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DECEMBER 3, 1917 – NOVEMBER 21, 1918



VOL. 2



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506. Disposition of Intoxicating liquors in possession of court officials

507. Conference report on bill to amend espionage act.

509. San Juan, P. R., to be port of immediate transportation.

510. Changes in boundary line between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

513. Increase in salary of district attorney for Connecticut.

514. Increased rank for officers of Coast Guard.

515. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1919.

521. Increase pensions to those who lost limbs in military service.

522. Conference report on bill for increase in military establishment.

526. Grant of public lands to Oklahoma.

527. Conference report on bill relating to sale of supplies by U. S.

528. Donation of old customhouse to Kennebunkport, Me.

529. Transfer of old subtreasury at San Francisco, Cal., to War Department.

530. Conveyance of land to Princeton, Ind.

531. Interstate transportation of immature calves.

532. Conference report on amendment of statutes relating to immigration.

533. Amending law relative to safety of employees, etc., upon railroads.

534. To change time of holding court in western district of Virginia.

535. Appropriations to carry out provisions of food-production act, 1919.

536. Woman suffrage in Hawaii.

538. Bridge across Little Peedee River.

539. Conference report on bill for housing for war needs.

540. Conference report on bill for registration for military service,

541. To amend law relative to Bureau of War-Risk Insurance.

542. Forbidding payment of pension to disloyal citizen.

543. Pension appropriation bill, 1919.

545. To consolidate Executive bureaus, etc.

546. Sale or hunting of certain wild birds in District of Columbia.

547. Conference report on legislative, etc., appropriation bill, 1919.

548. Rent profiteering in District of Columbia.

549. Exempting wrecking vessels from provisions of seamen's act.

550. Compensation for employees injured in Government service.

551. To incorporate Medical Society of District of Columbia.

552. Extending time of vacating alley houses in District of Columbia.

554. Lock and dam in Old River.

555. Bridge across Red River of the North.

556. Bridge across Second Napa Slough.

557. To repeal section of District code relative to fishing.

558. Charter of Washington Market Company.

559. Amending act establishing Bureau of War-Risk Insurance.

560. Prohibition of use of peyote among Indians.

561. Conference report on bill for registration for military service.

562. Conference report on Indian appropriation bill, 1919.

563. Exploration for and disposition of coal, phosphate, oil, or gas.

564. Sale or hunting of certain wild birds in District of Columbia.

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