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V.-Classified list of patents, &c.- Continued.

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wood and George Kellogg ... Stanford, Conn.; Derby, Conn...... April 8, 1851.
Hiram W. Hayden ......

Waterbury, New Haven co., Conn. Dec. 16, 1851.
Webster H. Pease .......

Dayton, Montgomery co., Ohio. Oct. 28, 1851.
James Hanly..
New York, N. Y.

Jan. 28, 1851.
John Robertson
New York, N. Y.

May 27, 1851.
William Hall.
Boston, Mass....

July 29, 1851.
William L. Bass.
Boston, Mass.

Dec. 23, 1851.
Charles H. Beatty
Wheeling, Va.

Oct. 14, 1851.
F. C. Goffin, assignor to Charles J.
Gayler ..
New York, N. Y.

Dec. 2, 1851.
Jas. R. Bugbee, assignor to Jas. R.
Bugbee and Enoch Robinson
Boston, Mass..

April 22, 1851.
Linus Yale, jr.
Newport, N. Y

May 6, 1851.
Thomas Nicholson..
Falmouth, Stafford Va.

Sept. 30, 1851.
Jabez Walker
East Bloomfield, N. Y.

April 1, 1851.
Robert Newell.....
New York, N. Y.

June 10, 1851; in Eng.

land April 15, 1851.
David H. Richards & Jos. H. Flanders. Newburyport, Mass.

Dec. 16, 1851.
Job Cutler....
Birmingham, England.

July 29, 1851; English
John Buckingham and Jos. H. Baird,

patent Feb. 28, 1849.
ass’rs to Scovill Manufacturing Co. Watertown, Conn.; Waterbury, Conn. April 15, 1851.
Daniel Wilson, jr., assignor to D. Wil.
son, jr., and H. M. Bird.
North Chelmsford, Mass,

Jan. 21, 1851.
Marshall Burnett.
Boston, Mass.

April 1, 1851.
Henry Carter and James Rees....... Pittsburg, Penn, ..

Aug. 26, 1851.
Wm. Kenyon, assignor to Joseph P.
Haight, A. Hartupee, and J. Mor-
Steubenville, Ohio.

Oct. 14, 1851.
Samuel F. Tracy.....
New York, N. Y...

Dec. 16, 1851. Samuel Porter... Hartford, Conn....

Dec. 9, 1851,


Inventions or discoveries.


Jackchains, tools for making
Kettles, and articles of like character, from disks

of metal, machinery for making..
Kettles with spouts, method of moulding
Key, swivel-nibbed
Lead machines, sheet, combination of dies for
Lock, bank, powder proof.
Locks, chronometric
Locks, door...
Lock for safes, &c.


William Todd, assignor to Charles At

Locks, key.
Locks, key
Lock, maze..
Lock on sheet metal, machine for forming.
Locks, permutation safety
Locks, rotating tumbler..
Metal tubes, method of liberating, from forming

Milling tool..
Nail machine, horse shoe...

Nail machine, horse shoe.
Nut and washer machine...
Nuts, washers, &c., machines for making.


Ores, copper, process for smelting. Ores, minerals, &c., arrangement of pans for


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Ores, process of reducing by zinc, compounds..

E. S. Seymour..

Williamsburg, N. Y.
Ore washer.

Arnold Buffum.

Brooklyn, N. Y. Padlock ........

Geo. McGregor, Robert Lee, and Thos.
G. Clinton....

Cincinnati, Ohio....

David Tilton, assignor to Tilton and

Stoneham, Mass.

Thomas Slaight.

Newark, N. J..
Patterns, metal and second for castings.

Francis N. Still.

New York, N. Y...
Pins, machine for sticking on paper...

Chauncy 0. Crosby.

New Haven, Conn.
Pins, mode of papering.

C.0. Crosby.

New Haven, Conn.
Pins, mode of papering.....

C. 0. Crosby.

New Haven, Conn.
Rods, tapered metallic, apparatus for rolling. William Clay.

Clifton Lodge, England.
Safes, fire-proof...

Louis Lillie, assignor to Jno. W. Bates Troy, N. Y
Sash lock......

Michael Norton.

Cambridge, Mass.
Sash stopper.......

Joseph Osbourne.

Weymouth, Mass.
Sash, upper, arrangement of catches in, operated
by moving the lower sash.

W. Race...

Sencca Falls, N. Y.
Sashes, window, method of hanging...

Samuel D. Nims..

Palmer, Hampden co., Mass.
Screw blanks, machine for arranging and feeding Thomas J. Sloan..

New York, N. Y
Screw blanks, &c., machine for assorting ...

Thomas J. Sloan, ....

New York, N. Y.
Screw blanks and articles of a similar character,
machine for arranging......

Thomas J. Sloan..

New York, N. Y.
Screws, machinery for shaving, nicking and re-
shaving wood........

Thomas J. Sloan,

New York, N. Y. Screws, machinery for threading wood, and feed apparatus therefor.

Thomas J. Sloan..

New York, N. Y
Screws, method of finishing the heads of. Thomas J. Sloan..

New York, N. Y.
Screws and pins, machines for counting.

Thomas J. Sloan..

New York, N. Y.
Shutters, apparatus for securing, in any required
position ....

Charles W. Krebs.

Baltimore, Md.
Shutters, &c., apparatus for moving and securing. N. W. Speers....

Cincinnati, Ohio..
Spike machines, gauging and heading movement

Purnel Jefferson.

Bridgeton, N. J...
Spike machines.

Mark M. Ison..

Etowa, Cass co., Ga.
Spike machinery.

James H. Jewett.

Concord, N. H.
Spike machine, hook heading motion for.

Moore Hardaway..

Troy, N. 'Y
Spoons, &c., manufacture of wire, strengthened... Luther Boardman..

Easi Haddam, Conn..
Spring bolt.

Oliver H. Bush...

Fall River, Bristol co., Mass.
Spring, machinery for forming joints of, eliptical. Wm. T. Richards..

New Haven, Conn.
Swaging machine, rotary......

Perry G. Gardner

New York, N. Y...

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V.-Classified list of patents, fc.-Continued.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

Morgantown, Pa.....

Jan. 14, 1851.


Joseph Dorwart..
Tyres, by continuous rolling, machinery for

P. G. Gardner.
Tuyers, tight joint for....

William Graham..
Vaults, safes, &c., compound metallic doors for.. Ira L. Cady.
Vice, bench.

N. F. Cone....
Vice, parallel.

Samuel R. Simpson..
Wheel tires, machine for making.

Maria Vaughn, assignor to James C.

Bell and Robert Christie, jr.

[blocks in formation]

Class III.--Manufacture of fibrous and textile substances, including machine for preparing fibres of wood, cotton, silk,

fur, paper, c.

Bats for felting, making...

Leander W. Boynton....
Bats for felt cloth, &c., crossing the fibres in

Alonzo C. Arnold.
Card grinders.

R. Kitson.....
Cloth folding machine....

D. R. Ambrose and 0. S. Reynolds..
Cloth, machine for folding and measuring Henry Boot...
Cloth, m.achine for stretching and drying.

Thomas Barrows.
Cords, coupling for..

Lawton J. Ware.....
Cotton duck, dressing.

Horatio N. Gambrill..
Fibre, vegetable, processes for treating.

Peter Claussen......
Flock, machine for grinding...

John C. Fonda..
Flocks, inachine for opening and cleaning. ... Ephraim C. Brett......
Flocks to cloth, apparatus for applying....... D. and R. Pratt.

South Coventry, Conn.

April 29, 1851.
Norwalk, Conn.

June 10, 1851.
Lowell, Mass.

Nov. 11, 1851.
Portsmouth and Dover N. H.

July 22, 1852.
New Bedford, Mass.

April 1, 1851.
Dedham, Norfolk co., Mass

Dec. 2, 1851.
Warren, R. I.....

May 20, 1851.
Baltimore, Md.

Oct. 21, 1851.
Blackfriars, England.

June 3, 1851; in Eng

land, August 16, 1850.
Albany, N. Y.

July 29, 1851.
Great Barington, Berkshire co., Mass... Oct. 7, 1851.
Elmira, N. Y........

Oct. 7, 1851.


Fulling vegetable and other textures, chemical

process for....
Hemp brakes.
Hem , &c., machines for dressing Sissal.
Hemp and flax, machines for breaking and re-

ducing the length of the fibres..
Hemp and flax, machine for scutching and

Hemp, manufacture of, from okra.
Jacquard machines...
Knitting machines..

[blocks in formation]

John Mercer..
Oakenshaw, Lancaster co., England.... Aug. 19, 1851; in Eng-

and, Oct. 24, 1850.
Paris M. Walker..
Marshall, Mo.....

May 27, 1851.
S. A. Clements...

Springfield, Hampden co., Mass..... July 15, 1851.
Jas. S. Treat and Stephen Randall.. Voluntowr., Windham co., Conn..... Sep. 16, 1851.
Owen W. Grimes..
Paducah, Ky..

Sep. 23, 1851.
John Blanc.
New Orleans, La.....

June 24, 1851.
John Scott and John Tannahill.. Philadelphia, Pa....

Mar. 18, 1851.
John Pepper, assignor to Charles War-
ren and H. G. Sanford..
Portsmouth, N. H., and Boston, Mass.. Feb. 25, 1851; antedated

Aug. 25, 1850.
Rufus Ellis, assignor to W. M. Chase. Boston, Mass..

July 17, 1851.
John H. Barsantie..
Portsmouth, N. H...

June 29, 1851.
John Pepper, assignor to Hosea Crane,
John Pepper and J. G. Crane...... Portsmouth, N. H...

June 24, 1851.
Eliakin M. Hastings and John Shep-
Jamestown, N. Y...

Mar. 18, 1851.
Cyrus Baldwin, assignor to “Stark
Manchester, N. H.

Dec. 2, 1851; antedated

Avg. 30, 1851,
M. C. Bryant..
Lowell, Mass....

Aug. 5, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow...
Clinton, Mass....

Jan. 14, 1851.
John Johnson, assignor to E. Johnson. Troy, N. Y.

Aug. 5, 1851.
Shelden Northrop.........
New Milford, Conn..

Jan. 1, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow..
Clintonville, Mass..


7, 1851.
Isaac H. Garretson.
Clay, Iowa...

Feb. 16, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow..
Clinton, Mass..

Mar. 18, 1851.
Enoch Burt...
Manchester, Conn..

Feb. 4, 1851.
George W. Perry....

Thompson, Windham Co., Conn... Nov. 11, 1851.
George J. Ward well.

Hanover, Oxford co , Maine.. Aug. 5, 1851.
William Brewer and John Smith.. Malcome place, Clapham, Eng.; South-

ville, South Lambeth, England... Mar. 4, 1851; in Eng.

land, Feb. 12, 1849.
Geo. West
Tyringham, Mass..

Aug. 19, 1851.
William O. Grover and W. E. Baker.. Boston, Mass.; Roxbury, Mass. Feb. 11, 1851.
W. H. Aikins and J. D. Felthousen... Ithaca, N. Y......

Aug. 5, 1851.
Isaac M. Singer...
New York, N. Y...

Aug. 12, 1851.

Looms for weavirg cut pile fabrics.
Looms for weaving piled fabrics..
Looms for weaving piled fabrics..
Looms for weaving seamless bags.
Looms for weaving tapestry carpets with parti-
Looms, hand.
Looms, Jacquard, for weaving cut pile fabrics..
Looms, power, fancy check..
Looms, shuttle, motions of.
Looms, shuttle, motions of..
Paper mouids....

colored warp

Pulp screws...
Sewing machines..
Sewing machines.
Sewing machines......



V.— Classified list of patents, LC.-Continued.

Class IV.Chemical processes, manufactures and compounds, including medicine, dyeing, color making, distilling,

soup and candle making, mortars, cements, $c.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

New York, N. Y
Newark, N. J....
New York, N. Y.

Acid and naptha from rosin, distilling.

L. S. Robins
Alloys of iron, zinc and nickel...

Olis Boyden.
Bronze powder, processes of making:

L. Brandere.
Calico printing, material for transferring colors in. Charles A. Broquette.
Cane juice, machine for expressing...... Henry Bessemer.
Candle making, apparatus for........

Willis Humiston..

Nov. 4, 1851.
May 27, 1851.
Sep. 16, 1851.
April 15, 1851; France,

April 1, 1849.
June 3, 1851; in Ireland,

Dec. 3i, 1850.
Dec. 23, 1851.

[blocks in formation]
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