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Harvard Caub of Chicago


manac and Year-Book has devoted a large amount of space annually to the progress of the world war. The events of each year in the conflict have been chronicled as fully and accurately as the facts available made possible. This is also true of the present issue, which, for the purpose of giving a comprehensive account of the historic occurrences of 1918, has been enlarged to 1,024 pages. The story of the war here presented goes back to 1914 and is not confined to the year which saw the conclusion of an armistice between the belligerents, though the dramatic developments in the last period of the conflict are treated more at length than are those relating to the earlier stages.

It has been the aim in this as in former issues to give in full the more important official documents, public utterances of statesmen, legislative acts and diplomatic proceedings relating to the war, as these will form the basis of future histories of the great upheaval which has already changed the territorial and political geography of the world. Among them, to mention only one, will be found President Wilson's speech setting forth the "fourteen points" which were accepted by most of the belligerents as the basis upon which to build a lasting peace. Attention may also be called to the fact that official reports by Secretary Baker, Gen. Pershing, Gen. March and Secretary Daniels describing the decisive part the American forces took in the war are reproduced in the pages of this volume.

Statistical and other information relating to local, state, national and international affairs is given with the same care and completeness as in previous issues.



Am. Federation of Labor 146 Army, 1st American.......497

American Hall of Fame.. 69 Army General Staff.. ..504
Abbreviations, Titles, etc., 44

American Library Ass'n..202 Army, Growth of. ..506
Abdication of William IL...626

Am. Sunday School Union 190 Army, Health and Morale 694


American Tract Society ...191 Army, Increase, Act......398
Academy, French.. .....176

Anarchists, Law to Ex Army and Navy Union...205

493 Army Nurses.....

Accidents, Public Utility,

Anglo-Boer War.

.170 Army, Organization of...515

Animal Products, Value.. 84

Army Pay Table..........511
Accidents, Railroad......148
Animals on Illinois Farms 761

Army Registration........507
Acres per Inhabitant. .116

Animals, Farm.....


Army. United States......496
Administrative Code, Ill., 817
Annapolis Academy... .495

Army, U. S., Before War.494
Administrator, Public.....873
Anniversaries, Wedding ... 39

Army, U. S., Officers.....496
Aerial Coast Patrol........584



Arrivals, Vessel, Chicago.958

Arsenals, United States...223
Antarctic Exploration.....140
Africa, Union of South..777
Antietam Battle Field..... 61

Art Galleries, World's.... 60
Agricultural Statistics.... 74
Antiquities. American..... 61

Art Institute, Chicago....953
Agriculture, Census.. 86
Antitrust Law, Sherman.. 67

Artists, Societies of......931
Agriculture, Dept. of, Di...864
Appeals, Circuit Courts of.229

Arts, Letters, Academy...,184
Agriculture, Dept. of. .. .228
Appellate Court, 1st Dist..874

Arts and Letters, Inst...183
Agriculture, Secretaries of 211

Apple Crop.....


Assassinations in Russia.468
Aircraft Corporation......396
Apportionment, Congress..213

Assembly, Illinois. ... 796
Aircraft Inquiry...... .553
Appropriations, Chicago.,.891

Assessment, Chicago, Cook
Airplane, Materials in....426

Appropriations, Cook Co..879

Airplane Raids, London,
Appropriations, 65th Con-

Assessment. Illinois.......870

Assessors. Board of.

Airplane Records.

Appropriations. War.......398

Associated Press, The....221
Airplane Service, U. S....552
Archangel, Landing at...468

Associations, General......182
Airs, National..



Associations, Learned.....181
Alabama State Officers....281
Architect, City...

Associations, Political, Chi. 957

Architect, County.

..873 Asylums in Chicago......947

Arctic Exploration..


Alaska Mineral Production 180

Area, Illinois Cities....


Atlantic Voyages, Fast ...113
Alaska, Population........114
Area, Large Cities. 121

Attorney, City...



Area, United States. .115 Attorney, Prosecuting. 885
Alcoholic Liquors..

Areas, Oceans, Seas, etc... 66

Attorneys, City...

Aldermen and Wards, Argentina and U. S. .143



Argentine Republic........782

Attorneys, U. S. District..231
Aldermen, Board of......884 Argonne Forest, Battle in..616



Arizona, Vote of....... 281

Austria Asks for Peace...454
Alien Enemy Relief Com..584 Arizona, State Officers....281

Austria, Collapse of.......611
Alien Property Custodian..584 Arkansas, State Officers..282 Austria, Emperor of, Ab-
Alliance, Labor and Democ- Arkansas, Vote of........281




Armies of the World....492

Alies and America. .....481 Armistice Negotiations...619

Austria Signs Armistice..613
Almshouses, Paupers in...125

Austria, War Against ....327
Armistice Proclamation,

Austrian Armistice.........457
Altitudes, Continental.... 66 Wilson

Austrian Peace Proposal. .445
Ambassadors, American...241 Armistice Terms. ..456

Austrians in U. S. .109
Ambassadors, Foreign....244 | Armistice, Wilson Refuses

Automobiles in U. S...... 89
America and Allies........481

.453, 455

Automobiles, Manufacture
Am. Academy Arts, Letters 184 Army, Am., Operations of 560


American Bible Society ...191 | Army Appropriations......398 Autumn Begins.
American Citizen's Creed..220 Army Corps Organizations 506 Aviation in War..

American Defense Society 208 | Army Divisions at Front 503 Aviatorg Killed. List.......557




... 15





Bridge System, Chicago..951 Charities, United.

828 Bridges, Closed Hours on. 877 Charity Organizations....842 Badges, Army, Navy......509 Briquets, Fuel..


Oharles I., Abdication....659 Baker, Secty., in Europe..516 Britain-America Treaty....692 Chart of the Heavens 25 Baker, Secty. On Air Sery.

Britain's Part in War.... .660 Chateau Thierry. Battle. ice 551 British War Councils.. .479

.563, 568 Balfour to Hertling......439

Bromine Production.
61 Cheese, Trade in.

84 Balkan Battle Line Map..610 Brooklyn Railroad Disas- Chevrons. Wound. Service 509 Balkan-Bulgarian War....170 ter

792 Chicago Election Returns.800 Balkan-Turkish War.......170 Broom Corn by States 81

Chicago Finances........892 Ballooning Browne, L. E., on Bol

Chicago at a Glance. ..910 Baltimore Speech, Wilson.403 shevism


Chicago, Growth in Area Bank Act, Cook Co. Vote.807 Buck Stove Co. Boycott..764

934, 935 Bank Act., III., Vote on..289 Buckwheat Crop by States 79 Chicago, Metropolitan Bank, Chicago, Deposits Buckwheat Crop by Years 76 District

846 Loans 898 Buffalo Herds..

.202 Chicago Officials....883, 884 Bank Clearings, Chicago..897 Building Assn's. U, S. ..134

Chicago Plan Platform. 716 Bank Credits and Debt. .718 Building Statistics. Chi....834 Chicago Points of Interest 951 Bank, Fed. Reserve, Chgo.828 Buildings, Dept. of... .887 Chicago Population.. 927 Bank Statements, Fed. Buildings, Notable. Chi..939 Chicago, Progress of .....833 Res.


Buildings. Notable, N. Y..941 Chicago Univ. Library....922 Banking Power, U. S.....134 Buildings, State, Value.

Chicago and War.

..705 Banking Statistics. .133 Bulgaria


Chicagoans Killed in War 836 Banknotes, Denominations. 133 Bulgarian Armistice 456

Chicago's Roll of Honor.836 Banks, Chicago. 895 Bulgarian-Balkan War....170

Chickamauga Battle Field, 61 Banks, Federal Reserve..748 Bulgarians in U. S. ..109

Children, School. in U. S.. 96 Banks. Largest Capital....133 Bullard, R. L., Sketch..652

Children's Science Library.923 Banks, National. .133 Bureau Pub. Efficiency..816

Chile Banks, Savings, Foreign.135 Bureaus, Consolidation. 386

Chile-Peru Controversy...715 Baptist Denomination...,.189 Burian's Peace Views.. .444


.781 Barley Crop by States.... 79 Bushel Weights..

37 Chinese in U. s...

.109 Barley Crop, World. 75 Butter, Trade in.


Chipilly Ridge, Battle of..614 Barley Crop b, Yearg.... 76


or Soc...190 Baseball


с Baseball. World's Series. .246

Christian Science Church.189

Christmas Packages to Basket Ball. .274


.674 Bathing Beaches. ..918 Cabbage Crop..

81 Chronological Cycles. 15 Baths, Free Public..

Cabinets of Presidents...210 Chronology of Am. Battles 578 Battle List, American....329

Cable Control by Govt...535 Chronology of War. 829 Battles. Dates of....... .846 Caillaux Treason Case. ..476 Church Calendar for igig. 15 Bean Crop by States...... 81 Calendar for 1919...

17 Church Membership.. 191 Bean Crop. World.

76 Calendar, Church, for Church of New Jerusalem.190 Beet Sugar Production... 77 1919

15 Church Statistics..

.185 Belgians in U. S........ .109 Calendar, Ready Refer Cincinnati, Society of ....206 Belgium

24 Circuit Clerks, Illinois

...867 Belgium, Liberation of...674 Calendars (1920-1923). 23 Circuit Court Judges, U.S.229 Belgium Replies to Pope.433 Calendars, Various..

16 Circuit Court of Appeals. .229 Belleau Wood, Battle......569 California State Officers..283 Circuit Court. Cook Co.....874 Benevolent Societies.......197 California, Vote of. 282 Circulation, Daily News..998 Ben-Hur, Tribe of..........199 Campbell Park..

.917 Circulation Statement, U.S.137 Bequests to Education.... 98 Canada

..775 Circus Train Wreck.... .160 Bequests. Notable, 1918..173 Canada-American Treaty..692 Cities, Am., Population. Bernstorff Propaganda ..673 Canada's Part in War...665

117, 118 Bessemer Park.

Canadians in U. S.. . 109 Cities, Area of Large.....121 Bicycles Manufactured....137 Canal. Panama..

1.754 Cities, Distances Between. 68 Bicycle Racing .... .275 Canal, Sault Ste. Marie.: 98 Cities, Elevation of.

1.121 Billiards 269 Canals, Ship..

98 Cities, Government of....766 Birth Rates.

...178 Canvassing Board, State...867 Cities, nl., Government...862 Bishops, Episcopal.


Capital Issue Committee, .365 Cities. Largest in World..122 Bishops, Methodist. ....186

Capital Punishment.. .276 Cities, Rank of Largest ..123 Bishops. Roman Catholic..185 Capitals of States... 771 Citizenship of Foreign Blanc Mont. Capture of..570 Capitol in Washington...218 Born

106 Blind and Deaf, Schools.. 97 Cardinals, College of. .185

Citizenship in U. S

215 Blind Population, 127 Carnegie Foundation.


City of Athens, Loss of..138 Blizzard in Chicago, .932 Carrying Power Develop- City Clerk's Office.

...884 Board of Education.. .899 ment

162 City Clerks, Chicago.....794 Board of Trade, Chicago..938 Casa Grande Ruin.

61 City Comptroller...

885 Boat Racing.. 260 Casting


City Engineer's Office.. 885 Boer War....

170 Casualties. First American331 City Treasurer's Office.....884 Boiler Inspection Dept... 888 Casualties in War.. 329 Civil Service, Chicago .888 Bokhara 781 Cattle in U.S.


Civil Service Com., U. S..228 Bolivia 782 Cavell Execution.

703 Civil Service, Cook Co. 872 Bolo Pasha Treason Case.477 Celebrations, Peace.. 624 Civil Service, Illinois .866 Bolsheviki and Bolshevism Cement Production..


Civil Service. U. S. .168 .469 Cemeteries, Chicago..


Claims. Court, U. S. 229 Bolshevism in Germany..656 Censorship Board.

Clearances, Chicago

958 Bomb Explosion, Chicago. 85 Census Bureau, Work. 773 Clemenceau to Hertling ..442 Bombing Crews, Training .677 Centenarians in U. S. .228 Climatolory, U. S..

774 Bond, Liberty (3d) Act..367 Centennial Building Com- Clover Seed Crop.

81 Bond, Liberty (4th) Act.388 mission

.866 Clubs and Clubhouseg. 945 Bonds, Road, Ill., Vote...289 Centennial. Mlinois..


Coal, Ban on Consumption 410 Boulevard Link

870 Chamberlain - Wilson Dis- Coal Production, U. S....141 Boulevards, Chicago.. .915 pute

400 Coast Guard, U. S.

163 Bowling

256 Chaplains. Number, Army 387 Coast Line of the U. S.. 27 Boycott, Buck Stove Co..764 Character. Committees on. 864 Coffee Consumed..

88 Brazil

Charitable Institutions, Coffee, Trade in.

84 Brest-Litovek Treaty. 464 Cook County.

877 Coinage by Nations. 130 Bride well 888 Charitable Institutions, 111.865 Coinage, World,




Coins, Foreign, Value. 33 Council National Defense..584 Delaware State Officers ...284 Coins of U. s..

.135 Councils, Allied War....479 Delaware, Vote of.. .284 Collector. City.. 885 County Agent

.873 Democratic Nat'l Com.. 277 Colleges. American.

90 County Clerk, Cook.. ....872 Democratic Platform.. .219 Colombia

782 County Clerks, Illinois .867 Democratic Primary. 804 Columbus Park. 917 County Commis., Cook....872 Denmark

778 Colonial Wars, Society ..207 County Court, Cook. .874 Denmark, Trade Agreement 423 Color, Population by .104 County Departments, Di- Denominational Statistics. 191 Colored Population.

875 Dental Schools...

97 Colorado, Vote of.. 283 County Hospital, Cook.....873 Departure. Unlawful, u. s.382 Colorado State Officers. 283 County Institutions .......873 Deportation of Aliens......161 Columbia Disaster.


County Officers. lll......867 Depths of Oceans, Seas.. 66 Commerce, Chicago. 958 Court of Claims. II. ..864 Diamonds, Famous.. 44 Commerce, Chi, Ass'n of..842 Court, Municipal. Chicago 875 Diamonds, Weights of. 44 Commerce Department....226 Court, U. S. Supreme. 229 Dingley Tariff.

49 Commerce Dept., Ill.

Courts in Cook County 874 Diplomatic Service. 241 Commerce, Domestic, U. 8.711 Courts, United States.

229 Disasters to Shipping. .140 Commerce, Secretaries of. 211 Cows in U. S.

82 Dispensaries in Chicago..948 Commission Governed Cit- Cranberry Стор.

81 Distances Between Cities.. 68 ies 766 Crater Lake Park..


Distances Between Seaports 68 Committeemen, Senatorial.806 Crerar Library..


Distances in Chicago......974 Committees, Cook County.858 Crime, Chicago..

942 Distilled Spirits Consumed 89 Committees, m., Political:858 Criminal Court, Chicago...874 District Attorneys, u. s..231 Committees Nat'l PolitCrop Values by Years 84

District Courts, U. S......230 ical

Crops Compared.
38 Division Table.

39 Committees, State Central.277

Crops, Farm Value.


Divorce, Causes for.. 72 Crops, Illinois (1909) 762 Common School Statistics 97

Divorce Statistics, U. S. 71 Commonwealth Edison Co.829 Crops on Irrigated Farms. 160 Dominican Republic.

.784 Crops of 1918..

85 Communications, Develop

Douglas Park...

.917 ment


Crops. Rank of States. .: 81 Draft Age Changed. .390

Crops by States. Compensation. Bureau of.. 886

78 Drago Doctrine.

67 Compromise, No Peace by .448

Crops of U. S. in i909. 87 Drainage Dist., Chicago..857 Comptroller, City..

Crown Prince, German, on 885

Dutch in U, S..

.110 War Comptroller. County .872

627 Dutch Ships Requisitioned 419

Crown Prince Interned. Concrete, Military Uses. 73

526 Duties Collected..

155 Cuba Confederate Veterans. ..205

783 Duties. Customs, U. S.... 45 Cubans in U.S.

109 Congratulations on Peace. 483

Dwellings in U. S. 124 Cunard Liners Lost. 547 Congregational Churches. .188

Dynasties Deposed. .331
Customs Appeals, Court..229
Congress, Party Lines.....222

Customs Duties, U. S.... 45
Congress, 65th, Members. .233
Cycles, Chronological. 15

Congress 65th. Work of..361

Czecho-Slovak Republic...520 Eagles, Order of.......
Congress. 66th, Members. 237
Czernin, Count,


on Cause Congress,

of War.

Earth and Moon...

31 Dem. .325

628 Czernin Speech (April 2).440

Earthquake in Porto Rico.244 Congressional Apportion Czernin's Peace Views....434

Earthquakes, Modern.. ment 213

Easter Sunday Dates. 65 Congressional Dists., Cook

Eastern Star Order.

198 Co.



Ebert, Friedrich, Sketch..656 Congressional Dists. iii:.851

Ebert Government........653 Connecticut State Officers. 284 Danes in U. S.

.109 Eckhart Park.

..917 Connecticut, Vote of.....284 Daruanelles, Naval Battle.852 Eclipses in 1919.

31 Conscription, Irish.. 772 Dates, Recent Historical..171 Ecuador

782 Constitutional Conv., Cook Daughters of G. A. R....204 Education Board, General. 774 County Vote.

807 Daughters of Revolution..206 Education, Board of......899 Constitutional Convention,

Daughters of Veterans....204 Education, Bureau of. .228 Illinois Vote.

289 Daylight Saving Act.. 758 Education, Dept. of, I...866 Consulates in Chicago. 829 Daylight Saving Months.. 18 Education, Gifts to....

98 Consuls, U. S..

.242 Dead, Chicago's Soldier....836 Efficiency, Bureau Public. 816 Contents Previous Issues.1000 Dead, Noted, in War. .331 Egypt Conventions, National. .220

Deaf and Dumb in U. S. 127 Eichhorn Assassination ...468 Cook County Committees..858 Death, Punishment by....276 Election Calendar, General. 221 Cook County Election Re- Death Rates, Ill..


Election Calendar. Local..816 turns ..

801 Death Rates, Foreign.....178 Election Commissioners ...888 Cook County Finances....880 Death Rates, U. S.. .177 Election, Cook County....807 Cook County Officials.

Death Roll. Chicago......980 Election Laws Commission. 867

871, 872 Death Roll, Foreign......791 Election Returns, Chicago.800 Cook County Population..986 Death Roll,' United States: 789 Election Returns, Cook Co, 801 Cook County Vote.

.807 Death Statistics, Chicago..955 Election Returns, States...280 Copyright Laws 52 Deaths by Age..


Electoral College.. .209 Corn Crop by States.

Deaths by Causes.

177 Electoral Districts, Ill. .848 Corn Crop. World. 75 Deaths, Noted... 174 Electoral Vote.

222 Corn Crop by Years. 76 Debs, Eugene V., Case....539 Electric Roads, U. S. ..148 Corn Prices, Chicago. .994 Debt and Bank Credits....718 Electrical Units...

36 Corn, Trade in.

83 Debt. Public, U. S... 750 Electricity Dept., Chicago..887 Coroner's Office.. 873 Debts, National..

1.14 Elevated Rail. Stations..913 Corporation Counsel. 885 Debts, State, Per Capita..707 Elevation, Am. Cities....121 Correction, House of. 888 Debts.

.334 Elevation of Chicago.

..954 Cost of Living.

757 Declaration of Independ- Elks. Order of.... ..199 Cost of the War. 332 ence 710 Ember Days.

15 Costa Rica..

783 Declaration of London....531 Employes, Chi.. Number: 944 Cotton Crop by States. 80 Declarations of War. .327 Employes, Federal. ..168 Cotton Crop, World.

75 Decorations for Chicagoans 954 Employment for Millions. .325 Cotton Crop by Yearg. 77 Decorations, Foreign, Act. 398 Employment Offices, Ill...701 Cotton Statistics, U. S.. 78 Decorations, Medals, Act.397 Employment for Soldiers.698 Cotton. Trade in.

83 Defense Council Roport...558 Engineers, Supervising.. .880 Cottonseed oil. Trade in:: 83 Defense, Council National..581 English in U. S...

..109 Council. City.

884 Defense, State Council of .860 Entry, Unlawful, U. S...382 Council. City, Politics of 833 | Degrees, Abbreviations.... 44 Epidemic, Influenza. 745




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