The Future of the Multinational Company

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Julian Birkinshaw, Sumantra Ghoshal, Constantinos C. Markides, John M. Stopford, George Yip
Wiley, 2003 - 268 lappuses
Recent Events -from September 11, to the anti-globalization protests to the collapse of the high-tech boom have accentuated the sense that the global economy is moving into uncharted waters Bringing together the leading authorities on globalization and international business The Future of the Multinational Company looks ahead to the new challenges facing multinational firms and predicts what the multinational company will look like in ten years time.
  • Brings together the leading authorities in the field of global / international busi-ness.
  • Accademically rigourous but accessible ·
  • Addresses a topic of concern to practitioners and academics alike

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Par autoru (2003)

The Editors of this book are recognised as key thinkers in the area of strategy and international business. The book itself is based on a conference held at the London Business School in honour of John Stopford, one of the most influential thinkers in the field of international business. The contributors to this book are leading authorities in the field.

This formidable combination of people responsible for this book speaks for itself.

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