Energy Research Policy Alternatives: Hearing Before..., Pursuant to S. Res. 45, a National Fuels and Energy Policy Study, 92-2, June 7, 1972

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46. lappuse - Fission energy is safe only if a number of critical devices work as they should, if a number of people in key positions follow all their instructions, if there is no sabotage, no hijacking of...
46. lappuse - ... conventional one" — takes place in these regions. The enormous quantities of extremely dangerous material must not get into the hands of ignorant people or desperados. No acts of God can be permitted [20].
357. lappuse - This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.
760. lappuse - Chairman Director, National Center for Energy Management and Power University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Farrington Daniels Professor Emeritus Solar Energy Laboratory University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin RL Datta Assistant Director Central Salt •', Marine Chemical Research Institute Bhavnagar, India John A.
184. lappuse - I will be happy to answer any questions that you and the Members of the Committee may have.
173. lappuse - Solar energy is an essentially inexhaustible source potentially capable of meeting a significant portion of the nation's future energy needs with a minimum of adverse environmental consequences. . . . The indications are that solar energy is the most promising of the unconventional energy sources, and the foundation plans a substantial increase in fiscal 1973 How shall we use the sunlight?
748. lappuse - Small vapor turbines that used heat from solar collectors to generate electricity were demonstrated by Harry Tabor of Israel's National Physical Laboratory in Jerusalem at the United Nations conference on new sources of energy, held in Italy in 1961. A miniature solar power plant in Senegal is already in operation, and experimental solar engines have been developed by several investigators in the United States. Typically, these units operate at temperatures below 200°C. Their economic advantages...
639. lappuse - There is hereby authorized to be created a communications satellite corporation for profit which will not be an agency or establishment of the United States Government. The corporation shall be subject to the provisions of this Act and, to the extent consistent with this Act, to the District of Columbia Business Corporation Act. The right to repeal, alter, or amend this Act at any time is expressly reserved.
747. lappuse - ... scale may become economically feasible. Solar radiation is the most abundant form of energy available to man, and is so plentiful that the energy arriving on 0.5 percent of the land area of the United States is more than the total energy needs of the country projected to the year 2000. Sunlight is diffuse and intermittent, however, and its use on earth requires large areas to collect sufficient amounts of energy and, for most applications, the means to store energy. Despite its abundance, solar...
646. lappuse - Our best hope today for meeting the Nation's growing demand for economical clean energy lies with the fast breeder reactor. Because of its highly efficient use of nuclear fuel, the breeder reactor could extend the life of our natural uranium fuel supply from decades to centuries, with far less impact on the environment than the power plants which are operating today.

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