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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930
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5. lappuse - President, whenever he finds as a fact that any existing duties or other Import restrictions of the United States or any foreign country are unduly burdening and restricting the foreign trade of the United States and that the purpose above declared will be promoted by the means hereinafter specified.
7. lappuse - The income of a foreign corporation, which consists exclusively of earnings derived from the operation of a ship or ships documented under the laws of a foreign country which grants an equivalent exemption to citizens of the United States and to corporations organized in the United States, shall not be included in gross income and shall be exempt from taxation under this title.
28. lappuse - The advantages now accorded or which may hereafter be accorded by the United States of America, its territories...
4. lappuse - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honor to inform the Embassy of the United States...
6. lappuse - Assembly of the United Nations, and the appropriate executive officer of the United States, duly authorized pursuant to appropriate action of the Congress. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the respective representatives have signed this Agreement and have affixed their seals hereto. DONE in duplicate, in the English and French languages, both authentic, at Lake Success, this twenty-sixth day of June, 1947.
7. lappuse - Such products shall also be exempt from all other duties or charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with importation in excess of those imposed on the date of this Agreement or those directly and mandatorily required to be imposed thereafter by legislation in force in the importing territory on that date.

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