Lapas attēli

V.-Classified lis' of patents, fc.-Continued.

Sails, method of making

Eli F. Southward Wellfleet, Mass.

Sept. 9, 1851.
Ships, light......

Leonard Goodrica.
New York, N. Y.

Feb. 4, 1851.
Ships, model, measurer

A bijah S. Hosley.
New York, N. Y..

Aug. 19, 1851.
Ships, ventilating

Amos J. Sextur and Wm. Ennis.. Brooklyn, N. Y.; New York, N. Y.... Sept. 23, 1851.
Ships' winches...

Thomas G. Boone.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Oct. 21, 1851.

Philip Rhoades, jr..
Pittsburg, Pa

Feb. 18, 1851.
Steering apparatus...

Joseph E. Andrews...
Boston, Mass.

Jan. 14, 1851.
Velocimeters, aquatic, method of supporting the John R. St. John, assignor to James New York, N. Y

In Europe, Dec. 27,
vanes of.
Renwick, Geo. T. Barnard, E. B.

1850; in U. States,
St. John, trustees of the St. John

May 13, 1851.
Compass and Log Company.
Vessels, flexible hose or float for supporting. Wm. Mt. Storms.

Troy, N. Y.

April 29, 1851. Vessels, method of raising suuken..

William Irwin, Philadelphia, Pa

Sept. 2, 1851.


Class VIII.—Mathematical, philosophical, and optical instruments, including clocks, chronometers, fc.

Calculating interest, rules for.,
Calculating machines...
Electro magnetic engines.
Electro magnetic engines..
Electro magnetic telegraphs, circuit changes for.
Escapements for time pieces..
Lightning-rods, insulait rs for,
Poles, machines for climbing.
Plotting scales..
Spectacle frames
Telegraph wires, insulators for.
Telegraph wires, insulators for.......
Telegraph wires, insulators for.........

Sam. S. Young, ass’r to John R. Stephens Eaton, Ohio.

Sept. 2, 1851. John W. Nystrom... Philadelphia, Pa.

Mar. 4, 1851.
Jacob Neff......
Philadelphia, Pa.

Jan. 7, 1851.
Thomas C. Avery
New York, N. Y.

Feb. 25. 1851.
Charles S. Bulkley.
Macon, Bibb county, Georgia.

Sept. 2, 1851.
James Fulton.
Louisville, Kentucky

Oct. 7, 1851.
George W. Otis...
Lynn, Essex county, Mass.

Aug. 26, 1851.
Henry D. Chapman..
Baltimore, Md...

Mar. 11, 1851.
Lemuel H. Parsons.

Lambertville, Hunterdon county, N. J. Sept. 30, 1851.
John P. Paine ..
Worcester, Mass...

July 1, 1851.
John M. Batchelder.
Cambridge, Mass.....

Oct. 14, 1851.
Zenas C. Robins.
Washington, DC

Oct. 14, 1851.
John Yandell.......
St. Louis, Mo

Oct. 14, 1851.


Charles S. Bulkley
Theodore Noel.

Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. Macon, Bibb county, Georgia.. Memphis, Tenn.

Nov. 11, 1851.
Aug. 26, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.

Class IX.-Civil engineering and architecture, comprising works, rail and common roads, bridges, canals, wharfs, docks,

rivers, wiers, dams, and other internal improvements, buildings, roofs, fc.

Alvan Clark,

Telegraphs, means for obviating difficulties aris-

ing from defective insulation.
Watches, winding

Inventions or discoveries.

Blasting rocks
Buildings, iron connexion for the beams and col-

umns of..
Buildings, metallic, construction of.........
Bridge, counter-braces, adjusting the effective

length of..............
Bridge trusses, arrangement of arches in..
Bridges, the construction of.
Drilling apparatus, steam..
Excavating, machines.,
Fences, flexible
Fences, hurdle.
Fences, iron.
Fence, sod, machine for making.
Frog-guard, self-acting....
Gates, apparatus for opening and closing.
Pavements, method of securing ranges of short

plank in.......
Paving, &c., stone and metal, conglomerate for.
Railings, iron..
Roofs, construction of...
Scraper ....
Shutters for shop fronts
Vessels, method of raising sunken. (See class IX.)
Window sashes..

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V.-Classified list of patents, fc.-Continued.

Class X.-Land conveyance, comprising carriages, cars, and other vehicles used on roads, and parts thercof.

Car seats..
Car seats..
Carriage bodies, hanging.
Carriage bodies, hanging
Carriage perches.
Carriages, railroad, running-gear of.
Carriages, steam, for railways
Carriage tops, raising.
Felloes, bending
Hubs and axles, connecting and disconnecting
Hubs and axles, applying friction rollers to..
Hubs, for boxes, machine for preparing..

Oliver N. French, assignor to 0. N.
French and Eb. Stevens...
New London, Ct.

July 15, 1851.
Robert Levington.....
Monroe, Mich.

Oct. 14, 1851.
Har. Hibbard, ass'r to Jar. A. Hibbard Henrietta, N. Y.

July 15, 1851.
Silas M. Cockran
Baltimore, Md.

Jan. 1, 1851.
Francis A. Stevens.

Burlington, Chittenden co., Vt. Nov. 25, 1851.
Laurence Myers ..
Philadelphia, Pa....

June 24, 1851.
George Winters....

Portsmouth, Dauphin county, Pa. Sept. 16, 1851.
Lorenzo D. Livermore

Hartland, Windsor county, Vt. Nov. 11, 1851.
William Nebinger

Sharpsburg, Washington county, Md.. Oct. 21, 1851.
Thomas A. Davies...
New York, N. Y........

Dec. 9, 1851.
Rickason Still well and E. L. Brun-

New York, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y. April 22, 1851.
Ezekiel Booth and Ezra Ripley.
Troy, N. Y.

Nov. 11, 1851.
Ezra Ripley and E. L. Brundage.
Troy, N. Y..

Dec. 9, 1851.
John Jones.
Clyde, N. Y.

Jan. 14, 1851.
James C. Spencer..
Phelps, N. Y

May 27, 1851.
George B. Durkee.
Alden. N. Y

May 27, 1851.
Gustavus L. Haussknecht.
New Haven, Ct..

Dec. 16, 1851.
Lewis King

Madison, Madison county, N. Y. Dec. 23, 1851.
John Jones.
Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y.

July 22, 1851.
John Jones.

Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y........ July 22, 1851.
Lewis E. Stillwell.

Franklinville, Cattaraugus co., N.Y.. Dec. 2, 1851.
Daniel W. Eames

West Turin, Lewis county, N. Y...... July 1, 1851.
Jos. H. Moore and Wm. P. Parrott.. Boston, Mass..

Dec. 2, 1851.
John L. Allen..
New Haven, Ct....

Jan. 14, 1851.
A. W. Johnston
St. George's, Del..

Nov. 11, 1851.
A. M. Billings.
Claremont, N. H...

Jan. 14, 1851. Jos. B. & S Wilson.

Townsend's Inlet, N. J...... Feb. 25, 1851, William R. Jones............ Granville, Washington county, N. Y.. July 22, 1851.

Hubs, for reception of boxes, machine for preparing Henry Moore ...

Shepardtown, Pa.....

July 29, 1851. Locomotives, moved by the power of animals. Clement Masserano, assignor to Clem- Turin, kingdom of Sardinia; and Lex.

ent Masserano, Josephine Wickliffe, ington, Ky.; Genoa, Sardinia........ Oct. 7, 1858.
administratrix of R. Wickliffe, jr.,
deceased, Charles Carenzi, André
Cristedora, Pallegro Rocca, & Louis

B. Migone.
Locomotives, running-gear of.

George S. Griggs ...
Roxbury, Mass.

June 17, 1851.
Locomotives, running-gear of.

James H. Murrill
Manchester, Va.

Oct. 7, 1851.
Locomotives, running-gear of.

Ross Winans.
Baltimore, Md.

Dec. 2, 1851.
Omnibus steps....

William H. Hoyt......
New York, N. Y...

May 27, 1851.
Omnibus drivers, registers for.
Ira B. Person and Joel L. Brockett. Baltimore, Md.

Aug. 19, 1851.

James Webster..
Leicester, England

Nov. 4, 1851; English

patent, Feb. 11, 1851.
Springs, carriage.

Levi Bissell.
New York, N. Y..

May 20, 1851.
Springs, carriage.

Chauncy H. Guard...
Brownsville, N. Y..

June 10, 1851.
Springs, carriage.

Gustavus L. Haussknecht.
New Haven, Ct....

July 15, 1851.
Springs, carriage.

M. G. Hubbard........
Rochester, N. Y..

July 22, 1851.
Springs, carriage.

Levi Bissell, assignor to Levi Bissell
and Lyman Kinsley.
........ New York, N. Y...

Nov. 4, 1851.
Switch, for railroads, self-adjusting and locking .. John C. Past....

White Haven, Pa..

June 3, 1851.
Switch, railroad.

David F. Phillips..

Republic, Seneca county, Ohio. Nov. 18, 1851.
Switches, railroad.

William N. Raines.

Thompson, Columbia county, Ga. Dec. 2, 1851.
Tires, for railroad-car wheels

Theodore T. Abbott.
Manchester, N. H.

Jan. 14, 1851.
Trucks, connecting with car bodies.

Thomas P. Howe...
Buffalo, N. Y.

Mar. 11, 1851.
Trucks, railroad car...

Benjamin Hinkley..
Troy, N. Y.

Dec. 2, 1851.
Wheels and axles, connecting and disconnecting.. Simeon Heywood..

Claremont, N. H.

April 1, 1851.
Wheels, car, machinery for making wrought iron. Maria Vaughn, administratrix of James

C. Vaughn, deceased, assignor to

James C. Bell and R. Chr.stie, jr.... Greenbush, N. Y.; New York, N. Y. June 24, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car ......

George R. McFarlane.
Holidaysburg, Pa..

Jan. 14, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car

P. G. Gardiner
New York, NY

Mar. 11, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car ........

Thomas J. Eddy.
Waterford, N. Y

July 29, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car .......

Benjamin Severson.
Schenectady, N. Y.

Oct. 21, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car ......

Isaac Vankuran.
Boston, Mass.

May 20, 1851.
Wheels, cast-iron car .....

Albert Hebbard.
Worcester, Mass.

May 20, 1851.
Wheels, railroad car

Nehemiah Hodge
Adams, Berkshire co., Mass.

Nov. 18, 1851.
Wheels, spring carriage.
John Lamb and Charles H. Root.. McDonough, N. Y.

Jan. 1, 1851.
Wheels to axles, method of securing

Jnnius Foster and David Marsh, assignors to J. Foster.

Greene Point, King's co., N. Y Sept. 2, 1851.


V.-Classified list of patents, 8.c.-Continued.

Class XI.-Hydraulics and pneumatics, including water wheels, wind mills, and other implements operated on by air or

water, or employed in raising or delivering fluids.

[ocr errors]

Class XII.—Lever, screw, and mechanical power, as applied to pressing, weighing, raising, and moving weights.


Date of patent.

Inventions or discoveries.


James W. Osgood.
Charles W. Stearn
Erastus Stebbins.
William Fields, jr
John Osborn..
Richard F. Stevens.
John B. Collian.
James Hardie
Nelson Newman

Coupling, compound for hose or pipe.
Faucets or gates, molasses
Hydraulic ram.
Hydraulic rams, operating the waste gates in.
Liquids, apparatus for drawing and measuring
Pipes, lead, machines, nozzle for.......
Propellers of machinery to be used in currents..
Pumps for elevating water mixed with mineral

Pumps for raising water, &c. .....
Pumps, rotary
Pumus, rotary.
Valves, shields for..
Water, apparatus for raising and carrying.
Watering cattle, apparatus for
Water metres......
Water metres.......
Water wheels..
Water wheels, over shot.

Columbus, Ohio

William Ball..
J. F. Flanders
J. Stuart Gwynne.
Phineas Bennett
Alexander Jimason.
James D. Willoughby
S. W. Wood...
John Ericsson
John Ericsson
James L. Parker.
Edmund Sheetz.

loventions or discoveries.


Jacks, lifting

Bolivar Newbury
James St. John

Catskill, N. Y. New York, N.Y.

May 27, 1851. July 8, 1851,

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