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THE SENATE-Continued. port adopted; passed to third road hands, 253.-Referred, 256. reading, 403,-Finally passed, 443. Reported favorably and be not -Signed, 493.

printed, 288.-Read second time,

400-401. Committee report 156. Creating the Bonnie View In

adopted; passed to third reading, dependent School District in Re

401,-Finally passed, 448.fugio County, 254.-Referred,

Signed, 493. 256.--Reported favorably and be not printed, 278.- Read second | 166. An Act extending the boundartime; committee report adopted; ies of the Tahoka Independent passed to third reading, 401.-Fi- School District in Lynn County, nally passed, 440.-Signed, 493. 253.-Referred, 256.-Reported

favorably and be not printed, 278. 157. Providing for the eradication -Read second time; committee reof the pink bollworm, 349.-Re

port adopted; passed to third readferred, 351.- Reported favorably

ing, 403.–Finally passed, 443with amendment and be not

444.—Signed, 493. printed, 368.–Constitutional rule suspended; Senate rule suspended; 168. Amend the law providing for committee report adopted; passed aiding rural schools, 492.- Reto third reading; constitutional ferred, 495.- Motion to suspend rule suspended; finally passed, the regular order and take up 355.—House refuses to concur in failed, 505. Senate amendment, 364.–Senate grants request for Free Conference 171. Fixing the fees to be charged Committee, 364.-Conference re- by the State Board of Water Engiport read and laid on the table neers, 492.-Referred, 495.- Resubject to call, 494 (Printed 509). ported favorably and be not -Conference report read, 499.- printed, 508.--Taken up by Conference report adopted, 501.- unanimous consent, 503.—ConstiHouse adopts Conference report, tutional rule suspended; read sec502.--Signed, 559.

ond time; Senate rule suspended;

committee report adopted; passed 159. Requiring parties making ap- to third reading; constitutional

plication for charters to pay actual rule suspended; finally passed, expenses, 501.- Referred, 504.

504.—Signed, 562. Reported favorably and be not printed, 567.—Read second time; 178. Amending the Colem a n Senate rule seuspended; committee County road system, 450.-Rereport adopted; passed to third ferred, 452.-Reported favorably reading; constitutional rule sus- and be not printed. 464.- Read pended; finally passed, 568.- second time; committee report Signed, 562.

adopt d; passed to third reading;

constitutional rule suspended, 163. Creating the Fredericksburg 488.– Finally passed, 489.

Independent School District in Signed, 559.
Gillespie County, 253.- Referred

179. 256.--Reported favorably and be

Amending the law creating the

School 277.- Read second not printed,

Sonora Independent

Distime; committee renort adopted;

trict in Sutton County, 450.-Repassed to third reading, 401.-Fi

ferred, 452.-Reported favorably nally passed, 439.-Signed, 493.

and he not printed, 465.—Read

second time; committee renort 164. Creating a more efficient road adopted; passed to third reading;

system for Blanco County, 253.- constitutional rule suspended, 490. Referred, 256.-Reported favor

--Finally passed, 491.-Signed, ably and be not printed, 304.

559. Read second time; committee re

181. Creating the Somerset Indeport adopted: passed to third read- pendent School District, 455.— ing. 395.--Finally passed, 438.

Referred. 455. Reported favort Signed, 493.

ably and be not printed. 465.—

Read second time; committee re165. Giving commissioners courts nort adonted: passed to third read

the power to regulate the pay of ing; constitutional rule suspended; passed


THE SENATE—Continued. finally passed, 489.-Signed, 559.

to third reading; finally

passed, 503.—Signed, 562. 185.-Creating the Emory Independ

ent School District, 455.-Re- 193. Creating the Concho Independe ferred, 455.-Reported favorably ent School District, 501.-Reand be not printed, 465.—Read ferred, 504.—Reported favorably second time; committee report and be not printed, 508.—Read adopted; passed to third reading; second time; committee report constitutional rule suspended; fi- adopted; passed to third reading; nally passed, 498.-Signed, 559x constitutional rule suspended, 560.

-Finally passed, 561.-Signed, 186. Amending the law creating the

563. Ray Common School District in Goliad County, 450.-Referred, 195. Creating the State School of 452.- Reported favorably and be Correspondence, 554.-Referred, not printed, 463.---Read second 555. time, 489-490.-Committee report adopted; passed to third reading; 196. Creating the Devine Independconstitutional rule suspended; fi

ent School District in Medina nally passed, 490.-Signed, 559.

County, 492.-Referred, 495.

Reported favorably and be not 187.

Providing for the redemption printed, 508.—Taken up by unaniof land sold for taxes, 501.-Re- mous consent; constitutional rule ferred, 504.-Reported favorably suspended; read second time; Senand be not printed, 567.-Read ate rule suspended; committee resecond time; Senate rule

port adopted; passed to third readpended; committee report adopted; ing; constitutional rule suspended, passed to third reading; constitu- 505.–Finally passed, 506.tional rule suspended; finally Signed, 562. passed, 558.-Signed, 562.

197. Creating the Oklaunion Inde188. Creating the New Lynn Inde- pendent School District in Wil

pendent School District in Lynn barger County, 492.-Referred, County, 451.-Referred, 452.-Re- 495.-Reported favorably and be ported favorably and


not printed, 508.—Read second printed, 465.—Read second time,

time; committee report adopted; 497-498. Committee report passed to third reading; constituadopted; passed to third reading;

tional 'rule suspended; finally constitutional rule suspended; fi- passed, 561.-Signed, 563. nally passed, 498.-Signed, 559.


190. Appropriations authorizing the

SENATE SIMPLE RESOLUTION, payment of miscellaneous claims,

HISTORY OF501.-Referred, 504.-Reported

favorably and be not printed, 567. 1. By Senator Caldwell: Author191. Validating the Charter of the

izing the payment for the printing

of the permanent Journal of the City of Anson, 455.- Referred,

First and Second Called Sessions 455.- Reported favorably and be

of the Thirty-sixth Legislature.not printed, 509.-Read second

Adopted, 3. time; Senate rule suspended; committee report adopted; passed to 2. By Senators Hertzberg, Page, third reading; constitutional rule Dudley, Williford, Dean, Davidson, suspended; finally passed, 506.- Suiter, Buchanan of Bell, Witt, Signed, 562.

Buchanan of Scurry, Westbrook,

Alderdice, Dayton: Urging Loui192. Fixing the compensation for

siana to ratify the amendment to the official shorthand reporters in

the Federal Constitution granting the Third, Thirty-ninth, and Fif

the suffrage to women, 33,tieth Judicial Districts. 455.-Re

Adopted, 34.' ferred, 455.-Reported favorably and be not printed, 508.-Read 3. By Senators Clark, Smith, second time; Senate rule

Cousins, Dudley, Hertzberg. Daypended; committee report adopted; ton, McNealus, Williford, Rector,



HISTORY OF_Continued.

Alderdice, Witt, Gibson, Hall, Cald- Bill No. 64 for

correction.well, Faust: Appointing Berkley Adopted, 293. Bell page of the Finance Com

15. mittee.-Adopted, 34.

Providing for an investigation

of conditions at Galveston in 4. By Senator Davidson: Request- relation to martial law.-Tabled,

ing the Attorney General's advice 306.
concerning the proposed Federal
of Texas

In regard to a placard for GenAdopted, 35.

eral McAlexander's picture. —

Adopted, 319. 5. By Senator Caldwell: Increas

ing the number of daily Journals, 17. By McNealus: Requesting the 55.–Tabled, 70.

recall of troops from Galveston,

319. 6. By Senator Gibson: Adding certain members to the Committee on

18. By Senator Borough: Calling Agriculture.—Adopted, 70.

for an itemized statement of the

traveling expenses in the state de6 (a). By Senator Page: Author

partments.-Adopted, 345. izing waste paper in State Capitol to be turned over to the W. B. 19. By Senator Hall: Instructing Travis Chapter of the Daughters

the Senate conferees on House Bill of the Republic of Texas.

No. 157 and Senate Bill No. 68.Adopted, 88.

Ruled out on a point of order, 346. 7. By Senator Westbrook: Extend- 19. By Senator Caldwell: Inviting ing the privileges of the floor to

Hon. Carlos Bee to address the Ex-Senator W. J. Townsend, 90.

Senate.--Adopted, 383. Adopted, 91.

20. By Senator McNealus: Paying 8. By Senator Woods, et al.: Ex

J. A. Kenny $7.00 per day.tending thanks to the City of Adopted, 383. Austin for the “Chicken Barbe

By Senator Witt: Memorializing cue'' given the Legislature.

Mrs. Nannie Webb Curtis.Adopted, 112.

Adopted, 383-384. 9. By Buchanan of Bell: Extend

Providing for the printing of ing the privileges of the floor to

the laws of the Third Called SesEx-Senator Matthew A. Hall of

sion of the Thirty-sixth LegislaNebraska.-Adopted, 123.

ture.—Adopted, 453. 10. Paying J. A. Kenny $7.00 per 23.

By Senator Page: Requesting day, 152.-Amended by Senator

the return of Senate Bill No. 101 Caldwell, 152-153.–Failed to pass

for correction.-Adopted, 486. as amended, 153.

24. By Senators Strickland and 11. Expressing regret at the death

Dudley: Commending the expresof Mrs. Joseph Burton Dibrell.

sions of friendliness on the part Adopted, 178.

of De la Huerta, President of 11(a). Extending the privileges of

Mexico.-Adopted, 487. the floor to Ex-Lieutenant Gov

25. By Senator Witt, et al.: Exernor George T. Jester.-Adopted, 192.

tending the privileges of the floor

to Hon. Tom Connally.-Adopted, 12. Providing new quarters for the

489. Lieutenant Governor.-Amended

26. By Calwell: Post-session resoand adopted, 202.

lution.-Adopted, 502-503. 13. Recommending that Mr. C. M. 27. By Senator Page: Providing Calloway, an employee of the Land

for additional copies of the JourOffice, receive a leave of absence.

nal containing the Pink Bollworm --Adopted, 214.

bill.-Adopted, 507. 14. Requesting the return of House 1 28. By Senator Clark: Prohibiting



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HISTORY OF_Continued.


SENATE-Continued. the use of the Senate reception room during the absence of the 7. Permitting the Travis County Senate. —Adopted, 554.

Thomason Club to use the Hall of

Representatives.-Adopted, 296.29. By Senator Clark: Prohibiting

Returned from the House, 296.the use of the Senate Chamber

Signed, 309. during the absence of the Senate. -Adopted, 554.

8. Concerning the audit of the

Treasury Department, 317.-Re30. By Senator Dudley: Censoring

ferred, 317. the Commissioner of Insurance and Banking for alleged statements 9. By Senator Bailey: In regard to made by him printed in the Austin the action of the Senate and House papers, 554.-Laid on the table

conferences on the pink bollworm subject to call, 558.

bill.—Tabled, 383. 31. By Senator McNealus: Ex- | 10.

By Senator Clark: In regard tending sympathy to the Irish Re- to traveling expenses of State offipublic.—Adopted, 560.

cials Adopted, 453.- Received

from the House, 484.-Signed, 31. Providing the number of Jour

500.- Enrolled, 528. nals to be printed.-Adopted, 562.

11. Correcting figures in House 32. Extending sympathies to Mr.

Bill No. 50.-Adopted, 449. and Mrs. Raymond Gilmore on the death of their son.—Adopted, 563. 12. Asking the return from the

Governor of Senate Bill No. 61.

Adopted, 561.-Received from the

House, 562.

HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLU1. By Senator Cousins: Providing

TIONS, HISTORY OF IN THE for inquiry into the pink bollworm

SENATE-investigation, 34.

1. Providing for an inquiry into the 1. By Dorough: Inviting Senator

pink bollworm infestation, 38.Morris Sheppard to address the

Adopted, 39.—Signed, 82.
Legislature.-Adopted, 121.-Re-
turned from the House, 147.- 3. Urging Louisiana to adopt the
Signed, 203.- Enrolled, 216.

suffrage amendment to the Federal

Constitution, 33.-Adopted, 36.2. Granting Mr. C. C. Thomas a

Signed, 39. leave of absence.-Adopted, 154,

-Returned from the House, 206. 5. Extending greetings to the Presi-
-Signed, 256.- Enrolled, 276. dent of the United States, 85.—

Adopted, 88.—Signed, 152, 3. In regard to the pink bollworm

report, 156.-Reported favorably, 7. Granting Hon. F. 0. McKinsey a 189.-Adopted, 349.

leave of absence, 89.-Adopted, 89. 4. Granting a leave of absence to

-Signed, 152. J. A. Platt.-Adopted, 199.

8. Inviting Hon. Louis J. Wortham Returned from the House, 296.

to address the Legislature, 117.Signed, 351.

Adopted, 123.-Signed, 200. 5. Postponing the putting into effect of the minimum wage law

9. Granting leave of absence to for women, 203.- Adopted, 204.

Judge 0. Childers, 148.Returned from the House, 296.- Adopted, 168.-Signed, 200. Signed, 309.- Enrolled, 340.

10. Relating to cannons taken from 6. Providing for sine die adjourn- the Capitol Grounds, 148.--Re

ment June 12, 1920.-Referred, ferred, 149.- Reported favorably, 293.

191.-Adopted, 246.—Signed, 301.





SENATE-Continued. Relating to traveling expenses 18. Granting leave of absence to of State employes, 196.-Referred, Hon. George E. Hosey, 496.199.

Adopted, 498-499 (error in Jour

nal, H. C. R. No. 8, page 498, 13. Granting leave of absence to

should be H. C. R. No. 18).Hon. W. P. Leslie, 298.-Adopted, 302,- Return froin the House for

Signed, 563. correction requested, 354.-Signed, 19.

Relating to the policy of Texas 398.

in the eradication of the pink boll14. Concerning the Medical Depart

worm, 559.–Adopted, 560.ment of the University of Texas,

Signed, 563. 441.-Adopted, 449.-Signed, 499.

20. Relating to certain disburse15. Relating to the cost of making ments at the A. and M. College.

cement, 441.-Adopted, 449.- Referred, 562.

Signed, 500. 16. Requesting the Comptroller to make a statement concerning Con

SENATE JOINT RESOLUTIONS, federate pensions, 387.-Referred,


1. Reconsidering the action of the 17. ' Relating to grades of cotton in Texas Legislature in ratifying the the U. S., 484.

suffrage amendment, 35.

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