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October 1, 1967, to March 31, 1968

Volume 49

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WASHINGTON : 1967–68

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington, D.C. 20402 - Price $3.25

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Retired judges recalled to perform judicial duties under the provisions of section 7447 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954:

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1 Judge Irwin took oath of office January 11, 1968. 2 Termination of recall March 30, 1968.


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Anbaco-Emig Corp.---
Armanco Productions, Inc.-
Baertschi, E. F. and Alma M.
Baugh, Harman E., Estate and Olga G., Individually and Executrix..
Berry, Edward I., Executor...
Brown, Don, Home Builders, Inc...
Brown, Donald I. and Donetta.-
Budd, Ralph, Estate ---
Buddington, Thelma Elinor Damon...
Bushnell, Lowell F. and Dorothy C.----
Casco Products Corp-----
Central Foundry Co.----
Christie, C. B., Jr., and Martha Jean..
Clark, Joseph C. and Margaret R..
Clark, William A., Trust.--
Consolidated-Hammer Dry Plate & Film Co...
Crane, Donald V..
Crane, Dorothy V.--
Crocker-Citizens National Bank, Executor.
Damon, Robert Hosken, Estate...
Dixie Beverage Co. of Charleston, Inc.---
Dorsey, Stephen H., et al.....
Dorsey, William B. and Ida S...
Dorsey, William B., Jr.----
Downs, William Tiffin and Helen C...
Duke Power Co.....
Duttenhofer, Frank, Estate.--
Eaton, Anita R.
Eaton, Donald A.---
Feingold, Max and Gertrude..
Felman, Richard L.-----
Flemming, W. Ernest and Aileen...
Forrester, Homer W.--.
Fort Howard Paper Co.---
Gallia, Bruno and Frances...
Gerstacker, Carl A. and Jayne H.--
Gittens, Victor S. and Bernice ---
Gooch, C. M., Lumber Sales Co...
Griffin, Brooks and Josephine..
Gunn, Fred Wong---
Hammell, Helen S...
Hite, Robert W., Sr., Estate..
Hollingsworth, Matthew, Jr..---
Hollingsworth, Paul and Elizabeth..
Hollingsworth, Ruth...

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