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hundred thousand fifteen hundred dollars ($1500.00) (100,000) inhabitants, the district per annum. attorney of such county or counties Provided that in counties having where there is no district attorney a population of from thirty-seven is authorized, when empowered so thousand five hundred (37.500) to to do by the commissioners court of one hundred thousand (100,000; insaid county by which the appoint- habitants, the maximum salary will ment is made, to appoint not to ex- be allowed such deputies or assistants ceed two assistants in addition to his for their services shall be as follows, regular deputies or assistants,

the to-wit: number of said additional assistants

First Assistant or Chief Deputy not to exceed two for the entire dis

not to exceed twenty-one hundred trict regardless of the number of

dollars counties it may contain, which two heads of such department not to

( $2100.00) per annum; assistants shall not be required to

exceed eighteen hundred dollars possess the qualifications prescribed by law for district and county attor- ($1800) per annum; other deputies neys and who shall perform such or assistants not to exceed fifteen

hundred dollars duties as may be prescribed by such

($1500.00) per district or county attorney and who annum. shall receive as their compensation

Provided that in counties having not to exceed one hundred and fifty a population in excess of one hundollars ($150.00) per month to be dred thousand (100,000) inhabitants paid in monthly installments out of the maximum salary that may be althe funds of the county for which lowed such deputies or assistants such appointment is made by war- for the services shall be as follows. rants drawn on such county funds; to-wit: provided that nothing in this Act First Assistant or Chief Deputy shall repeal or modify any salary not to exceed twenty-four hundred fixed for either regular or special dollars ($ 2400.00) per annum; assistant district or county attorneys heads of each department not to exby any special Act which has been or ceed twenty-one hundred dollars which may be hereafter enacted; and ($2100.00) per annum; other depuprovided further that counties ties or assistants not to exceed having a population in excess of one eighteen hundred dollars ($1800.00) hundred thousand (100,000) inhab- per annum. itants the district attorney in the Provided that in counties having county of his residence or the county a population of from thirty seven attorney, where there is not a dis- thousand five hundred to one huntrict attorney, shall be allowed by dred thousand, and containing a city order of the commissioners court of of over twenty-five thousand, the the county where such official resides maximum salary that may be alsuch amount as said court may lowed such deputies or assistants for deem necessary to pay for the proper their services shall be as follows, administration of the duties of such to-wit: office, not to exceed seventy-five dol- First Assistant or Chief Deputy lars ( $75.00) per month; such

not to exceed twenty-four hundred amount to be allowed upon affidavit of dollars ( $ 2400.00) per annum; heads said district or county attorney show- of each department not to exceed ing a necessity for such expenses and twenty-one hundred dollars ($ 2100.for all the amounts so incurred, 00) per annum, other deputies or said commissioners court may also assistants not to exceed eighteen require any other evidence as it may hundred dollars ($1800.00) per deem necessary to show the necessity

annum. of such expenditure and its judgment Provided further that in determinin allowing same shall be final.

ing the number of inhabitants in The maximum amount which may each of the instances heretofore menbe allowed for Deputies or Assistants tioned the number of inhabitants as to the officers named in said Articles shown by the last United States cen3881 to 3886 for their services, sus shall control. shall be as follows, to-wit:

The County Commissioners Court First Assistant or Chief Deputy in each order granting authority to not to exceed eighteen hundred dol- appoint deputies or assistants shall lars ($1800.00) per annum; other state the number of deputies or asassistants or deputies not to exceed sistants authorized and the amount


of compensation to be allowed each The following is the bill in full: deputy or assistant, which compensation shall be paid out of the fees

S. B. No. 58. of the office to which such deputies or An Act to make an appropriation to assistants may be appointed and as- pay debts of the Texas State Railsigned and shall not be included in

road accrued prior to June 1, 1920, estimating the maximum salaries of

providing manner and method of the officers named in said Articles

payment, and declaring an emer3881 to 3886; such salaries to be

gency. paid out of the fees of the office in Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the following manner:

the State of Texas: First, out of any current fees collected, and second, if such fees are

Section 1. The sum of Seventy not sufficient, then out of any de-Thousand ($70,000.00) Dollars, or so linquent fees collected which are much thereof as may be necessary, is due the county after all legal de-hereby appropriated out of any funds ductions are made and if there be in the State Treasury, not otherwise any balance remaining after payment appropriated, for the purpose of pay. of the maximum salaries due such ing the indebtedness of the Texas officer or officers and the salary of State Railroad in favor of rarious such deputy or deputies, such bal- persons, firms, railroad companies and ance shall be paid to the county corporations, which indebtedness actreasurer.

crued prior to June 1st, 1920. Provided, however, that nothing Sec. 2. All persons, firms, railroad in this Act shall be construed to re-companies and corporations holding peal H. B. No. 196 passed by the claims against the Texas State RailRegular Session of the Thirty-sixth road, which claim or claims accrued Legislature, same being known as prior to June 1st, 1920, shall make Chapter 47 of the Acts of the Reg- an itemized account of such claim or ular Session of the Thirty-sixth Leg- claims, in duplicate, one of which islature, page 83, relating to fixing shall be verified under oath and filed salaries of District Attorneys, their with the Board of Prison Commisdeputies, assistants and stenographers sioners of the State of Texas, who in counties having a population of shall examine the same, and if found more than one hundred thousand. correct, shall approve the same and

Sec. 2. The fact that under the forward to the Comptroller of Public present law the maximum salary al- Accounts who shall issue a warrant lowed to the deputies in the office on the State Treasury for the amount named in the said Articles 3881 to as approved by the Board of Prison 3886 inadequate creates

Commissioners of the State of Texas. emergency and an imperative public Sec. 3. The near approach of the end necessity that the rule requiring bills of this session of the Legislature and to be read on three several days be the injustice done these claimants, suspended and that this Act take many of whom are employes of the effect and be in force from and after Texas State Railroad, by the long de its passage, and it is so enacted. lay in the payment of their accounts

and the refusal of many railroad comCommittee Room, panies to accept freight where the Austin, Texas, June 18, 1920. destination is at a point on the Texas Hon. W. A. Johnson, President of the State Railroad without the freight Senate.

being first paid, creates an emergency Sir: We, your Committee on En- and an imperative public necessity rolled Bills, to whom was referred which requires that the Constitutional Senate Bill No. 58, have carefully com- rule providing that bills shall be read pared same and find it correctly en- on three several days be suspended, rolled and have this day at 10:10 and said rule is hereby suspended, o'clock a. m. presented same to the and that this Act shall take effect Governor for his approval.

and be in force from and after its SMITH, Chairman. passage, and it is so enacted.






SENATE-Continued. (Note.—First number following Creating the Lorraine Independent subject matter indicates page where School District, 53.-Submitted by introduced, read first time and re- Governor, 46.-Reported favorably ferred to appropriate committee.) and be not printed, 83.—Read


time; committee report 1. By Senator Westbrook: Contin

adopted; ordered engrossed; congent Expenses of the Third Called

stitutional rule suspended; finally Session of the Thirty-sixth Legis

passed, 91.—Reported engrossed, lature, 31.

132.- Received from the House, 2. By Senator Westbrook: Mileage

346.-Signed, 383.- Enrolled, 428. and per diem for members and 9. By Senator Dorough: Creating employes of the Third Called Ses

the Texarkana Independent School sion of the Thirty-sixth · Legisla- District, 54.–Submitted by the ture, 31.

Governor, 47.-Reported favor3. By Senator Westbrook: To pay

ably and be not printed, 83.–

Read second time; committee reauthorized deficiencies in the State Government, 31.- Submitted

port adopted; ordered engrossed; by

constitutional rule the Governor, 1.-Reported favor

suspended; ably, 159.

finally passerl, 90.-Reported en

grossed, 131,- Received from the By Senator Westbrook: To pay

House, 346.-Signed, 383.-Endeficiencies for the fiscal years

rolled, 418. ending August 31, 1918, and

10. By Senator Caldwell: AuthorAugust 31, 1913, 31.–Submitted by Governor, 1.

izing road districts to use timber

and earth, etc., 54.–Submitted 5. By Senator Suiter: Amending by the Governor, 46.—Reported the law relating to the salaries of

favorably, 83.—Read second time; teachers, 34.--Submitted by Gov

ordered engrossed; constitutional ernor, 1.--Reported favorably and

rule suspended; finally passed, be not printed, 83.–Taken up

124.—Reported engrossed, 157.and considered out of its order,

Received from the House with 78,79.—Read second time; Senate

amendments, 500.-Amendments rule suspeaded. 79.—Committee

concurred in, 494-495.-Signed, report adopted; ordered engrossed;

504,-Enrolled, 625, constitutional rule suspended; fi


11. By Senator Caldwell: nally passed, 80.-Reported engrossed, 107.

ing the law permitting road dis

tricts to issue bonds, 54.–Sub6. By Senator Doan: Appropriat

mitted by the Governor, 45.-Reing $2,500,000 to the available ported favorably, 84.—Read secschool fund, 35.-Submitted by

ond time; amended by Senator Governor, 1.- Reported favorably

Caldwell; ordered engrossed; conwith amendment, 186.—Read

stitutional rule suspended, 127.second time; House Bill No. 9 on

Finally passed,. 128.-Reported enthe same subject insert in lieu grossed, 157. thereof, 351.

12. By Senator Caldwell: Validat7. By Senator Caldwell: Reimburs

ing the sale of public school land ing the University for expenditures

sold August 16, 1895, 54.–Submade at Camp Nabry, 35.--Re

mitted by the Governor, 44.ported favorably, 43.-Read sec

Withdrawn from Committee ond time; bill ordered engrossed;

Educational Affairs and recomconstitutional rule suspended;

mitted to the Committee on Pubfinally passed, 53.-Reported en

lic Lands and Land Offices, 82.grossed, 84.-Received from the

Reported favorably and be not House, 492.---Signed, 500.-En

printed, 135.-Taken up by unanirolled, 518.

mous consent; read second time;

Senate rule suspended; committee 8. By Senator Buchanan of Scurry: report adopted; ordered engrossed;



SENATE-Continued. constitutional rule suspended, 130. rule suspended; finally passed, 92. -Finally passed, 131.-Reported -Reported engrossed, 115.-Reengrossed, 157.-Received from turned from the House, 147.the House, 197.-Signed, 554.— Signed, 152.—Enrolled, 162. Enrolled, 629.

18. By Senator Buchanan of Scurry: 13. By Senator Caldwell: Ratify- Eastland County road law, 74.–

ing the sale of fenn Field, 54.- Submitted by the Governor, 71,Submitted by the Governor, 47.- Reported favorably and be not Reported favorably and be not printed, 84.-Read second time; printed, 83.- Laid before the committee report adopted; orSenate on the Calendar, 125.- dered engrossed; constitutional Read second time; ordered en- rule suspended, 88. — Finally grossed; constitutional rule sus- passed, 89.-Reported engrossed, pended; finally passed, 127.-Re- 131.-Received from the House, ported engrossed, 157.-Received 347.-Signed, 458.- Enrolled, 467. from the House, 497.-Signed,


By Senator Cousins: Provid504.- Enrolled, 6:2.

ing for the appointment of depu14. By Senator Alderdice: Regulat- ties and assistants, 76.-Submitted

ing teachers' certificates and ar- by the Governor, 70.-Reported ranging for reasonable reciprocity unfavorably but committee subwith other states, 54.–Submitted stitute favorably, 219.–Read secby Governor, 73.—Reported favor- ond time, 359-360 —Laid on table bly, 108.-Read second time, 147. subject to call, 360. -Ordered engrossed; constitu

20.—By Senator Cousins, et al.: tional rule suspended; finally

Amending the law creating the passed, 148.-Reported engrossed,

Game, Fish and Oyster Commis184.-Received from the House

sion, 77.-Submitted by the Govwith amendment, 500.-Amend

ernor, 72.-Reported favorably ments concurred in, 504, 505,

with amendments, 132-133,- Read Signed, 560,-Enrolled, 614,

second time and laid on the table 15. By Senator Bledsoe: Creating

subject to call, 195-196.-Called the Throckmorton Independent

up; read second time, committee School District, 54.-Submitted by report adopted, 335.- Amended, the Governor, 45.- Reported favor

335-336.-Ordered engrossed; conably and be not printed, 83.—Read stitutional rule suspended; finally second time: committee report

passed, 336.-Reported engrossed, adopted; ordered engrossed; con

367.—Received from the House, stitutional rule suspended, 89.- 551.—Signed, 562.-Enrolled, 581. finally passed, 90,-Reported en-'21. By Senator Cousins, et al.: grossed, 114.--Received from the

Amending the law relating to fees House, 347.-Signed, 383.-En

allowed sheriffs, 77.-Submitted rolled, 415.

by the Governor, 71.-Reported 16. By Senator Suiter: Amending

favorably with amendment, 158.— the law creating the Live Stock

Read secon 1 time, 205-206.Sanitary Commission, 74.-Re- Amendment to committee report ported unsavorably, but committee by Senator Dean tabled; committee substitute favorably, 158.-Read report carrying amendments was second time, 235.--House Bill No. adopted; amendment by Senator 64 on the same subject substituted, Dorough tabled, 206.-Amendment 237.

by Senator Williford tabled, 206

207; amendment by Senator Dean 17. By Senator Buchanan of Scurry:

tabled; by Senator Dorough Creating the Ninetieth Judicial

adopted; bill ordered engrossed; District, 74.-Şubmitted by the Governor, 71.- Reported favorably

constitutional rule suspended, 207. and be not printed. 108.—Taken

—Finally passed, 208.-Reported

from up by unanimous consent and read engrossed, 256.-Received second time; Senate rule sus

the House with amendments, 459. pended; committee report adopted;

-Senate refuses to concur, 459.ordered engrossed; constitutional Free conference granted by House,


SENATE-Continued. 493.–Senator Davidson placed on dered engrossed; constitutional the Conference ('ommittee in fieu rule suspended; finally passed, of Senator Cousins, 561.—Confer- 384.-reported engrossed, 406. ence report adopted, 562.

27. By Senator Dayton: Regulat22. By Senator Bledsoe: Creating ing the size of tires used on wagons

the Weatherly Independent School and road vehicles, 82.- SubmitDistrict, 77.--Submitted by the ted by the Governor, 80.-ReGovernor, 119.- Reported favor- ported favorably and printed in ably and benut printed, 108.- the Journal, 108.—Read second Taken up by unanimous consent; time and laid on table subject to read second time; Senate rule sus- call, 145.-Called up from the pended; eommittee report adopted; table; read; committee report ordered engrossed; constitutional adopted, ordered engrossed; conrule suspended; finally passed,

stitutional rule suspended; finally 107.-Reported engrossed, 115.- passed, 182.-Reported engrossed, Received from the House, 347.

215.-Received from the House, Signed, 458.-Eurolled, 482.

497.-Signed, 504.- Enrolled, 626. 23. By Senator Bledsoe: Creating 28. By Senators Witt and Bledsoe:

the Eighty-ninth Judicial District, Amending the law providing for 78.–Submitted by the Governor, the appointment of county audit48.-Reported hvorably and be ors, 82,-S:lbinitted by the Govnot printed, 10.—Taken up by

ernor, 76.-Reported favorably unanimous consent, 92.-Senate and printed in the Journal, 161.rule suspended, 93.—Committee re- Read second time, laid

on the port adopted, 93.- Read second table subject to call, 214.-Called time; ordered engrossed; consti- up; read, 332.—Committee report tutional rule was suspended; finally adopted; amended!; ordered enpassed, 105.-feported engrossed,

grossed; constitutional rule sus115.-Returned from the House, pended; finally passed, 333.-Re

180.--Signed, 320.- Enrolled, 339. ported engrossed, 367. 24. By Senator Bledsoe: Creating 29.

By Senator Alderdice: the County Court at Law in vide for an educational survey of Wichita County, 78.-Submitted the State, 82.-Reported favoraby the Governor, 48.-Reported bly, 108.—Read second time, 145. favorably and he not printed, 108.

--Amended by Senators Gibson --Taken up by unanimous con- and Alderdice, 146.-Amended by sent, 105.-Read second time; Senators Alderdice and Caldwell; Senate rule suspended; committee ordered engrossed; constitutional report adopted; ordered

rule suspended; finally passed, grossed; finally passed, 106.—Re- 147.-Reported engrossed, 184. ported engrossed, 114.-Returned from the House,


30. By Senator Hall: Creating the 203.- Enrolleri, 216.

Hahn Prairie Independent School

District, 82.-Submitted by the 25. By Senator Bledsoe, by request:

Governor, 81.-Peported favorCreating the State Athletic Com- ably and be not printed, 108.mission, 78 - Submitted by the Taken up by unanimous consent; Governor, 76.-.. Majority report read second time; Senate rule susunfavorable; minority report favor

pended; committee report adopted; able, 185, 186.-Read second time; ordered engrossed; constitutional indefinitely postponed, 352.

rule suspended: finally passed,

106.-Reported engrossed, 115.26. By Senator Caldwell, by re

Received from the House, Regulating the disposition Signed, 383.-Enrolled, 417. of funds deposited or advanced for the use of personal property, 82.–31. By Senator Gibson: Increasing Submitted by the Governor, 80.- the salaries of county superinReported favorably with amend- tendents, 86.-Submitted by the ments, 287.—Read second time; Governor, 73.--Reported favorcommittee report adopted; or- ably and printed in the Journal

To pro


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