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more especially as a Promoter of Natural and Physical Science; pronounced, by Request before the New York Lyceum of Natural History, 11th October, 1826. By Samuel L. Mitchell. New York.

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Appeal for suffering Genius, a Poetical Address for the Benefit of the Boston Bard; and the Triumph of Truth, a Poem. By D. Bryan. Price 50 cents.

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A Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Necessity and Practicability of forming a Code of the Laws of England; to which is annexed the New Bankrupt Law, arranged in the Method of Domat's Civil Law, and in a Style suited to the humblest Capacity, proposed to be adopted as the Form of the Statute Law of the Realm. By Crofton Uniacke, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, and late Judge of the ViceAdmiralty Court of the Province of Nova Scotia. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. pp. 52.

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The Tor Hill. By the Author of 'Brambletye House.' Philadelphia. Carey & Lea. 12mo. pp. 273 and 288.

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Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France, during the Revolution, with original and authentic Anecdotes of contemporary Sovereigns, &c. Now first published from the Journal, Letters, and Con

versations of the Princess Lambelle. By a Lady of Rank. With a Cypher of the Secret Correspondence of Marie Antoniette. Philadel phia. Carey & Lea. 8vo. pp. 446.

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The Forest Sanctuary; and Other Poems. By Mrs Felicia Hemans. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. pp. 231.

Harriet and her Cousin, or Prejudice Overcome. Salem. Whipple & Lawrence. 18mo. pp. 160.

An Inquiry concerning that Disturbed State of the Vital Functions usually denominated Constitutional Irritation. By Benjamin Travers, F. R. S. New York. H. Stevenson.

The Cousins; a Moral Tale. By Mrs Hughes. Philadelphia. R. H. Small. 12mo.

A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of a French Cabin Boy, who was Shipwrecked on an uninhabited Island. Boston. James Loring. 12mo. pp. 217.

A Selection from the English Prose Works of John Milton. Two Volumes. Boston. Bowles & Dearborn. 12mo. pp. 364 and 354. Nina; an Icelandic Tale. By a Mother, Author of 'Always Happy,' with a Copperplate Engraving. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 18mo. pp. 99.

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Northern Regions, or Uncle Richard's Relation of Captain Parry's Voyage for the Discovery of Northwest Passage, and Franklin and Cochran's Overland Journies. With Twentyfour Copperplate Engravings. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 12mo. pp. 256.

Alfred Campbell, the Young Pilgrim; containing Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land. By Mrs Hofland, with numerous Copperplate Engravings. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 12mo.

Rose Grant, a Matlock Sketch. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 18mo. The Law of Contracts and Promises upon various Subjects, and with Particular Persons, as settled in the Action of Assumpsit. In Three Parts. By Samuel Comyn, Esq., A New Edition, with considerable Alterations and Additions, and with References to American Decisions.

Original Poems for Infant Minds. By Jane Taylor and others. With Seventytwo Engravings.

Three Hundred and Fiftytwo Religious Letters, written between 1636 and 1661, by the late Samuel Rutherford, Professor of Divinity at St Andrews. To which is prefixed, a Life of the Author. First American Edition. New York.

The Young Rifleman's Comrade; a Narrative of his Military Ad

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