Impact on the Elderly of the Fiscal Year 1979 Budget: Hearing Before the Select Committee on Aging, House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth Congress, Second Session, March 2, 1978

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1978 - 85 lappuses

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12. lappuse - ... secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity in a home environment for older persons capable of self-care with appropriate supportive services; and "(2) remove individual and social barriers to economic and personal independence for older persons.
7. lappuse - ... organizations, including the Linquistic Society of America, the Learned Council of Educational Societies, and I speak also from 8 years of service on local and county school boards and I have been a member of the board of directors of a State board of schools. The association on whose behalf I am speaking — I have a prepared statement, but in the interest of time I will try to summarize this more briefly. (The document referred to follows :) STATEMENT SUBMITTED BY THE NATIONAL...
76. lappuse - Average Annual Expenditures for Commodity and Service Groups Classified by Nine Family Characteristics, 1972 and 1973.
7. lappuse - I am pleased to be with you today to discuss the 1986 budget request for the Department of Justice. As you know, this is my first opportunity to testify before this Committee as Attorney General and I am looking forward to working with you, Mr. Chairman, and the other members of the Committee in the years ahead. Though I was not at the Department of Justice during the time in which this budget was formulated, I have followed the programs and activities of the Department closely for the past four...
4. lappuse - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. At the outset, I would like to commend...
70. lappuse - Once we have assessed these needs, we will look forward to working with you and the other Members of Congress to assure FDA has the tools it needs to do our job for the American public.
64. lappuse - Immune function over the lifespan of the individual increases rapidly in the early years of life, reaches a peak in adolescence, and then declines progressively. Since immunologically incompetent individuals are highly susceptible to infections, a weakened immune system is probably one of the major sources of the health problems of the elderly. There is good evidence that decline in immune function is involved in the development of a variety of age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease,...
64. lappuse - In 1970, resources transferred from other programs will provide for research on structural changes in the peripheral and central nervous systems, alterations In nerve Impulses with age, and the transmission of nerve Impulses in older organisms. IMMUNOLOGY Immune function Increases rapidly In the early years of life, reaches a peak in adolescence, and then declines progressively.
70. lappuse - ... younger families. In seven out of the 12 consumption categories, the older families spent about the same proportion of their income for these items as the younger families ; in three categories they spent a greater proportion, and in only two categories did they spend even slightly less proportion of their Income than did the younger families.
4. lappuse - President-s commitment to attaining a balanced budget during this administration, in my opinion, there is no moral justification for jeopardizing the economic security and well-being of our Nation's elderly population in the process. Older Americans have contributed to the affluence of this great Nation, and they have a right to receive the benefits of income security in their retirement years.

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