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IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES, March 23, 1868. Resolved, That three hundred copies of the edition of the report of the impeachment trial pu shed at the Congressional Printing Office be furnished, as the trial progresses, for the use of the Senate, and that five thousand copies of the entire work. with an index, be printed and bound for the use of the Senate,

APRIL 14, 1868. Resol red, That there be printed for the use of the Senate, at the close of the pending impeachment trial, five thousand copies of the report thereof, in addition to the number of copies thereof heretofore ordered to be printed.

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, March 13, 1868. Resolved, That the Congressional Printer be directed to furnish five copies of the trial of impeachment of the President of the United States, in book form, to each member of the House, the next morning after its publication in the Daily Globe, and to print and bind five thousand copies, when completed, for the members of the House.

NOTE BY THE EDITOR.— The phonographic report of the trial (from which the preser volumes have been made up) was made for the Congressional Globe, by its Senate reporters Messrs. Richard Sutton, D. F. Murphy, and James T. Murphy. The index was prepared h Mr. Fisher A. Foster.

It was necessary to print the work as the trial progressed, and the limited space left for t1 sketches of the introductory proceedings rendered it necessary to abridge them, and to pu: lish the report of the debate on the right of Senator Wade to sit as a member of the court, i the appendix at the end of the third volume. This appendix also contains a few authorities in addition to those composing the brief prepared by Hon. William Lawrence, M. C. from Ohio, and presented by Mr. Manager Butler as a part of his opening argument, which ha, been furnished by the first-named gentleman.

B. P. P.

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