Visual Information Systems, 130. sējums

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Clement Leung
Springer Science & Business Media, 1997. gada 29. sept. - 274 lappuses
This book is a thoroughly arranged anthology outlining the state of the art in the emerging area of visual informationsystems. The chapters presented are a selection of thoroughly refereed and revised full papers first presented at the First International Conference on visual Information Systems held in February 1996. Next generation information systems have a high visual content, and there will be a shift in emphasis from a paradigm of predominantly alphanumeric data processing to one of visual information processing. The book provides a detailed introductory chapter, two keynotes by leading authorities, sections on design and architecture, database management and modelling, contend-based search and retrieval, feature extraction and indexing, query model and interface, and object recognition and content organization.

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Feature Extraction and Indexing
Extracting Complex Tissues of MRI Brain Images Using Conjugate
A Uniform Framework for FeatureBased Indexing and Retrieval in Visual
Query Model and Interface
Incorporating Typed Links in a Visual Search Tool for Images on
Object Recognition and Content Organisation
System Design for Structured Hypermedia Generation

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