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S. 2615, a bill to establish an Office of Counsel General in the legislative

branch of Government, and for other purposes, introduced by Hon.

Vance Hartke, a U.S. Senator from the State of Indiana, 93d Congress,

2d session.


S. 3395, a bill to reorganize the Department of Justice, to require nonpar-

tisan appointments to policymaking

positions in such Department, intro-

duced by Hon. Robert C. Byrd (for Hon. Lloyd Bentsen), April 28, 1974. 278


A proposed bill drafted by Lloyd Cutler, Esq., "To insure the due ad-

ministration of justice with respect to the Commission of Crimes by

officers and employees of the Executive Branch and with respect to Fed-

eral elections, to remove enforcement responsibilities in such cases from

individuals with actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and to establish

an independent Public Prosecutor to further those purposes”.



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of Department of Justice--






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