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SENATE- Continued. ported engrossed, 275.—Received fees to be charged by the Board from the House, 551.--Signed, of Water Engineers, 235.–Sub562.- Enrolled, 570.

mitted by the Governor, 192.-Re

ported favorably and printed in 85. By Senator Bledsoe: Creating the Journal, 289.-Taken up by

the Perryton Independent School unanimous consent; amendment District in Ochiltree County, 213.

printed, 302-303.-Laid the -Reported favorably and be not table subject to call, 304.-Called printed, 257.—Taken up by unan- up; read second time; committee imous consent; read second time; report adopted; ordered engrossed; Senate rule suspended; committee constitutional rule suspended; fireport adopted; ordered engrossed; nally passed, 385.- Votes by which constitutional rule suspended; finally passed and to engrossment finally passed, 245.--Reported en- rescinded, 388.–Laid on the table grossed, 276.-Received from the subject to call, 389. House, 552.-Signed, 562.-Enrolled, 572.

91. By Senator liopkins: Repeal

ing parts of the Special Road Law 86. By Senator Buchanan of Scurry: of Denton County, 241.-Submit

Making an appropriation to pro- ted by the Governor, 237.-Revide for expert cotton graders, ported favorably and be not 213.-Reported favorably and

printed, 257-258.—Constitutional printed in the Journal, 341.-Read

rule suspended; read second time; second time; committee report

Senate rule suspended; committee adopted; amendments tabled, 386.

report adopted; ordered en--Amendment pending; amended;

grossed; constitutional rule susfailed to pass to engrossment, 389.

pended; finally passed, 248.—Re87. By Senator Smith: Authorizing

ported engrossed. 256.-Received commissioners courts to appropri

from the House, 552.–Signed, ate money for cooperative demon

562.- Enrolled, 586. stration work, 215.–Submitted by

92. By Senator Carlock: Establishthe Governor, 194.-Reported fa

ing a system of roads for Tarrant vorably, 256.-Read second time, 361-362.-Laid on the table sub

County, 241.-Reported favorably ject to call, 362.–Called up; read

and be not pripred, 367.-Read

second time; committee report second time; indefinitely postponed, 392.

adopted; ordered engrossed; con

stitutional rule suspended, 350.88. By Senator Dayton: Amend

Finally passed, 351.-Reported enArticle 637, R. C. S. of 1911 by

grossed, 367.-Received from the adding Article 637i, 234.

House with amendment, 484.Reported favorably and printed in

Amendment concurred in; signed, the Journal, 288-289.--Taken up

458.- Enrolled, 520. by unanimous consent; read second 93. By Senator Bailey: Creating time; amended; the committee report was adopted; ordered

the Ray Common School District

engrossed; constitutional rule

in Goliad County, 247.-Reported pended, 334.-Finally passed, 335.

favorably and be not printed, 257, -Reported engrossed, 366.

280.— Withdrawn by unanimous

consent, 296. 89. By Senator Hertzberg: Creat

By Senator Suiter: Creating ing the Somerset Independent School District, 235.-Submitted

the La Fayette Independent School

District in by the Governor, 204.-Reported

Camp and Upshur favorably and be not printed, 278.

Counties, 261.—Reported favor-Read second time; committee

ably and be not printed, adopted; ordered engrossed,

Taken up by unanimous consent; 385. - Constitutional rule

read second time; committee re

Suspended; finally passed, 386.-Re

port adopted; ordered engrossed, ported engrossed, 405-406.

337,-Finally passed, 355.-ReSigned, 562.- Enrolled, 570.

ceived from the House with amend



ment, 556.-- Amendment concurred 90. By Senator Bledsoe: Fixing in, 556.--Signed, 562.- Enrolled,



SENATE—Continued. 584.

100. By Senators Cousins and

Floyd: Creating the State School 95. By Senator Parr: Creating the

of Correspondence, 317.-Reported Leland Independent School Dis

favorably and be not printed, 464. trict in Cameron County, 261.–

-Read second time; laid on the -Reported favorably and be not

table subject to call, 559. printed, 287.

101. By Senators Hopkins and 96. By Senator Davidson: Increas

Suiter: Amending the law regulating the commissions of county

ing the depositing of State funds, treasurers, 261.

322.–Submitted by the Governor, 97.

and By



320.-Reported Davidson: Amending the law so

printed in the Journal, 343-344. as to increase the fees of deputies,

-Taken up by unanimous consent;

read second time; committee re262. - Reported favorably and

port adopted; ordered engrossed; printed in the Journal, 290.Taken up by unanimous consent,

constitutional rule suspended; fi322.-Read second time; commit

nally passed, 359.-Reported en

from the tee report

grossed, 366.-Return adopted, 323.

for House requested

correction, Amended, 323-325.-Ordered engrossed; constitutional rule sus

486. pended, 325.–Finally passed, 326.102. By Senator Buchanan of -Reported engrossed, 366-367.

Scurry: Providing for the issuReceived from the House with

ance of permits to prospect for oil amendment, 483-484. Senator

on the public free school lands, McNealus moved to concur in

323.--Reported favorably with House amendment, 484.–Senate

committee substitute, 407.-Read refuses to concur, 487.-Free con

second time; Senate rule suspendference granted by the House, 493. ed; committee report adopted; orCommittee report adopted, 4193- dered engrossed; constitutional 494.-House adopted free confer

rule suspended; finally passed. ence report, 496.--House recon

394.-Reported engrossed, 462. sidered and readopted the conference report, 501.-Signed, 554.- 103. By Senator Woods, by request: Enrolled, 630.

Amending the charter of the city

of Corsicana, 334. 98. By Senator Cousins: Validat

ing charters of all cities of more 104. By Senator Buchanan of than 5.000 inhabitants, 266.- Scurry: Creating the Olden IndeReported favorably and be not pendent School District in Eastland printed, 316.-Taken up by unan- County, 358.–Submitted by the imous consent, 333.-Read second Governor, 346.-Reported favortime; committee report adopted; ably and be not printed, 367.laid on the table subject to call, Read second time; committee re334.-Read second time; House port adopted; ordered engrossed; Bill No. 60 on the same subject constitutional rule suspended, 391. substituted in lieu thereof, 360. -Finally passed, 392.- Reported

engrossed, 405.-Signed, 562.99. By Senator Caldwell: Amend

Enrolled, 592. ing Chapter 81 of the General Laws of the Second Called Session 105. By Senator McNealus: Amendof the Thirty-sixth Legislature, ing the Rockwall County Road 293.–Submitted by the Governor,

383.- Reported favorably, 262.-Reported favorably and

and be not printed, 408.-Constituprinted in the Journal, 304.

tional rule suspended, 390.-SenMotion to suspend the regular or

ate rule suspended; committee reder and take up failed, 334.-Read second time; laid on the table sub

port adopted; read second time; ject to call, 386.-Called up, 389.

ordered engrossed; constitutional -Amended, 389-390.--Ordered en

rule suspended; inally passed, grossed; constitutional rule sus

391.-— Reported engrossed, 463.pended; finally passed, 390.-Re- Received from the House, 552.ported engrossed, 462.

Signed, 560:- Enrolled, 604.



THE SENATE106. By Senator Caldwell; Amend- 1. Mileage and per diem of the

ing the motor vehicle Act per- members and employes of the mitting cities to establish safety Third Called Session of the Thirtyzones, 396.-Reported favorably sixth Legislature, 32.-Referred, and be not printed, 408.-Reg- 35.-Reported favorably and be ular order suspended and bill not printed, 40.—Constitutional taken up, 396.- Constitutional rule suspended; read second rule suspended; read second time; time; Senate rule suspended, 36.Senate rule suspended; committee Committee report adopted; passed report adopted; ordered engrossed; to third reading; constitutional constitutional rule suspended; fi- rule suspended; finally passed, 37. nally passed, 397.-Reported en- -Signed, 39. grosssed, 463.-Received from the House, 554.-Signed,

560.-En-2. Contingent expenses of the Third rolled,, 621.

Called Session of the Thirty-sixth

Legislature, 32.-Referred, 35.107. By Senator Witt: Creating Reported favorably and be not

the San Gabriel Common School printed, 39.—Constitutional rule District No. 8 of Milam County, suspended; read second time; 396.-Submitted by the Governor, Senate rule suspended; committee 387.—Reported favorably and be report adopted; passed to third not printed, 409.—Constitutional reading; constitutional rule susrule suspended; read second time; pended; finally passed, 37.Senate rule suspended; committee Signed, 39. report adopted; ordered engrossed; constitutional rule suspended, 399. 4. Relating to salaries of teachers, -Finally passed, 400.-Reported

152. Referred, 156. Reported engrossed, 463.-Received from

favorably and be not printed, 185. the House, 554.–Signed, 562.

-Recommitted, 191.-Reported Enrolled, 589.

favorably and printed in the Jour

nal, 316.-Read second time; com108. By Senator Witt: Creating mittee report adopted; passed to

the Sharp Independent School Dis- third reading; constitutional rule trict in Milam County, 396.–Sub- suspended; finally passed, 454.mitted by the Governor, 387.-Re- Signed, 493. ported favorably and be not printed, 409.-Constitutional rule sus- 5. Making appropriation to pended; read second time; Senate cover authorized deficiencies, 196. rule suspended; committee report

-Referred, 199.- Reported favoradopted; ordered engrossed; con- ably and be not printed, 257.stitutional rule suspended; finally Read second time; Senate rule suspassed, 400.- Reported engrossed, pended; committee report adopted; 463.-Received from the House, passed to third reading; constitu552.-Signed, 562.—Enrolled, 576.

tional rule suspended; finally

passed, 255. 109. By Senator Davidson: Provid

ing for the collection of taxes to 6. Appropriation for deficiencies in establish State Farms, 454.

the support of the State Govern

ment, 116.-Referred, 123. — Re110. By Senator Gibson: Conferring ported favorably, 159.—Read sec

upon trust companies the power ond time; ordered engrossed; conto deal in negotiable paper with- stitutional rule suspended; finally out their endorsement, 457.–Re- passed, 246.-Signed, 301. ported favorably and be not printed, 463.-Taken up by unan- 8. Making appropriation to pay the imous consent; constitutional rule salaries of teachers in the higher suspended, 461.—Read second institutions of learning in the time; Senate rule suspended; com- State, 387.-Referred, 388.-Remittee report adopted; ordered en- ported favorably with amendments grossed; constitutional rule sus- and printed in the Journal, 409.pended; finally passed, 462.-Re- Read second time; committee reported engrossed, 508.-Received port adopted, 458.–Senator Hopfrom the House, 551.-Signed, kins' amendment adopted, 460.560.- Enrolled, 611.

Passed to third reading; constitu




THE SENATE—Continued. tional rule súspended; finally ported favorably and be not passed, 461.-House refused to printed; minority report unfavorconcur in Senate amendments, ably, 185.-Taken up by unani493.-Free conference granted by mou consent; majority report the Senate, 487.—House refuses adopted, 213.-Amended, 213-214. to adopt the free conference re- Read second time; passed to third port and asks for further confer- reading; constitutional rule susence, 554.–Senate conferees in- pended; finally passed, 214.structed to recede from the Senate Signed, 306. amendment, 559.-Conference report adopted, 561.-House adopted 14. Creating the Ganado Independthe free conference report, 562.

ent School District, 91.-Referred, Signed, 563.

105.-Reported favorably and be

not printed, 115.- Read second 9. Appropriating four million dol- time; committee report adopted; lars for the available school fund, passed to third reading; constitu

Referred, 319. Reported tional rule suspended; finally favorably and be not printed, 367. passed, 124.–Signed, 200. -Taken up in lieu of Senate Bill No. 6 on the same subject; read 15. Enlarging the Moran Independsecond time; Senate rule suspend

ent School District, 116,-Reed; committee report adopted; laid ferred, 123.-Reported favorably, on the table subject to call, 351.- 160.-Read second time; commitCalled up, 357.- Amendment as tee report adopted; passed to third substituted adopted; passed to reading; constitutional rule susthird reading; constitutional rule pended; finally passed, 173.suspended, 358.-Finally passed, Signed, 203. 359.-House refuses to concur in Senate amendments, 387.-Re

16. Increasing the limits of the quest of the House for a free con

Albany Independent School District ference committee granted, 388.

of Shackelford County, 116.- ReConference report adopted, 460.

ferred, 123.-Reported favorably House adopted the free conference

and be not printed, 159.- Read report, 496.-Signed, 499.

second time; committee


adopted; passed to third reading; 10. Creating the Throckmorton In- constitutional rule suspended; fi

dependent School Bill, 116.-Re- nally passed, 169.-Signed, 203. ferred, 123.-Reported favorably and be not printed, 160.-Read 17. To exempt electric light comsecond time; committee report

panies in towns of less than 1,200 adopted; passed to third reading; from occupation taxes, 152.-Reconstitutional rule suspended; fi

ferred, 156.-Reported favorably nally passed, 172.-Signed, 203. and be not printed, 185.- Read

second time; committee report 11. Defining pipe and gas lines, and adopted; passed to third reading,

placing them under the authority 246.-Taken up in lieu of Senate of the Railroad Commission, 91.- Bill No. 63; read third time and Referred, 105.-Reported favor- finally passed, 348.—Signed, 398. ably, 134.—Taken up by unanimous consent


amendments 18. Validating all common school printed, 208-213.-Set as special districts in the State, 116.--Reorder, 213.-Laid before the Sen- ferred, 123.-Reported favorably ate

special order; read; and be not printed, 161.- Read amended, 262-267. Senator second time; committee report Woods' point of order, 267.4 adopted; passed to third reading; Amended, 267-269, 269-273; pre

constitutional rule suspended; fivious question ordered, 273. nally passed, 174.-Signed, 203. Passed to third reading; constitutional rule suspended;

19. finally

Creating the Archer City Indepassed; 274.-Signed, 319.

pendent School District, 116.-Re

ferred, 123.-Reported favorably 13. Amending the act creating the and be not printed, 160.-Read

Garwood Independent School Dis- second time; committee report trict, 116.-Referred, 123.-Re- adopted; passed to third reading;



THE SENATE-Continued. constitutional rule suspended; LaGrange Independent School Disfinally passed, 171.–Signed, 203. trict, 117.-Referred, 123.-Re

ported favorably and be not print20. Changing the salary paid the

ed, 160.-Taken up by unanimous assistant district attorney of Tar

consent; read second time; Senate rant County, 116.-Referred, 123,

rule suspended; committee report -Reported favorably and be not adopted; passed to third reading; printed, 159.—Taken up by unan- constitutional rule suspended; fiimous consent, 154.-Read second

nally passed, 149.-Signed, 200. time; Senate rule suspended; committee report adopted; amend-29. Repealing the Houston County ed by Senator Carlock; passed to road law, 128.-Referred, 129,third reading; constitutional rule Reported favorably and be not suspended; finally passed, 155.- printed, 187.-Read second time, Signed, 206.

246-247. Committee report

adopted; passed to third reading; 22. Creating the Lorraine Inde- constitutional rule suspended;

pendent School District, 128.-Re- finally passed, 247.-Signed, 301. ferred, 129.–Reported favorably and be not printed, 160.-Read 30. Creating the Sodville Independsecond time; committee report ente School District, 117.-Readopted; passed to third reading; ferred, 123.-Reported favorably constitutional rule suspended; and be not printed, 161.-Read finally passed, 176.—Signed, 267.

second time; committee report

adopted; passed to third reading; 23. Changing the date of holding constitutional rule suspended; fi

the district court of the Twenty- nally passed, 173.--Signed, 203. ninth Judicial District, 116.-Referred, 123.-Reported favorably 31. Increasing the commissions of and be not printed, 159,- Read

county treasuries, 353. Resecond time; committee report

ferred, 354.—Reported favorably adopted; passed to third reading;

by majority, unfavorably by constitutional rule suspended; minority, 406.-Read second time; finally passed, 168.-Signed, 203.

minority report adopted, 398.

Vote by which the minority report 24. Amending the law creating a was adopted reconsidered; minor

more efficient road system for ity report tabled; majority report Lamar County, 116.-Referred, adopted, 449.- Passed to third 123.--Reported favorably and be reading; constitutional rule susnot printed, 187.- Read second pended, 451.–Finally passed, 452. time; committee report adopted; --Return from the House repassed to third reading; constitu- quested for further consideration, tional rule suspended, 250.-Fi- 456.-Signed, 493. nally passed, 251.–Signed, 301.

32. Amending the law creating a 26. Creating the Littlefield Insle- more efficient road system for

pendent School district, 117.-Re- Gonzales County, 117.-Referred, ferred, 123.—Reported favorably 123.-Reported favorably and be and be not printed, 161.-Read not printed, 187.—Read second second time; committee report time; committee report adopted; adopted; passed to third reading; passed to third reading; constituconstitutional rule suspended; fi- tional rule suspended; finally

nally passed, 171.–Signed, 267. passed, 250.-Signed, 301. 27. Creating the Olton Independent 33. Authorizing Wheeler County to

School District, 117.-Referred, build and construct roads, 117.123.-Reported favorably and be Referred, 123.-Reported favornot printed, 161,- Read second ably and be not printed, 187.time; committee report adopted; Read second time; committee repassed to third reading; constitu- port adopted; passed to third readtional rule suspended; finally ing; constitutional rule suspended; passed, 172.-Signed, 267.

finally passed, 249.-Signed, 301, 28. Amending an act creating the 134. Creating the Toyah Independ

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