Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law: 1997

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Jochen Abraham Frowein, Rüdiger Wolfrum
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1997. gada 1. sept. - 641 lappuses
The United Nations serves as the universal forum for addressing worldwide issues in the new millennium. The evolving needs of the international community have significantly influenced the United Nations and its institutions. This publication, edited by the directors of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany, constitutes the first scholarly yearbook to focus on activities of the United Nations in the field of international law. It recognizes the recent increased impact of the development of the World Organization, its Specialized Agencies and other aspects of the United Nations System, as well as their effect on the shaping of international relations. By concentrating on issues connected with the United Nations and its initiatives, the "Yearbook" facilitates a better appreciation of the changes the United Nations has undergone during the constantly fluctuating conditions of its first half-century, and creates a forum for the examination and assessment of the potential of international organizations to affect the future course of international relations. Topical coverage for this volume of the "Yearbook" includes: - unlawful resolutions of the security council and their legal consequences, - participation of former Yugoslav states in the United Nations and in multilateral treaties, - ILC adoption of the Draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind, and - the International Court of Justice and the Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg. For more information on this yearbook please visit the website of the Max Planck Institute

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Dupuy PierreMarie
Winkelmann Ingo
Doehring Karl
Schermers Henry G
Walter Christian
Oeter Stefan
Wood Michael C
Wolfrum Rüdiger
Ortega Martin C

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