United States Congressional Serial Set, 7308. izdevums,2. sējums

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

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Exempting wrecking vessels from provisions of seamens act 550 Compensation for employees injured in Government service 551 To incorporate M...
Lock and dam in Old River
Bridge across Red River of the North 556 Bridge across Second Napa Slough
To repeal section of District code relative to fishing 558 Charter of Washington Market Company 559 Amending act establishing Bureau of WarRisk...
Increasing powers of Shipping Board 669 Empowering President to regulate ocean freight rates
Longevity pay claims of Army officers
MinimumWage Board for District of Columbia 572 Amending act creating Bureau of WarRisk Insurance
Amendment of laws relating to judiciary
Sale of isolated public lands in Minnesota
Validating certain publicland entries in Red Lake Reservation 576 Amending act creating Bureau of WarRisk Insurance
Amendment of weights and measures law in District of Columbia 581 Fourteenth and subsequent decennial censuses 2 pts 584 Abandonment of part ...
Conference report on bill relative to rent profiteering in D O 605 Additional urgent deficiency appropriation bill
Payment for certain Indian reservation lands in Montana 607 Army appropriation bill 1919
To amend law relative to civilservice examinations 613 Land patent for school district 9 of Sanders County Mont 615 Conference report on rivers an...
Quotas of forces raised for military service
Conference report on Post Office appropriation bill 1919
Bridges across branches of Big Sandy River 633 To extend time for bridge across Pearl River 634 Bridge across Pearl River
Certain Indian tribes authorized to submit claims to Court of Claims
Certain Indian treaty claims
Additional judge for northern and southern districts of Mississippi 642 Bar Harbor Me to be port of immediate transportation 643 Oswego N Y to b...
Exclusion and expulsion of anarchists from United States 646 Form of proof of death of persons in military forces 647 Conference report on Post Of...
651 Building for Hygienic Laboratory of Public Health Service 663 Conference report on naval appropriation bill 1919
Carrying of concealed weapons in District of Columbia 667 Amendment to espionage
Amendment to criminal code relative to military supplies 669 Conference report on bill for protection of migratory birds 670 To extend time for bri...
Disposition of useless papers of Interior Dept and Labor Dept 675 Pensions to widows of soldiers etc serving in War with Spain etc 678 Fortification...
Admitting Aurelio Collazo to Military Academy 686 Amending sec of Revised statutes rel to SteamboatInspection Service 687 Coos Bay wagonroad ...
Conference report on Post Office appropriation bill 1919
Allowances and pay of Army field clerks
Pensions to widows of men who served in War with Spain etc 753 Amendment of judicial code relative to grand jury indictments 754 Repeal of act i...
To amend act increasing temporarily military establishment 760 Restoration to entry of 80rod strip reservations in Alaska
Bridge across Rock River
Conference report on bill relating to military establishment 764 Conference report on District of Columbia appropriation bill 1919
Revenue bill of 1918
Control of rental charges in certain areas
Title to certain homestead lands in Hawaií
Fees for claim agents
Establishment of dry zones around munition factories etc 773 Bridge across Little Calumet River Cook County
Bridge across Susquehanna River at Harrisburg Pa 776 Reservation of lands as part of Oregon national forest 777 Authorizing President to prohibit e...
783 Readmission to United States of certain aliens after the war 786 Extension of certain provisions of warrisk insurance
Purchase of uniforms by officers of Navy etc 788 Promotion of marine officers serving with Army
Pay of certain warrant officers Navy on shore duty abroad 790 Medals of honor etc for naval service 791 New ratings in Navy
Administration of justice in Navy
Conference report on amendments to Federal reserve act 794 Army officers eligible for appointment as chief of staff corps
Emergency power bill
Foodproduction act of 1919
Corrupt practices in elections
Water supply for Olathe Colo
Sanatorium for treatment of discharged soldiers and sailors 800 Protection of telephone and telegraph service under Govt control 801 Public buildin...
Public building site at Yonkers N
Conference report on bill relating to minerals etc for war uses 804 Bridge across Susquehanna River at Harrisburg Pa 805 Conference report on 2d li...
Amendment of sec of Revised statutes rel to minor coinage metal fund 813 Authorizing President to probibit exports to Philippine Islands 815 Pay an...
Pay for Army and Navy Nurse Corps during involuntary captivity
Increased pay for Military Academy cadets
Conference report on bill for stimulation of agriculture 820 Disposition of useless papers in Documents Office 822 To amend 50th article of war 823...
Incorporation of War Mothers of America
First deficiency appropriation bill 1919

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40. lappuse - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
40. lappuse - That nothing in this act shall be construed as affecting or intending to affect or to in any way interfere with the laws of any State or Territory relating to the control, appropriation, use, or distribution of water used in irrigation, or any vested right acquired thereunder...
40. lappuse - That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to perform any and all acts and to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary and proper for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this act into full force and effect.
40. lappuse - The legislature cannot delegate its power to make a law ; but it can make a law to delegate a power to determine some fact or state of things upon which the law makes, or intends to make, its own action depend.
40. lappuse - President and shall be entitled to sue the United States to recover such further sum as, added to said...
40. lappuse - And in case of disobedience to a subpoena the commission may invoke the aid of any court of the United States in requiring the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of documentary evidence.
33. lappuse - An Act to establish a Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization and to provide a uniform rule for the naturalization of aliens throughout the United States...
33. lappuse - An act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their locomotives with safe and suitable boilers and appurtenances thereto,' approved February 17, 1911, as amended March 4, 1915, an action has accrued to the plaintiff,
40. lappuse - ... the insurance shall be payable to such person or persons within the permitted class of beneficiaries as would under the laws of the state of the residence of the insured be entitled to his personal property in case of intestacy.
33. lappuse - ... erroneously exercised the rights and performed the duties of a citizen of the United States in good faith, may file the petition for naturalization prescribed by law without making the preliminary declaration of intention required of other aliens, and upon satisfactory proof to the court that he has so acted may be admitted as a citizen of the United States upon complying in all respects with the other requirements of the naturalization law.

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