(RE 8-450.)

[blocks in formation]

Sinon, Louise.

Mouvement perpetuel.
Va lse. (R$ 6-517.)

Sinnott, Edmund N., Jr.

Principles of genetics. (RE 7-705.)
Sinsky, John.

South side galop. (RE 8-307.)
Sipe, Hope O' Neil.

Don't believe the gypsy. (RB 6-998.)
Down the trail to the Alano.

(RE 8-999.)
Everything. (RB 8-996.)
My Sadie. (RE 8-997.)
The Sea astress song. (RE 8-994.)
Try to nake it home for Christbas.

(EE 8-995.)
(Haiting for nyl ship of dreaus.

(RI 9-000.)

(RB 6-518.)

[blocks in formation]

Sit well, Dane Edith, 1887-1964.

A Poet's notebook, (RE 8-366.)

Sinons, Katherine Drayton Mayrant,

First the blade. (RB 7-767.)

Sitwell, Prancis.

A Poet's no te book. (RE 8-366.)

[blocks in formation]

Sie bel Institute of Technology.
Advertising and merchandising.

(RP 5-746.)
Advertising and ner chandising,

(RP 5-747.)
Air conditioning. (RE 5-740.)
Applied refrigeration and a ir

conditioning. (RE 5-741.)
Bakery rachinery, (RE 5-735.)
Bakery machinery. (RE 5-736.)
Baking technology. (RP 5-729.)
Bookkeeping, cost accounting and

business lav, (RE 5-745.)
Cake baking. (RE 5-724.)
Cake baking. (RE 5-730.)
Cake baking. (RE 5-731.)
Cake decorating. (B 5-733.)
Cake decorating. (RE 5-734.)
Cake decorating. (RE 7-293.)
Dan ish pastry. (RE 5-727.)
Electric power and notors. (RE 5-744.)
Icings. (RE 5-728.)
Ovens and fuels, (RE 5-737.)
Pies. (RE 5-732.1
Plaat layout and efficiency.

(RE 5-742.)
Plaat layout and efficiency.

(RE 5-743.)
Puff pastry. (RE 5-725.)
Refrigeration, (RE 5-738, )
Refrigeration. (RE 5-739.)
Sweet doughs. (RE 5-726.)

sivik, Stanley A.

Visual slide rule system. (RE 7-581.)

Sinons, Williar.

Pirst the blade. (RE 7-767.)

Sinonson, Jody.

The Art of scenic design.

Sizer, Theodore.
The works of Colonel John Trumbull,

artist of the Anerican Revolution.
(RE 9-343.)

(RE 6-665.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Snart, Walter Kay.

Business letters. (RE 9-074.)

[blocks in formation]

Saeck, Roy.
The Ne vest illustrated self-teaching

nethod. (RE 8-625.)

[blocks in formation]

Smith, Alfred Barnerd.
No n an e has rea nt so ruch to ne.

(RI 5-409.)

Siap son, Harold.

A Basketful of England. (RB 9-680.)

[blocks in formation]

Saith, April Derleth.
The Adventure of the six silver

spiders. (PE 5-219.)
The Island out of space. (RB 4-546.)

Signan, Carl.

No one but you, (RE 5-793.)
Some days there iust ain't go fish.

(R! 5-691.)

Siapson, Sidney Post.
Cases and other materials on civil

procedure. (BE 7-484.)

Smith, Arthur.

I # boogie. (RE 6-251.)
I'm afraid of vianin. (RB 6-250.)

Mandolin boogie. (RB 6–252.)
Suith, Cecil Michener.

Musical comedy in America. (RE 7-836.)

Simpson, Thomas Marshall.
Comercial algebra, college course.

(RE 5-103.)

Sillinan, Leland L.

Gol den cloud. (RE 9-189.)

[blocks in formation]

Smith, urs, Edound Ware. See

Saith, Mary.

Soledade, Paul.

ZUI-20. (RE 8-054.)

Saith (Ethel) Music Corporation.

I take thee, dear. (RB 5-216.)

Monkey on a string. (RE 5-217.)
Saith. Pletcher.

I've got what it takes. (RE 6-749.)

Sorenson, Frank E.
Living with our neighbors at hone.

(RE 5-291.)

Sorise, Joe.
Won't you hear ay song, ay song of

love. (PE 10-050.)

Suith, George Oliver.

Nonad, (RE 9-667.)

Sorise, Joe. See

Sorise, Joseph.

Saith, George Payne, Jr.
Michie's Juri sprudence, Virginia &

Nast Virginia. (RE 8-690.)

[blocks in formation]

Smith, Guy-Harold.
Conservation of natural resources,

(RB 6-567.)

Sou! Assurance Prayer Plan.

The time of your life. (RE 7-586.)

Smith, Harry Daniel.

Preddy. (RE4-767.)

Snader Telescriptions Corporation.
Carl Ravazza telescriptions.

(RE 4-274.)
Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra

telescriptions, (RE 4-280.)
Clark Dennis telescriptions.

Count Basie & His Orchestra

telescriptions, (RE 4-278.)
Prank Yankovic and His polka Band

telescriptions. (RE 4-270.)
George Shearing Quintet telesc-

riptions. (RE4-265.)
Guadalajara Boys telescriptions.

(RE 4-272.)
Jon 6 Sondra Steele telescriptions.

(R3 4-276.)
King Sisters accompanied by Alvino Rey

& His Orchestra telescriptions.

(SE 4-267.)
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RE4-266.)
Martha Davis Trio telescriptions.

(RE 4-268.)
Mel Torne telescriptions. (RE 4-277.)
Miguelito Valdez & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RE 4-275.)
Page Cavanaugh Trio telescriptions.

(RE 4-273.)
The Starlighters telescriptions.

(RE 4-28 1. )
Tex Ritter vith the Westerners

telescriptions. (RE 4-269.)
Tex Ritter with the Westerners

telescriptions. (RE 4-279.)
Hesley Tuttle & Ais Westerners

telescriptions. (RE 4-264.)
Sneed, Ann Harris.
Brucellosis (undular.t fever)

(PE 7-505. )

Soulies, Georges.

La Bible. (RE 7-205.)

Soith, Joseph Prancis.

My true love. (RE 5-257.)

Sousa, John Philip 1854-1932.

Stars and Stripes forever. (RE 5--688.)

Saith, L. N.

Secret place. (RE 8-505.)
Secret place. (RE 8-574.)

Southall, Sara Elizabeth.
Industry's er finished business.

(RE 9-691.)

Smith, Linda.
Everybody calls you by your first

ane, (RE 9-205.)
Manon. (RE 9-204.)
The Port of missing men. (RB 9-206.)
Piver, river. (RE 9-207.)

Southern music, Edizioni.

Le Can pane di Santa Lucia, (RE 4-754.)
Nun ne parla' cchiu' 'e Napule.

(RE 4-755.)

Smith, linell.

Pan ily reunion. (RE 7-515.)

Southern Music Publishing Company, Ltd.
A Bench in a la aplit square.

(PE 4-748.)
Hy baby told re that she loves se,

(RE 4-759.)

[blocks in formation]

Southern Music, S.R.L., Edizioni.

Che r'inporta. (RE 4-756.)

Souza, Jairo Alves De.

Baia feliz. (RB 4-581.)

Snider, Clyde P.
Aa erican state and local governnent.

(RE 6-6 13.)

Spalding, Eugenia Kennedy.

Professional nursing. (RE 9-948.)

Smith, Madeline.

Musical conedy in America. (RE 7-836.)
Smith, Hary.

The Singing trees burder. (RE 9-021.)
Smith, Meredith R.
Living with our neighbors at home,

(RE 5-291.)
Saith, Patricia, pseu d.

Parker, Gloria.
Soith, Robert.

One winter in Boston, (PE 4-485.)

Snider, Marty, pseud. See

Arthur, Douglas.

Spackes, Boyd es.
Life of an American workoan.

(RE 9-917.)

Snow, Dorothea,
John Paul Jones, salt water boy.

(RE 8-739.)

Specthrie, Sanuel Waldo.

Basic cost accounting. (RE 6-378.)

Snow, Edvard Rove.
Secrets of the North Atlantic Islards.

(R2 9-930.)

Spector, Abner,

Wait for me. (RE 9-007.)

Smith, Shelley, pse ud. See

Bod ington, Nancy.

Snovhill, Canille Cardona,

Let's have another. (RE 6-600.)
Polka at the Mardi Gras. (RE 6-340.)

Smith, Wilbur S.
State-city relationships in high way

affairs. (RE 7-495.)

Spencer, Glenn.

Honolulu boogie. (RE 9-362.)
Let's sail away to heaven. (RE 9-351.)
Love at the county fair. (RE 348.)
Love at the county fair. (RE 9-352.)
Red lips waltz. (RE 9-347.)

Snowhill, George,

Let's have another. (RE 6-600.)
Polka at the Mar di Gras. (RE 6-340.)

Smith, Willian Jay.

Marine, (RE 4-295.)
Performers and po et s.
Piazza. (RE 4-294.)

Spencer, Glena J.

America forever. (RB 9-358.)

[blocks in formation]
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