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811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./20: Telegram The Ambassador in Chile (Collier) to the Secretary of State

SANTIAGO, March 8, 1928–1 p. m.

[Received 5:30 p. m.] 38. Application for customs free entry aeroplane and accessories Captain O'Neill denied but will be admitted under bond canceled upon leaving Chile. Expect the same response similar application for Lieutenant Wade, grounds commercial undertaking. Have not requested customs free entry for Curtiss aeroplanes and accessories as Department did not so instruct but believe Chilean Government would also treat as commercial venture. Have advised Wade, Lima; Doolittle, La Paz; and Somers and O'Neill, Rio de Janeiro, accordingly.


811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./22

The Ambassador in Peru (Poindexter) to the Secretary of State No. 907

LIMA, March 12, 1928.

[Received April 3.) SIR: I have the honor to refer to the Department's cable No. 9, February 8, 3 P. M.,9 and to acknowledge the Department's Instruction No. 415 of February 9, 1923, relative to Captain Ralph A. O'Neill, representing the Boeing Airplane Company of Seattle, Washington, and the Pratt and Whitney Motor Corporation of Hartford, Connecticut, who sailed on the Southern Cross on February 11, 1928, for Rio de Janeiro for an experimental flight and demonstration before the Brazilian Army and Navy Air Service. In accordance with the Department's instructions, free entry was requested from the Peruvian Government for the planes and equipment of Captain O'Neill as well as permission for a flight over Peruvian soil, and in reply a Note was received from the Foreign Office by the Embassy under date of February 23, 1928, a copy of which in Spanish, together with an English translation, is enclosed herewith for the Department's information. I have [etc.]


* Lt. Leigh Wade, representative of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation ; see pr. 811 ff.

Lt. James Doolittle, with Department of Commerce experimental and pathfinding flight to South America ; see pp. 811 ff.

* Presumably James D. Summers, aeronautical trade commissioner of the Department of Commerce for Latin America. * See footnote 96, p. 820.

Not printed; it transmitted a copy of the letter of February 4 from the Department of Commerce, printed on p. 818.


The Peruvian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Rada) to the American

Ambassador (Poindexter) No. 13

LIMA, February 23, 1928. MR. AMBASSADOR: I have had the honor of receiving Your Excellency's courteous Note Number 463 of the 14th of the present month in which you inform me, under instructions from your Government, that Captain Ralph A. O'Neill, representative of the Boeing Airplane Company of Seattle, Washington, and the Pratt and Whitney Motor Corporation of Hartford, Connecticut, has gone to Brazil to make experimental flights before the representatives of the Army and Navy of that country.

Your Excellency has been pleased to add that Captain O'Neill desires to make a visit to Peru with the same intention and therefore Your Excellency has asked my Government for the appropriate permission for such flights on Peruvian territory and the free entry of the equipment which Captain O'Neill is bringing with him.

In reply I take pleasure in informing Your Excellency that my Government will be happy to receive the visit of Captain O'Neill and will give him the permission which Your Excellency requests, all the facilities which he needs for the successful accomplishment of his purpose, and free entry for the equipment above mentioned. To this end I have addressed the Ministers of War, Navy, and Finance. I take [etc.]


811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./29

The Minister in Ecuador (Bading) to the Secretary of State No. 1076

QUITO, April 24, 1928.

[Received May 23.] Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department's instruction No. 574, dated February 9, 1928,9 instructing the Legation to request the Ecuadorean authorities to grant Mr. Ralph A. O'Neill permission to fly in Ecuador, in the interest of the Boeing Airplane Company and the Pratt and Whitney Motor Corporation, and to enclose, herewith, a copy and translation of the reply of the Ecuadorean Ministry for Foreign Relationsto the Legation's informal note sent in compliance with the Department's instruction.

It will be noted that the request to fly in Ecuador is granted and that orders extending all possible facilities to Captain O'Neill will be issued. I have [etc.]


See footnote 99, p. 821. Not printed.

811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./27

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State No. 1312

Bogotá, April 27, 1928.

[Received May 16.] Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Departments Instruction No. 1036 of February 9, 1928, instructing me to request permission of the Colombian authorities for Mr. Ralph A. O'Neill, a representative of the Boeing Airplane Company and the Pratt and Whitney Motor Corporation, to fly in Colombia as well as the free entry of his equipment and to advise the Department that I have this day received a note from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs quoting Resolution No. 61 of April 11, 1928, of the Ministry of War, which grants Mr. O'Neill permission to fly in Colombian territory. Inasmuch as no reference was made with respect to the free entry of his equipment I am to-day again addressing the Foreign Office in the premises. I have [etc.]


811,79620 Boeing Alrplane Co./25 : Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Gade) to the Secretary of State

MONTEVIDEO, May 11, 1928—10 ao mo

[Received 10:55 a. m.] 15. Department's telegram 2 of February 6, 6 p. m.10 Military aviation authorities here report this morning Captain O'Neill and companion in Comet aeroplane crashed near Minas last night. Latest information affirms injuries to both aviators slight.


811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./26 : Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Gade) to the Secretary of State

MONTEVIDEO, May 11, 1928–9 p. m.

[Received May 12—3:52 a. m.] 16. My telegram No. 15, May 11, 10 a. m. O'Neill was unaccompanied on flight, is expected to leave hospital tomorrow.11 Aeroplane badly damaged.



See footnote 96, p. 820.
1 For further activities of Captain O'Neill, see pp. 825 ff.

Tri-Motors Airways Concession in Argentina

811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./34 : Telegram The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss)

WASHINGTON, September 26, 1928–3 p. m. 38. Department of Commerce states that Captain Ralph A. O'Neil, who was in charge of the Boeing expedition,12 negotiated with Argentine postal authorities a very favorable air mail concession. Upon his return to the United States he endeavored to interest Boeing Company in financing it but they declined and the Remington-Rand Corporation has agreed to finance it.

In view of the fact that the time limit within which O'Neil was to notify Argentine authorities that he was able adequately to finance the project has practically expired, he anticipates there may be some difficulty in actually securing the grant. Department of Commerce states that if you were informed that O'Neil has secured adequate financing for the project you might be in a position to assist in getting the concession.

As European Governments are reported to have already secured a foothold in Argentina, the Department would of course be glad to have American interests obtain contracts there also.

For your information the Post Office Department has already given contracts to an American Company to carry air mails to Panama via Central America and to Porto Rico via Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.18 It is hoped eventually to extend these lines from the Canal Zone down the west coast of South America and across to Buenos Aires and from Porto Rico to Venezuela and down the east coast of South America.


811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./35 : Telegram The Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss) to the Secretary of State BUENOS AIRES, September 28, 1928–6 p. m.

[Received 8 p. m.] 64. Department's 38, September 26, 3 p. m. Lawyer who holds O'Neil's power of attorney saw Director of Posts and Telegraphs this morning and was advised that no contracts could be consummated in short time remaining of present administration. He advised waiting till matter could be taken up with new government. O'Neil's lawyer counsels deferring further action until appointment of new Director of Posts and Telegraphs.



See pp. 818 ff.
See telegram No. 60, July 11, to the Minister in Honduras, p. 786.

811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./38 : Telegram The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss)

WASHINGTON, January 8, 1929—5 p. m. 7. Department's 38, September 26, 3 p. m. Captain O'Neil states that contract was signed by the Director of Posts with Tri-Motors Airways December 22, subject to approval by other officials. Please report present status of the matter and possibilities of final ratification of the contract in the near future. Lend all appropriate assistance to O'Neil's representative and report by telegraph.


811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./39 : Telegram The Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss) to the Secretary of State BUENOS AIRES, January 9, 1929–6 p. m.

[Received 9:10 p. m.] 7. Your 7, January 8, 5 p. m. Inasmuch as the time was too short to obtain ratification of contract by Executive prior to end of Alvear term it was thought safer to inaugurate fresh negotiations with the new administration. These are not concluded yet, the main point of discussion being method of reimbursing company. O'Neil's representative seems to be confident as to ultimate prospects 14 but by reason of recent change of administration Government business is subject to delay. Commercial attaché also cabling.


Possible Extension of American Air Lines to Venezuela

810.796/5: Telegram

The Chargé in Venezuela (Engert) to the Secretary of State Caracas, February 17, 1928-1 p. m.

[Received 7 p. m.] 5. Please see confidential letter from transportation division, Department of Commerce, to the commercial attaché in Caracas January 12.15 Does the Department desire the Legation to make discreet inquiries regarding the Government's attitude towards the proposed air line!


16 A decree granting Tri-Motors Airways the right to establish an air service with the United States was signed Feb. 28, 1929. The decree embodying the contract was printed in the Buenos Aires La Epoca, Feb. 28, 1929. (File No. 811.79620 Boeing Airplane Co./41, 42.)

Not printed; copy was transmitted to the Department in despatch No. 1497, Mar. 6, 1928, from the Chargé in Venezuela (file No. 810.796/7).

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