Lapas attēli
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Fifth May invoke aid of U. S. courts.

Duty of U. S. courts in premises

Sixth Any one of Commissioners may insti-

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Rules of, and practice before, Commission

First How Commission is to conduct pro-


Second: Majority to constitute quorum

Third Commission may make and amend
general orders

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Fourth: Any party may appear in person or

by attorney

Fifth Votes and official acts of Commission

to be recorded

Sixth Commission to have seal

Seventh Either Commissioner may adminis-

ter oaths

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First Any person, etc., complaining of any
thing done, etc., or omitted, etc.

Second Complaint forwarded by Railroad

Commission or Railroad Commissioner

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Answer of carrier

Reparation or satisfaction by carrier.
Trial, etc., by Commission .

When complaint not to be dismissed.
Form of report of Commission .
Recording reports of investigation

Decision of Commission and proceedings

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Comments upon sections creating Commission,
First Powers of Commission analyzed.
Second: Commission's method of investiga-

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Third: Consideration of question of enforc-

ing the judgment of Commission

Fourth Constitutional questions-

(a) Power of Congress to "regulate" com-



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