Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

Decon baz, Marius.
con certo for clarinet in A and

orchestra. (RE 7-640.)
Concerto for clariaet in A and

orchestra, (RE 7-641.)
Concerto for horn and orchestra.

(PE 7-638.)
Con certo for hors and orchestra.

(RE 7-645.)
Concerto for vood winds, hard ard

orchestra. (RE 7-642.)
The Denon of the gibbet. (RE 7-6 36.)
Erster Schnee, (RE 7-643.)
Kanon. (RE 7-647.)
Luegenlied. (RE 7-648.)
Nun da der Tag, (RB 7-634.)
Sinfonietta in E. (RE 7-639.)
Sorata for double bass and piaro.

(RE 7-649.)
Spruch eines Fahrenden. (P9 7-646.)
Die Stiefmutter. (RE 7-635.)
Variationen ueber ein altes Tanzlied,

(RE 7-644.)
Das Verpfluchte Geld. (RE 7-637.)

Denby, Jack.

If you were nine,

(RE 7-828.)

Deko ven, Reginald.

Oh promise ae. (RE 1-191.) De La Chapelle, Luce Helene Proton. See Le Tacon, Luce Helene Proton


[blocks in formation]

DelaChapelle, Marguerite.
Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs,

dessinateurs et graveurs.
(PE 5-893.)

Den linger, willias N.

The Complete great Dane. (RE 5-137.) The complete Pomeranian. (RE 5-138.) The complete toy Manchester terrier.

(RE 5-484.)

DeLa Pield, M.
Pied igrotta, 1950/51, E. N. C. D.

(PE 5-831.)

Mario Gennarelli Pied igrotta, 1950-51.

(RE 5-834.)

[blocks in formation]

DeCuriel, Maria Concepcion Torre. See

Concepcion Torre De Curiel, Maria.

[blocks in formation]

DeFabrega, Ana Morgan. See

Morga. DeFabrega, Ana . DePalla, Manuel. See

Falla, Manuel De, 1876-1946.

[blocks in formation]

DePer audy, Maurice. See

Pec aud, Maurice De,

[blocks in formation]

DePilippis, T. 24 canzoni cantate di Mario Cosentino.

(BE 5-832.) Piedigrotta, 1950/51, E. M. C. D.

(RE 5-831.)

De Lattre, Georgette.

Sue Barton, senior nurse. (RE 9-307.) Delder field, fonald Frederick. Parewell the tranquil. (RE 6-153.)

[blocks in formation]

DeLeon, Robert.

One night in Argentine. (RB 9-747.) Delioncourt, Colette. See

Lion court, Colette De.

DerGaltz, Joachim Von. See

Galtz, Joachim Von Der. Der leth, August. See

Derleth, August Willian, 1909-1971. Derleth, August William, 1909-1971. The Adventure of the six silver

spiders, (RE 5-219.) The Island out of space. (PE 4-546.) Derleth, Wald en W. The Adventure of the six silver

spiders. (RB 5-219.) The Island out of space. (RE4-546.) Derocha Piedade, Jose. See

Piedade, Jose De Rocha.

De Gregory, Leroy.

Daddy's buckeroo. (RE 5-8 36.)

DeĦus zar (George Bernard) and

Associates. Introduction to political science,

(RE 8-351.)

Delioncourt, Guy. See

Lioncourt, Guy De.
Dellafield, Henry.

Arpeggio valtz, (RE 5-576.)
The Bird shov. (RE 5-574.)
Garden of roses. (RE 5-572.)
The Jumping Jack, (RE 5-571.)
Meditation. (RE 5-575.)
Minuetto. (RE 5-573.)
The Poppet shon, (RE 5-570.)

Del Montero, Jose, pseud. See

Ya cob ichyli, Jocab.

Delta, P., pseud. See

Perrer Fito, Rafael.

Deis, Carl.

The Birthday of a king. (RE 5-355.)
Calvary. (RE 7-166.)
Cantique de Noel. (RE 7-183.)
Christmas hynn. (RE 5-336.)
Christmas hymn. (RE 5-339.)
The Crucifixion. (RE 8-384.)
God lives in by heart. (RE 8-383.)
Hosanna! (RP 8-388.)
The Lord's prayer. (RE 5- 35 1. )
Magnificat, (PE 7-193.)
Ma'a'selle Marie. (RE 5-349.)
Olet us turn to Be thlehen.

(RE 5- 337.)
O magnum ayster iua. (RE 5-105.)
Open road, open sky. (RE 5- 348.)
Open road, open sky, (RE 5-352.)
Prayer of thanksgiving. (RE 5-350.)
Song of Haga. (R3 5-636.)
Speak Lord. (RE 7-179.)
This little cose. (RE 5-338.)
This little cose, (RE 5-353.)
Valse, (RE 7-178.)
Wake with the dawn. (RE 5-633.)
Whispering hope. (RE 5-340.)
Whispering hope. (RE 5-341.)
Your eyes shire in my own. (RE 5-346.)
Your eyes shine in my owr. (RE 5-638.)

DeLucca, Peter.

This week for sure. (RE 8-847.) DeLutio, Lello. Raccolta di successi Cioffi,

1950/1951. (RE 1-286.)

DeRonsard, Pierre. See

Ronsard, Pierre De, 1524-1585.
Derry, Vernon.

Engine whistles. (RE 8-631.)
Singing wheels. (RE 8-632.)

Singing wheels. (RE 8-633. )
DeSan Lazaro, Max Araio. See

San Lazaro, Max Araio De. Descartes, Rene, 1596-1650.

Discourse on method. (RE 8-774.) Desert Magazine.

Desert nagazine. (RE 4-601.)
Desert maga zi ne. (RE 5-616.)
Desert nagazine. (RE 5-869.)
Desert nagazine. (RE 6-569.)
Desert naga zi ne. (RE 7-455. )

Desert nagazine. (RE 8-309.)
Deseversky, Alexander P.

Air power. (RE 9-298.) Desoto, Hisaye Yana noto. Contributions by Hisa ye Yananoto

Desoto. (RE 9-890.)

[blocks in formation]

Di di ee, Julian.

Hosaara! (RE 8-388.)

Desportes, Yvonne.

Cours coaplet de solfege. (RE6519.) Cours complet de solfege, (SE 6-520.) Cours couplet de solfege. (RE 6-521. ) Cours complet de solfege. (RE6-522.) Cours complet de solfege. (RE 6-523.) Cours complet de solfege. (RE 6-524.) Cours complet de solfege. (RE 6-525.) Cours complet de solfege, (PE 6-526.) Cours complet de solfege, (RE 6-527.) Cours complet de solfege. (RE6-528.) Normandie. (RE 8-057.)

Suite Italienne. (RE 8-058.) Deutsch, Babette.

Poetry at the mid-century. (RE 7-326.)

Dob z hansky, Th.

Principles of genet ics. (RE 7-705.) Dockeray. Floyd c.

Psychology. (RE 5-468.) Doctor Seuss, pseud. See

Geisel, Theodor Seuss, 1904-.

Diekhoff, John s.

DeRocracy's college. (RE 7-749.) Diekhoff, Vera J.

De Rocracy's college. (RE 7-749.)

Dodd, Jinnie W.

I don't wanna drea.. (RE 8-435.)
I love girls. (PE 8-433.)
You cenind ne of a girl nared Ruthie.

(RE 8-434.)

De Vane. Mrs. Willian C.
New letters of Robert Bro un ing.

(RP 5-479.)

Dietert, Harry W.

Po un dry sand practice. (RE 5-139.)
Diet ert (Harry W.) Con pany.

Po un dry sand practice. (RE 5-139.)
Diggle, Roland.
God of sercy, God of grace.

(RE 9-330. )
Di Giovanniantonio, Perry R.

Looking for a cose. (RE 4-285.)
Stick by ne, baby. (RE 4-284.)

You vill return. (RE4-283.) Dilbeck, Thonas c. (111 I vant is a) brand ner Cadillac.

(RE 6-054.)

Dodd, Mead & Coxpany, Inc.
How to land scape your grounds.

(RE 9-923.) Index to Best plays series, 1899-1950.

(PE 9-932.)

Devane, William Clyde.
New letters of Robert Browning.

(RE 5-479.)

Doddy, pseud. See

Gonpef, Adolph.

Dodge, David.

The Red tassel. (RB 8-776.)

DeVer teuil, Prederick Benedict.

A laost glory. (RE 8-490.) De Victoria, Tonas Luis. See Victoria, Tonas Luis De, ca.


D'Indy, Jean. See

Indy, Jean D'.

Dodge, Pryor.

Tico-tico. (RE 9-066.)

D'Indy. Vincent. See

In dy, Vincent D'.

DeVita, Anthony Ray.

Lover's lullaby. (RE 4-532.)
Lullaby. (RP 4-531.)
You vent a va y. (RE 4-530.)

Dofleir, Elna.

Das Geigenschulverk. (RE 7-628. ) Doflein, Erich.

Das Gei gens chulverk. (RE 7-628. )

Dingle, Dave. See

Dingle, David H.

[blocks in formation]

Dohanos, Steven.

How I make a picture. (RE 4-943.) Doherty, Barry Thonas. After you've been out (with sonebody

else) (RE 8-874.)

[blocks in formation]

Dohon, Ewald.
In Hanburg liegt ein Segelschiff in

Hafen. (RE 4-649.)

[blocks in formation]

Dolan, Shirley.

Black chiffon. (RB 4-711.) Dolch, Edward Willian.

Bible stories. (RE 9-749.)
Pairy stories. (RE 9-750.)

Dolch, Marguerite.

Bible stories. (RE 8-749.) Dolch, Marguerite Pierce.

Bible stories. (RE 4-749.)
Pairy stories, (RE 9-750.)

Dews, Charles, pseud. See

Deis, Carl.

Division of Curriculum and Education

Pesearch, Saint Louis Public

Schools. See Sa int Louis Public Schools. Division

of Instruction and Pesearch,

Dole, Nathan Ha skell.

Hosanna ! (RE 8-388.)

Dexter, Harry.

A Visit to Egypt. (RE 9-679.) Dexter, Philip Albert.

A Visit to Egypt. (RE 9-679.)

[blocks in formation]

Diamond, David.

The Children of the poor. (PE 5-462.)
How it was vith them. (RE 5-960.)
If you can't. (RE 5-461.)

[blocks in formation]

Diaz, Arelio Varela. See

Varela Diaz, Aurelio,

Di Xon, Ike, Jr.

Day dreaning. (RE 7-487.)
Until I net you. (RE 7-489.)

Dick Pead, Grantly. Introduction to motherhood.

(RE 5-098.)

Dollard, John.
Personality and psychotherapy.

(RE 7-726.) Dolva, Menzil K.

The Retailer. (RB 9-184.)

Dixon, Runec Godden Haynes-. See

Haynes-Diron, Runer Godden.

Dicke a son, Emily. See

Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.

[blocks in formation]

Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.

This little rose. (RE 5-338.)
This little rose, ( BE 5-353.)

Dobal, Alfonso Armando,

la te olvide. (RE 4-553.)

Doninguez, Abel.

I nada nas. (RE 6-027.)
Donald Art Company, Inc.

Palosino. (RE 8-256.)
Pursuit. (RE 8-255.)
The Round-up. (RE 8-257.)
Two friends. (RE 8-25 4.)

[blocks in formation]

Don at, Joe.

Op in our country. (RB 6-684.)

Dickson, Carter, pseud. See

Carr, Joh: Dickson.

Do bie, J. Frank.

The Ben Lilly legend, (RE 4-721.) Dobiecki, Benny Carter.

Carter's polka. (RE 8-308.)

Dones by: Prances Virginia. jes uit relations and other Anericana

in the library of Ja mes Pord Bell. (RE 7-651.)

Doolittle, hilda.

Last vinter. (RB 6-420.)

Special deputy. (RE 7-002.)
The Storn raiders. (RE 6-319.)
The Tonahavk trail. (RE 7-010.)

Dooren, Eric, pseud. See

Dohon, Evald.
D' Orazi, Williai Ambrose.

Above the clouds. (RE 4-288.)
Do in the river. (RE4-289.)
mio a more (will never die) (RE4-287.)

Sweet as a charı. (RE4-286.) D'Orazi, Nillian Anbroze. See

D'Orazi, williaa Ambrose.

Douglas, Larry.
Laugh v hen you feel you want to cry.

(RE 7-835.)
Douglas, Williai Orville, 1898.

of ren and fountains. (RE 8-627.)

Two boys on a mountain. (RE 8-626.) Douglass, Prederick, 18177-1895. The Life and writings of Frederick

Douglass, (RE 7-497.)
Douglass, Harl R.

Everyday arithretic. (RE 7-462.)
Everyday ar it hoetic. (RE 9-077.)

Doris, Lillian.
Cocporate treasurer's and controller's

handbook. (RB 6-387.)

D' Orleans, Charles. See

Orleans, Charles D'.

Dou neng, Georges.

on Arbre sans la foret. (RE 4-562.) Un Arbre sa ns la foret. (RE 6-237.

Dorn, Ethel c.
A sinplified practical course of

instruction in the art of playing
the xylophone, marimba and bells.

(RB 5-643.) Dorn, William, A Simplified practical course of

instruct ion in the art of playing the xylophone, sarimba and bells. (PE 5-643.)

Donen feld, Harry.

Superian. (RE 7-099.)
Sup er aan. (RE 7-100.)
Superlan. (RE 7-101.)
Superman. (RE 7-102.)
Supersan. (RE 7-103.)
Supersan. (RE 7-104.)
Superman. (RB 7-105.)
Superman. (RE 7-106.)
Supersan. (RE 7-107.)
Sup er aan. (RB 7-108.)
Sup er aan. (RE 7-109.)
Saperian. (RE 7-110.)
Superman. (RE 7-111.)
Supersan. (RE 7-112.)
Superlan. (RE 7-113.)
Superuan. (RE 7-114.)
Superian. (RB 1-115.)
Super aan. (RE 7-116.)
Superman. (RP 7-117.)
Supersan. (RE 7-118.)
Superiaa. (RE 7-119.)
Superman. (RE 7-120.)
Superkan. (RE 1-121.)
Superman. (RE 7-122.)
Super Ran. (RE 7-123.)
Supernan. (R! 7-124.)
Supersan. (PE 7-125.)
Superman. (RE 7-126.)
Supernan. (RE 7-127.)
Superman. (RE 1-128.)
Supernan, (RE 7-129.)
Superman. (RE 7-130.)
Sup er san. (RE 7-131.)
Superian. (RE 7-132.)
Sup eraan. (RE 7-133.)
Superman. (RB 7-134.)
Superman. (RE 7-135.)
Superman (RE 7-136.)
Superman. (RE 7-137.)
Sup eraan. (RE 7-138.)
Supernan. (RE 7-139.)
Superman. (RE 1-140.)
Supernan. (RE 7-141.)
S up er san. (PE 7-142.)
Super aan. (RE 7-143.)
Sup er ban. (RE 7-144.)
Sup erran (RP 7-145.)
Super Bar. (RE 7-146.)
Saperban (RE 7-147.)
Superran. (RE 7-148.)
Supernan. (P 3 7-149.)
Sup er aan (BE 7-150.)
Superman. (RE 7-151.)
Supertan. (PE 7-152.)
Sup eraan. (RE 7-153.)
Superman. (RE 7-154.)
Superman. (RE 7-155.)
Sup er aan. (RE 7-156.)
Supernan (28 7-157.)
Sup eraan. (RE 7-158.)
Superman. (RB 7-159.)
Superman. (RE 7-160.)
Super an. (RE 7-161.)
Superman. (RE 7-162.)
Superkan. (RB 7-163.)
Superman (RE 7-164.)

Dorne, Albert.

Art as a career for voren. (RE 4-930.)
Dr av vay to fame. (RE4-955.)
Panous artists advanced program,

(RE 4-933.)
Panous artists course, (RE 4-928.)
Pamous artists course. (RE4-939.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-940.)
Pa ao us artists course, (RE 4-941.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-942.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-944.)
Panous artists course. (RE4-945.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-946.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-947.)
Fa nous artists course. (RE 4-948.)
Pa nous artists course, (RE 4-949.)
Panous artists course. (RE 6-807.)
Panous artists course booklet.

(RE 4-931.)
How I nake a picture. (RE 4-929.)
How I make a picture. (RE4-935.)
How I wake a picture, (RB 4-936.)
How I make a picture. (RB 4-937.)
How I make a picture. (RE 4-938.)
Is there a deaand for artists toda y?

(RE4-932.) Sever questions ansvered. (RE 4-934.)

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Barron's National business & financial

veekly. (RE 5-073.) Barron's National business & financial

weekly. (RE 5-080.) Barron's national business & financial

weekly. (RB 6-121.) Barron's national business & financial

weekly. (RE 6-127.) Barron's national business & financial

weekly. (RE 6-131.) Barron's national business & financial

veekly. (RE 6-141.) Barron's national business & financial

veekly. (RE 6-146.) Barron's The National business &

financial weekly. (FE 5-085.) Barron's The National business &

financial weekly. (RE 5-088.) Barron's the national business &

financial veekly. (RE 5-766.) Barron's the national business &

financial veekly. (PE 5-776.) Barron's the national business &

financial weekly. (RB 5-777.) Barron's the national business &

financial weekly. (PE 5-784.) Barron's The National business &

financial weekly. (RE 7-230.) Barron's The National business &

financial veekly. (PE 7-237.) Barron's The National business &

financial veekly. (RE 7-243.) Barror's The National business &

financial veekly. (RE 7-244.) Barron's The National business &

financial weekly. (PB 8-316.) Barron's The National business &

financial veekly. (RE 8-321.) Barron's The National business &

financial veekly. (RE 8-332.) Barron's The National business &

financial veekly. (RE 8-333.) Baccon's The National business &

financial veekly. (BB 8-339.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-062.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-063.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-064.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-065.) The Wall Street Journal. (RB 5-066.) The Wall Street Journal. (RP 5-067.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-068.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-069.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-070.) The Wall Street Journal. (RP 5-071. ) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-072.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-074.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-075.1 The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-076.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-077.) The Wall Street Journal. (RP 5-078.) The Wall Street fournal. (RE 5-079.) The Wall Street Journal. IRE 5-081.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-082.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-083.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-084.1 The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-086.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-087.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-089.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-090.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-091.)

Dorsey, Jean Muir.
Ma na genent in family livirg.

(RE 5-814.)

Dorsey, John M.
Haragenent in family living.

(RE 5-8 14.)

Donen feld, Harry. See

National Conics Publications, Inc. Dones, Frances Brace.

This high hour. (RE 7-774.)

Do sSantos, Ary. See

Santos, Ary Dos, Dostoevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich,

1821-1881. Criae et chat inent. (BB 6-243.)

Dostoievsky. See
Dostoevsky, Peodor Mikhailovich,


[blocks in formation]

Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Rustlers of West Fork. (RB 6-116.) Dougall.

Barbed vire. (RE 6-980.)
Counsel for the defense. (RE 6-327.)
Double trouble. (RE 6-978.)
The Halsted roundup. (RE 7-264.)
The Indian governor. (RE 5-929.)
Jonathan's cabin. (RE 6-323.)
Ho un tain siege. (RE 6-998.)
O'Connell's charge. (RE 6-297.1
The Prodigal sheriff, (RE 7-275.)
The Silver Trail. (RE 6-300.)

Don ne lly, Andy,
Always making excuses for you.

(RE 7-885.)

[blocks in formation]

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. (CON.)

The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-092.) The Wall Street tournal. (RE 5-767.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-768.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-769.) The Wall Street fournal. (RE 5-770.) The Wall Street tournal. (RE 5-771.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-772. ) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-773.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-774.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 5-775.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-778.) The Wall Street fournal. (PE 5-779.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-780.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-781.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-782.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 5-783.) The Wall Street fournal. (DE 5-785.) The Wall Street fournal. (RP 5-786.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 5-787.) The Wall Street fournal. (RE 5-788.) The Wall Street journal. (RP 5-789.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 5-790.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 5-791.) The Wall Street tournal, (RE 6-117.) The Wall Street Tournal, (RE6-118.) The Wall Street journal. (RE6-119.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 6-120.) The Wall Street journal. (RE6-122. ) The Wall Street journal. (RE 6-123.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 6-124.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 6-125.) The Wall Street journal, (RE 6-126, ) The Wall Street journal. (RE 6-128.) The Wall Street journal. (RE6-129.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 6-130.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 6-132.) The Wa!l Street Journal. (RE 6-133.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 6-134.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 6-135.) The Wall Street tournal. (PE 6-136.) The Wall Street (RF 6-137.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 6-138.) The Wall Street Journal. (PE 6-139.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 6-140.) The Wall Street Journal. (RB 6-142.) The Wall Street tournal. (PE 6-143.) The Wall Street journal. (R2 6-144.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 6-145.) The Wall Street Journal. (PE 6-147.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-224.) The Wall Street tournal. (RE 7-225. ) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-226.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-227.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 7-228.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-229.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-231.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 7-232. ) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-233.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 7-234.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-235.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 7-236.) The Wall Street tournal. (RE 7-238.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-239.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 7-240.) The Wall Street Journal, (PE 7-241.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-24 2.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 7-245.) The Wall Street journal, (RE 7-246.) The Wall Street fournal. (RE 7-247.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-248.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-249.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 7-250.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 7-251.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-310.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-311.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 8-312.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-313.) The Wall Street Journal. (E 8-314.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 8-315.) The Wall Street fournal. (RE 8-317.) The Wall Street fourr. al. (RP 8-318.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-319.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-320.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 8-322.) The Wall Street Journal. (RE 8-323.) The Wall Street Journal. (0E 8-324.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-325.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-326.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-327.) The Wall Street journal. (PE 8-328.) The Wall Street journal, (RE 8-329.) The Wall Street (PE 8-330. ) The Wall Street tournal. (RE 8-331.) The Wall Street journal. (RE 8-334.)

Dun han, Mrs. Lavrence B., Jr.

Aj lucka, lucka siroka. (RB 7-181.)

Little innocent lanb. (RB 7-600.)
Dunlap, Donald Perry.

Gypsy tan bo ur in es. (RE 8-877.)
If I were you. (RE & 884.)
once in a million dreans(RE 8-882.)
Puttin' on ay shoes, (RE 8-876.)

Drun aond, Robert s.
Modern methods of gear nan ufacture.


Drury. Aubrey.
How to retire to California.

(RE 8-415.)

Dunn, Elizabeth s.
Sir Thomas Browne, a study in

religious philosophy. (RE 7-659.)

Dunn, L. C.

Principles of genetics. (RE 7-705.)

Drury, Muriel.
How to retire to California.

(RE 8-415.)

Dunn, William Parnly.
Sir Thomas Browne, a study in

religious philosophy. (RE 7-659.)

Drury. Newton B.
How to retire to California.

(RE 8-415.)

Duane, Frank, pseud. See

Rosengren, Prank Duane.

Dupre, Pierre.

Connode. (RE 6-856.) Durand, Mireille Frainaud.

Saltimbanque. (RE 8-097.) Durand, Paul.

Saltimbanque. (RE 8-097.)

[blocks in formation]

Durant, Bryce.

Lace it up. (RE 8-615.) Durban, Georges, pseud. See

Douneng, Georges. Durr, Clifford Judkins, The Early history of defense plant

corporation. (RE 4-888.)

Du bo is La Chartre, Andre.

Bonjour les amis! (RE 6-545.) Duchess Music Corporation.

It is no secret. (RE 5-306.)

Dury, Pierce, pseud. See

Gilbert, Du Barry.

[blocks in formation]

Dutton, E. P.

Moby Dick. (RB 6-154.)
Modern vond ers and how they work.

(RE 4-420.) Skorzeny's secret mission. (RB 6-156.) The Vatican and its role in world

affairs. (RE 6- 158.)

Duddy, Lyn.

Come on over to my house. (RE 9-911.)
Dixie belle. (RE 9-912.)
The First Snow of winter. (PE 9-913.)
He'll love you if you learn to bake a

cake. (RE 9-914.)
It's autuan again, (R3 9-909.)
To know you is to love you.

(RE 9-910.)

Duvernet, Anne-Marie. See

Guitton, Anne-Marie Duvernet.

Duvoisin, Roger.

Follow the wind. (RE 8-164.)

Duroi sin, Roger. ICON.)

Follow the vind. (RB 8-16 5.)
Hi, Mister Robin! (RE 8-154.)
Hi, Mister Robin! (RE 8-155.)

Dvorak, Antonin, 1841-1904.

on the holy wount. (RB 7-167.)

Panous artists course. (RE4-940.)
Pa nous artists course. (RE 4-941.)
Panous artists course, (RE 4-942.)
Panous artists course. (RE4-944.)
Pa sous artists course. (RE 4-945.)
Panous art ists course. (RE4-946.)
Panous artists course, (RE 4-947.)
Panous artists course. (RE4-948.)
Pa sous artists course, (RE 4-949.)
Panous artists course. (RE 6-807.)
Panous artists course booklet.

(RE 4-931.) Is there a demand for artists to da y?

(RE 4-932.) Se ven questions ansvered. (RE 4-934.)

[blocks in formation]

Eber sole, Janes.

Lace it up. (RE 8-615.) Eber sole, Jin. See

Ebersole, Janes.

[blocks in formation]

B di torial Departaent, World Publishing

Company. In c. See
World Publishing Company, Inc.

Bditorial Department.
E da ia ston, Bernard B.

Crisson glov. (RE 9-661.)
Educational Testing Service.
College entrance exanination board.

(RE 6-174.)
College entrance exanination board,

(BE 6-175.) Cooperative algebra test. (RB 6-176.) Cooperative English test, (RE 6-165.) Cooperative English test. (RE 6- 166.) Cooperative English test. (RE 6–170.) Cooperative general science test.

(RF 6-164.) Cooperative interaediate algebra test.

(RE 6-168.) Cooperative nathematics test for

grades 7, 8 and 9. (RE 6- 167.) Cooperative plane geo netry test.

(RE 6-169.)
Inventories of cooperative study in

general education evaluatior.
instrunents of the 4-year study.

Professional education. (RE6-172.)

Professional education. (R36-173.) Edward, Duke of Windsor. See

Edward 8th, King of Great Britain. Edvard 8th, King of Great Britain.

A Ring's story. (RB 5-403.) Edwards, Allen L. Experimental design in psychological

research. (RE4-438.) Edvards, Ca ne con, pseud. See

Cain, Noble.

[blocks in formation]

Ealing Studios, Ltd.

The Blue lamp. (RE 8-751.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Edvards, Joan.

Come on over to my house. (RE 9-911.)
Dixie belle. (PE 9-912.)
The First snow of vinter. (RE 9-913.)
It's autuad again. (RE 9-909.)
TO KCON you is to love you.

(RE 9-910.)

Eddy, Mary Baker, 1821-1910.
Children's prayer card fron

Miscellaneous vr itings, by Mary

Baker Bddy. (RE 9-689.)
Pa ther- Mother God, loving ae.

(RE 7-893.)
Father-Mother God, loving ne.

(RE 7-894.) Father-Mother God, loving ne.

(RB 7-895.) Father- Mother God, loving ne.

(RE 7-896.) Father-Mot her God, loving ne.

(R$ 7-897.) Pather-Hother God, loving ne.

(RE 7-898.) Pa ther-Mother God, loving ne,

(RB 7-899.) Pather-nother God, loving ne.

(RE 7-900.) Father-nother God, loving re.

(RE 7-901.) Father-nother God. oving ne.

(PE 7-902.)

Baton, Jeanette.
Ghandi: fighter without a sword.

(RE 9-366.)

Edvards, Mauri.
Why did you get so high, "Shorty"?

(RE 6-741.)

Eaton, Theodore K.
Ghandi: fighter without a sword.

(RE 9-366.)

[blocks in formation]

Eberhard Paber, Inc.
Eberhard Paber nicrotonic Van Dyke.

(RE 7-412.) Mon gol paint with pencils, (RE 7-413.)

Edzard, Dietz.
Angelica au Jardin des Tuileries.

(PE 8-226.) Christine au Bassin des Tuileries.

(RE 8-227.)

Eberhart, Mignon G.

The Glass wall. (RE 5-617.)
The Glass wall. (RE 5-618.)
The Glass wall. (PE 5-619.)
The Glass wall. (RE 5-620.)
The Glass wall. (RP 5-621.)
The Glass wall. (R95-622.)
The Glass wall. (RE 5-626.)

Eerdmans (Willian B.) Publishing

Company The Deity of Christ. (RE 6-039.) Hea ven--what is it? (R! 5-712.) The Imitation of Christ. (RE 5-715.) Talks with Gabriel. (RE 5-721.)

Eberhart, Wilfred.
Man ual for Reading literature.

(RE 9-964.)
Manual for Reading literature,

(RE 9-965.)
Manual for Reading literature.

(RE 9-966.)
Your country. (RE 9-962.)
Your life, (RE 9-961.)
Your world. (PE 9-960.)

Eddy (Mary Baker) Trustees under the

Will of.
Pather-Mother God, loving ne.

(R9 7-893.)
Pather-Mother God, loving ne.

(RB 7-894.) Father-Mot hec God, loving ne.

(RE 7-895.) Father-Mother God, loving ne.

(PE 7-896.) Father Mother God, loving me.

(PE 7-897.) Pather-Mother God, loving ne.

(RE 7-898.) Father-Mother God, loving me.

(PE 7-899.) Pather-nother God, loving ne,

(RE 7-900.) Father-not her God, loving ne.

(RE 7-901.) Pather-nother God, loving ne.

(RE 1-90 2.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ehlers, Victor Marcus.
Municipal and rural sanitation.

(R! 7-703.)

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