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The New York Times Company, (CON.)

The New York times. (RE 5-542.)
The New York ti ne s. (RE 5-543.)
The New York times. (RE 5-544.)
The New York times. (RE 5-545.)
The New York times. (PE 5-546.)
The New York times. (RE 5-547.)
The New York times. (RE 5-548.)
The New York times. (RE 5-549.)
The New York times. (RE 5-550.)
The New York times. (RE 5-551.)
The New York time s. (RB 5-552.)
The New York tires, (RE5-553.)
The New York times. (PE 5-554.)
The New York times, (RE 5-555.)
The New York times. (RE 5-556.)
The New York times. (RE 5-557.)
The New York times, (RE 5-558.)
The New York times, (RE 5-559.)
The New York times. (RE 5-560.)
The New York tipe s. (RE 5-561.)
The New York times. (RE 5-562.)
The New York times. (RE 5-563.)
The New York ti nes, (RE 5-564)
The New York times, (RE 6-604.)
The New York times index. (PE 4-829.)
The New York times index. (RE 5 308.)
The New York times index. (RE 5-309.)
The New York times index. (RE 5- 310.)
The New York times index. (RE 5-311.)
The New York times index. (RE 5- 312.)
The New York times index. (RE 5 313.)
The New York times index. (PE 5-314.)
The New York Times index. (PE 6-361.)
The New York Ti ne s index. (RE6- 362.)
The New York Times index. (PE 6-363.)
The New York Times index. (PE 6-364.)
The New York Times index, (PE 6-365.)
The New York Times index. (RE 6-366.)
The New York Tines index. (PE 6-367.)
The New York times index. (RE 7-402.)
The New York times index. (RE 7-403.)
The New York times index. (RO 7-590.)
The New York Times index for the

published news of 1949. (RE 6-360.) Preparations of Antarctic sledge force

far advances as short winter night

ends. (RE 10-128.) Ped road to India on north outlined.

(RE 8-090.) Red strategy aims at Kashmir, Nepal.

(PE 10-131.) Soviet naps Tibet air bases in

potential threat to India.

(RE 10-130.) Style book of the New York Times.

(RE 6-359.)

North American Newspaper Alliance, Inc.

Antarctic landing near. (RE 10-121. ) Antarctic party lands. (RE 10-124.) Antarctic party on sunner tasks.

(RE 9-408.) Canp site is chosen by Antartic party.

(RE 10-126.) Maudheio plans Antarctic survey.

(RE 10-129.) Preparations of Antarctic sledge force

far advances as short vinter night

ends. (RE 10- 128.) Red strategy aims at Kashmir, Nepal.

(PE 10–131. )

Niet zsche, Priedrich Wilheln, 1844-1900.

Nun da der Tag. (RE 7-634.)

Nihof, Otto.
A Bushel and a peck (and a hug around

the reck) (RE 9- 328.)

Nilli, Ruby Patricia.
Stop and look coloring book.

(RE 5-411.)

Norton (w. W.) & Company, Inc. The Question of lay analysis.

(RE 8-825.)

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Ney na 1, Jerzy.
Ficst course in probability and

statistics. (RE 5-500.)

The North American Newspaper Alliance.

Antarctic landing good. (RE 10-125.)

[blocks in formation]

O'Con 101, Dorothy B.
The Centennial of the Sheffield

Scientific school. (RE 7-494.)

Orias, Oscar.
Cytology of the hunan vagina.

(RE 6-658.)

Orleans, Charles D'.

cing poeres. (RB 7-631.)

O'Con 201, Harvey.
History of oil Workers International

Onion (CIO) (RE 5-129.)

Ornonde, Czen zi.

Sinner in a red sveater. (RE 8-443.)

O'Connor, Mary.

The Shaping spirit. (RE 7-523.) O'Connor, Willian Van.

The Shaping spirit. (PE 7-523.)

Orr, Dorothy.
A History of education in Georgia.

(RP 6-786.)

Orr, Edgar H., Jr.
A History of education in Georgia.

(RE 6-786.)

Olivieri, Giulietta.

Concerto in do maggiore. (RE 8-924.) Concerto in do maggiore. (RE 8-932.) Concerto in do saggiore. (RE 8-935.) Concerto in do maggiore. (RE 8-945.) Concerto in do baggiore, (RE 8-946.) Concerto in fa maggiore. (RE 8-926.) Concerto in fa maggiore, (RE 8-927.) Concerto in fa maggiore. (RE 8-934.) Concerto in fa saggiore. (RE 8-938.) Concerto in fa maggiore, (RE 8-939.) Concerto in fa maggiore. (RB 8-940.) Concerto in la maggiore. (RE 8-943.) Concerto in ni be nolle maggiore,

(RE 8-933.) Concerto in mi naggiore, (RE 8-942.) Concerto in mi ainore. (RE 8-928.) Concerto in re maggiore. (RE 8-930.) Concerto in re maggiore. (RE 8-936.) Concerto in re maggiore, (RE 8-944.) Concerto in re nirore, (RE 8-931.) Concerto in re minore, (RE 8-948.) Concerto in si bemolle maggiore.

(RE 8-925.) Concerto in si berolle maggiore.

(RE 8-929.) Concerto in si rinoce. (RE 8-947.) Concerto in sol minore, (RE 8-937.) Concerto in sol ainore. (RE 8-941.) Mondi celesti e infernali. (RE 8-922.)

Orr, Syron Da vid,

The pulp story.

O'Donnell, Cary Decker,

The Catcher from Double-A, (SE 8-833.) O'Donnell, Mabel.

Engine whistles. (RE 8-631.)
Guide book for The New If I were going.

(RE 8-628, )
Prinary aanual I. (RE 9-228.)
Singing wheels. (RE 8-632.)
Singing wheels. (RE 8-633.)
Textfils for The New day in and day

out. (RE 8-629.)
Textfile for The New round about,

(RE 8-630.)

(RE 7-321.)

[blocks in formation]

O'Donovan, Terry.

Sweet Eileen. (RE 7-855.)

Ory, Babette Ann.

Blues for Jinay. (RB 5- 401.)

Official Magazine Corporatior..

Love adventures. (RE 8-565.)
Love adventures. (RE 8-650.)
Sport life. (PB 8-541.)
Sport life. (PE 8-555)
Sport life. (RE 8-645.)
Stag. (RE 8-539.)
Stag. (RB 8-646.)

[blocks in formation]

O'Pin 2, Thaddeus.

Happy holiday! (RE 6-573.)

O'Flaherty, Lian,

Insurrection. (RE 7-517.)

Olson, Helen F.

English language series.
En glish language series.
English language series.
English larguage series.
En glish language series.

(RE 4-444.) (RE 4-445.) (RE 7-459.) (RE 7-460.) (RE 7-461.)

Osborn, Tonny Lee.
Healing the sick and casting out

devils. (RE 7-332.)

O'Flynn, Charles.
You can't run a vay from your heart.

(RE 8-824.)

Ogdon, Ina Duley.

His light is shining. (RE 6-719.)

Olson, Henry Russell.

Dr ink, drink, drink. (RE 5-844.)
The Halls of ivy. (RE 5-843.)

Valley Porge. (RE 5-845.)
O'Neil, Mattie.

Cannon ball special. (RE6-208.)

Ogg, Prederic Austin.
Essentials of American government,

(RE 6-374.)

Osol, Arthur.
The Dispensatory of the United States

of Anerica. (RB 9-946.) Osterreicher, Maria.

Kuessen ist keine Suend. (RE 6-267.) Osterreicher, Rudolf.

Kuessen ist keine Suend. (RE 6-267.) Ostrov, Abe, pseud. See

Ostrousky, Abraban Morris.
Ostrovsky, Abraha, Norris.

Christaas vedding. (RB 4-645.)
Stop sending me bouquets. (RB 4-646.)

Oort, Henricus.
In het licht der Waarheid, Graal-

sboodschap. (RE 5-125.)

O'Hara, Geoffrey.

God lives in my heart. (PE 8-383.) o let us turn to Bethlehem,

(RE 5-337.)

Op dycke, John Baker.

The Opdycke Lexicon. (RE 9-075.) Oppenheimer, Sadie c.

String suite number 1. (RE 5-913.)

O'Hara, Scott, pseud. See

MacDonald, John D.

Orba an, Albert.

Pennyvink Carnival,

Ostros, Alfred.

Roulette. (RE 5-488.)
Roulette, (RE 5-489.)

(RE 8-773.)

Ohlson, Marion.

The Vigils of Mary. (RE 5-104.)

The Vigils of Mary. (RE 5-107.) Oil, Chemical and Atonic Workers

International Union. History of oil workers International

Onion (CIO) (RE 5-129.)

[blocks in formation]

Olias, Lotar.

Es leuchtet ein Stern. (RE 4-648.)
Wenn die Maenner vuessten. (RE 4-647.)

(RE 7-222.)

orefiche, Armando.

Pumba blanca. (RE 8-372.)

Oursler, Pulton.

What prayer can do. Oursler, vill.

What prayer can do.

(RE 7-222.)

Olich ney, Pat. See

O lichney, Patricia.

O'Regan, Daniel T.
New Jersey criainal practice,

(RE 8-788.)

Olich nev, Patricia.

This week for sure.

Oursler, Will. See

Oursler, Willian Charles, 1913-.

(RE 8-847.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Overby. Mrs. Oscar R.

O cone, Bananuel. (RE 8-713.)

Parker, Poss, pseud. See

Parker, Albert Rostron.

[blocks in formation]

Ove cholser, Wayne D.

The Sveet and bitter land. (RE 4-419.) Overholtzer, Ruth P. The Wordless book visualized.

(PE 7-446.) Oxenfeldt, Alfred R. Correct answers to public issues and

how to recognize then. (RP 7-259.)

Papa shvily. Helen Waite.

Thanks to Noah. (PE 5-099.)
Para no unt Pictures Corporation.

Appointaent vith danger. (RE 8-473.)
Br an ded. (RE 8-474.)
Ca sper's spree under the sea.

(RE 6-060.)
Desert hi-jinks. (RE 6-062.)
Glacier fishing. (RE 6-063.)
The Great Missouri raid. (RE 8-469.)
Just fur fun. (RE 6-065.)
The Mating season. (RE 8-472.)
Mister Music. (RE 8-475.)
Nolly. (RE 8-470.)
Outboard shenaniga ns. (RE 6-064.)
Quebec. (RE 8-471.)
The Redhead and the cowboy.

(RE 8-468.)
September affair. (RE 8- 467.)
Voice of the turkey. (RE 6-061.)
Narpath. (RE 8-476.)

Parnel, George H.
Anerican las reports annotated.

(RE 8-792.)

Parris, Orren A.

Gleaning gens. (RE 5- 668.)

Ornan, G. Bronley.
The Church and contemporary change.

(RE 5-955.)

Parrott, Lora Lee.
Meals from The Manse cook book.

(RE 6-085.)

Oxnan, Ruth p.
The Church and contemporary change.

(RE 5-955.)

Partch, Virgil Franklin.

Bottle fatigue. (RE 7-053.) Pascal, Claude,

Le Bal iaprovise. (RE 6-539.)

[blocks in formation]

Paschal, Nancy, pseud. See

Wood, Grace Trotter.

[blocks in formation]

Pashko, Stanley.

Ross Duncan at Bataan. (RE 9-305.)

[blocks in formation]

Passaore, Rerine Griffin.

A Losing hand. (RE 5-271.)
Pasvolsky, Leo.
Major problens of United States

foreign policy, 1950-1951.
(RE 9-025.)

[blocks in formation]

Pathe News, Inc.
Carl Ravazza telescriptions.

(RE 4-274.)
Charlie Bar net & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RB 4-280.) Clark Dennis telescriptions.

(RE 4-271.) Count Basie & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RE 4-278.) Praok Yankovic and His Polka Band

telescriptions. (RE4-270.) George Shearing Quintet telesc

riptions. (RE 4-265.) Guadalajara Boys telescriptions.

(RE 4-272.) Jon & Sordra Steele telescriptions.

(RE 4-276.) King sisters accompanied by Alvino Rey

& His Orchestra telescriptions.

(RE4-267.) Lionel Haapton & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RE4-266.) Martha Davis Trio telescriptions.

(RE 4-268.) Mel Torbe telescriptions. (R$ 4-277.) Miguelito Valdez & His Orchestra

telescriptions. (RE 4-275.) Page Cavanaugh Trio telescriptions.

(RE 4-273.) The Starlighters telescriptions.

(RE4-281.) Tex Ritter with the Westerners

telescriptions. (RE4-269.) Tex Pitter vith the Westerners

telesa iptions. (RE 4-279.) Wesley Tuttle & His Westerners

telescriptions, (RE 4-264.)

Paiva, Vicente.

Baia feliz. (PE 4-581.)

Pal (George) Productions, Inc.

Destination Moor. (RE 6-506.)

Packer, Bertha Morris,

Priaacy nar.ual I. (RB 9-228.) Textfila for cloud, rain and snov.

(RE 9-227.)

[blocks in formation]

Patterson, Edvin N.
The Legal philosophies of Lask,

Radbruch, and Dabin. (PE 5-494.)

Pennock, J. Roland.
Liberal denocracy, its ner its and

prospects. (RE 8-086.)

Pearce, Roy Harvey.

Colonial American writing. (RE 6-689.) Pearson, Adelaide Pelley.

Road in to sunrise, (RB 8-768.)
Soulcraft scripts. (R$ 8-770.)
Star guests. (RE 8-769.)

Patterson, Johnny.

Bridget Donaghue. (RE 7-857.)

Pennsylvania Dutch-Hegs, Inc.

Pennsylvania Dutch. (RE 7-295.)

Patterson, Renate,

Neucosis and human growth. (RE 8-765.)

Penny, Evelyn.

Fun with nu abers. (RE 5-412.)

Patterson, Robert L.
I'll be sitting in the fudgenent seat.

(RB 4-872.)

Penny, Lee.

Write ne a letter, (RE6-740.)

Pentecost, Hugh, pseud. See

Philips, Judson.

Paul, Charles F.
Prelude number 8 from The Hell

tenpered clavier, book 1.
(RP 5-641.)

Pentz, P. 0.

I pray to Thee this day. (RP 7-918.)

Peattie, Roderick.

The Teaching of geography. (RB 5-870.) Peck, Anne Herriaan,

Southwest roundup. (RE 9-040.)
Pecora, Salvadore Nicholas.

Alone 6 blue. (RE 9-315.)
The Answer ing sun. (RB 9-313.)

The Farner's serenade. (RB 9-314.)
Peer International Corpo ra tior.

Sad and blue. (RE 8-053.)
Peery, Pob Roy.

Abide vith us. (RE 4-731.)
The Christmas song. (RE 4-456.)
CO Rnunion hynn. (RE 5-508.)
My task. (RE4-455.)
Open the gates of the temple.

(RE 4-725.)
Three candles. (RE 5-177.)

Paul, Charlotte.

Hear ny heart speak. (PE 9-300.)

People's National Bank, Charlottesville,

Italian round about. (AE 9-927.)

Paul, Dor.

A Love like yours. (RE 10-049.) Won't you hear my song. By song of

love. (RE 10-050.)

Per agine, Joseph.
You ought to hang your heart in sha re ,

dear. (RE 6-021.)

Paul, Sherman,

Moby Dick. (RE6-154.)

[blocks in formation]

Paulsen, Wolfgang.

Vagabunden. (P3 4-6 06.)

Percy, Margaret Trueheart.

old place names. (RE 5-240.)

Paulson, Jack, pseud. See

Jackson, C. p.

Peeters, Plor.

10 chorale preludes. (RE 4-921.) 10 chorale preludes. (RB 4-922.) 10 chorale preludes, (RE 4-923.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Perez, Nelson.

Zabumba. (RB 4-862.)

Payne, lillian Hollovell.
A Book of children's literature.

(RE5-293. )

[blocks in formation]

Paz, J. Peli-. See

Peli-Paz, J.

Peroni, Alessandro.

Preghiera alla Hadonna. (RE 8-915.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Pellett, Alliene Ethel.

Pellett pups. (RE 6-253. )
Pelley, Nillian Dudley.

Road into sunrise, (RB 8-768.)
Soulcraft scripts. (RE 8-770.)
Star guests. (RE 8-769.)

Peroni, Lorenzo.

Preghiera alla Madonna. (RE 8-915.) Peroni, Lucia.

Preghiera alla Madonna. (RE 8-915.)

Percin, Marcel.

Berceuse. (RE 6-543.)

[blocks in formation]

Peale, Norban Vincent.

The Art of real happiness. (RE 5-215.) The Art of successful wishing.

(RE 7-426.) Capacity for en fo ying life.

(RB 7-443.) courage to overcome every difficulty.

(RE 7-425, ) Easy way to an easy aind. (PE 7-423.) Happy living in an unhappy world.

(RP 7-431.) How to do what you have to do.

(RE 7-445.) How to get the answer to your

problems. (RE 7-438.) How to look for va rd with hope.

(RP 7-442.) How to nake your hopes come true.

(SB 7-440.) Keeping enthusiastic about life.

(RE 7-436, ) Life's greatest experience.

(RE 7-432.) The Magic formula of this life.

(RE 7-422.) Met hod for overcoming your personality

handicaps. (RE 7-427.) iraculous lifting of your personal

burdens. (RE 7-435. ) Real peace of mind car be yours.

(RE 7-434.) Real power over all your difficulties.

(RE 7-441.) Release the hidden forces of your

great self. (RE 7-444.) A Secret of radiant health.

(RE 7-439.) Self improvement hand book. (RE 7-430.) Skill in taking things as they cone.

(RP 7-433.) The Touch that makes things turn out

right. (RE 7-424.) Try prayer power. (PE 7-429.) A Way of living that brings

satisfactior. (RE 7-421.) What to do when you are troubled.

(PE 7-428.) You : eed not rub people the wrong way.

(RE 7-437.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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