IRS Withdrawal of Proposed Regulations Concerning the Treatment of Consolidated Savings Under the Normalization Requirements of the Internal Revenue Code: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session, September 11, 1991, 4. sējums

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1992 - 286 lappuses
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234. lappuse - Code, or (2) in the case of any other property, any credit against tax allowed by section 38 of such Code, to reduce such taxpayer's Federal income taxes for the purpose of establishing the cost of service of the taxpayer or to accomplish a similar result by any other method.
6. lappuse - ... (ii) if, to compute its allowance for depreciation under this section, it uses a method of depreciation other than the method it used for the purposes described in clause (i), the taxpayer must make adjustments to a reserve to reflect the deferral of taxes resulting from the use of such different methods of depreciation.
22. lappuse - Agencies shall set regulatory priorities with the aim of maximizing the aggregate net benefits to society, taking into account the condition of the particular industries affected by regulations, the condition of the national economy, and other regulatory actions contemplated for the future.
250. lappuse - We previously requested the opportunity to present testimony before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures...
96. lappuse - Consideration has been given to suggestions by the Federal Power Commission and others that regulated utilities no longer be permitted to use a method of depreciation other than straight line. However, your committee concluded that, in too many cases, this would place regulated utilities at an unfair competitive disadvantage, both in terms of the sale of their products or services and their attractiveness to equity investors. Also, this would result in prompt, substantial, and widespread utility...
97. lappuse - In general, flowing through the tax deferral to the customers of a utility that is already earning its maximum permissible profit on its investment, results in a doubling of the Government's loss of revenue, from the use of accelerated methods of depreciation for tax purposes. This is because the current tax reduction reduces the rates charged to customers, which in turn reduces the utility's taxable income and therefore reduces its income tax.
21. lappuse - A description of the potential benefits of the rule. Including any beneficial effects that cannot be quantified in monetary terms, and the identification of those likely to receive the benefits: (2) A description of the potential costs of the rule, Including any adverse effects that cannot be quantified in monetary terms...
21. lappuse - ... the benefits; (2) A description of the potential costs of the rule, including any adverse effects that cannot be quantified in monetary terms, and the identification of those likely to bear the costs; (3) A determination of the potential net benefits of the rule, including an evaluation of effects that cannot be quantified in monetary terms; (4) A description of alternative approaches that could substantially achieve the same regulatory goal at lower cost...
234. lappuse - ... determined with reference to the average useful life of the property with respect to which the credits were allowed. (b) This account shall be credited and account 174 shall be charged with the amortization of each year's investment credits included in account 174.
22. lappuse - Regulatory action shall not be undertaken unless the potential benefits to society from the regulation outweigh the potential costs to society...

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