Lapas attēli


This index contains the names of the composers of the musical compositions registered in this number.


[blocks in formation]

Adami (C.) Valse lente. 6420.

Adams (C. B.) How excellent Thy name. 5175.

Adams (F. L.) Sun flag waltzes. 6273. Adams (T.) All hail, dear Conqueror. 4400.

Adamson (J.) King of love my shepherd is. 5394.

Adler (B.) Dying rag. 4835.
Agostini (M.) Trio. 4393.
Agüero (A.) Dreaming. 4825.
Aguinaldos. 4394.

Ahn Carse (A. von) Preliminary exercises. 5932.

Aiken (G. B.) Papa's darling. 5859. Akens (C. N.) Come again days of

yore, come again. 4687.

Akerly (Mrs. C. M.) Oleta. 5815.
Akimenko (T.):

Consolation. 4702.

Valse des libellules. 6417.

Albeniz (I.):

[blocks in formation]

All of grace. 4401. Shepherd's call. 6138. Mandy Lou.


Allitsen (F.) For the queen. 4942. Allmeder (F.):

Nobel geht die welt zu grund. 5744.

San's net grantig.

Ambrose (R. S.)

thought. 5826.

Ambrosio (A. d')


One sweetly solemn

Canzonetta. 4411.

Ames (S.) You can make a hit with

Molly too. 6624.

Andrews (A. F.):

Lord (The) God is a sun and shield. 5505.

Summer's end. 6272.

Three classic maids. 6353.

Andrews (A. M.):

Darkey's serenade. 4762.
O matin bells. 5776.

Anthony (B. H.) Land of the might

Anthony (B. H.)

have been. 5423. Anthony (B. R.):

Carnival of roses. 4635.

Castanet. 4636.

Dreams of youth. 4828.

Happy schooldays. 5085.
June roses.

Notre Dame.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Valse parisienne. 6423.

Ariane. 5588.

Arlington (B.) Dreams of love. 4827. Arlington (M.) Flamingo. 6648 (54). Armstrong (—):

Entertaining man. 4868.

Frisco rag. 4961.

We'll all go home when there's no place else to go. 6478.


Armstrong (C. P.) If kisses were dollars I'd be a millionaire. 5268. Armstrong (T.) Rose of Honolulu. 6648 (103).

Arndt (F.) Night time. 5740.
Arthurs (G.):

That's when a fellow feels a fool.

Waltz, waltz, waltz. 6467.

What will be, will be. 6507.

Ashford (E. L.):

Behold, Egypt is fair. 4525.

Bid the elders assemble. 4543.
Cruel sea. 4729.

Fear thou alone Jehovah's wrath.

Knowest thou the law. 5408.

Lord hath triumphed gloriously. 5506.

My spirit faileth. 5718.

O Israel, go forward. 5771.

O Lord, deliver us.

Passover (The)

Postlude. 5926.

Prelude. 5934.

5774. 5871.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Balfe (M. W.) Drinking song. 4494. Ball (E. R.):

Goodbye, my love, goodbye. 5032, 5033.

Till the sands of the desert grow cold. 6357.

Ball (T. Austin-) See Austin-Ball (T.)
Balleron (P.) Vision rosée, 6448.
Banbury (C.) Our old glory. 5847.
Barbirolli (A.) Sorrisi e baci. 6221.
Barblan (0.) Drei stücke. 4501.
Barbour (F. N.):

To daffodils. 6360.
Valse arabesque. 6412.

Baron Trenck. 4504-4509.
Barron (T. S.):

Down where the big bananas grow.

That was a grand old song.

6648 (122).

Barry (K.) What shall I sing to you. 6505.

Barth (J. F.) Moonlight meditations. 5672.

Bartholomew (L.) King's call-wake up England. 5395.

Barton (R.) If I don't get you, I'll

get your sister. 5264.

Bates (K.) Simple theory of music. 6164.

Bath (H.) Destiny. 4787.

Bauer (C. F.) Just a faded flower. 5370.

Baumfelder (F.):

Grandmother's fairy story. 5043.
Hungarian intermezzo. 5184.
Rondo mignonnette. 6051.
Tyrolienne. 6394.

White rosebud. 6550.

Beaumont (P.) Gavotte and musette. 4983.

Beazley (S. W.):

Come, Jesus, Redeemer. 4691.
Get in touch with God. 4990.
Go away happy to-night. 5012.
Jesus believes in you. 5343.
Same old story. 6078.

Beazley (S. W.) Somebody loves you: "Tis Jesus. 6202.

Becker (W. L.) One sweet little girl. 5825.

Beethoven (L. van):

Contre tanz. 4523.

Menuett. 4524.

Belden (F. E.) Chiefest among ten thousand. 4657.

Bellairs (R. H.):

Echoes. 4847.

Valse brilliante. 6414.

[blocks in formation]

Daddy was a grand old man. 4741.

Honeytown. 6648 (62).

Lost a girl. 6648 (84).

Take me to that ball, Bill. (120).


Underneath the wishing tree.
6648 (130).

Benoist (A.) Perfidy. 5886.
Béon (A.) Amour de may. 4419.
Berens (H.) Pflege der linken hand.

Berg (A. W.) See Berg (Mrs. H. M.) Berg (Mrs. H. M.) Delta phi waltzes. 6648 (7).

Bergé (I.) Life forevermore. 5466.
Berger (F.) Romanzetta. 6046.
Berger (R.) Pieds en dentelles. 5900.
Bergh (A.):

Barcarolle in D flat. 4503.
Portrait (A) 5923.

Berlin (I.)

Dat's-a my gal. 4765.

Berndt (R.) Erste belohnung. 4870. Berniaux (D.) Myrella march. 5722. Berridge (A.):

Tell the tidings. 6323.

Was there ever kindest shepherd. 6472.

[blocks in formation]

Bloodgood (L. M.):

Nance took a chance with me. 5725.

Where the bright lights shine.


[blocks in formation]

Bosc (A.) Valse perverse. 6424.
Bossi (M. E.):

Ländliche scene. 5417.

Legende, 5445.

Stunde der freude. 6264.

Stunde der weihe. 6265.
Trauerzug. 6370.

Botsford (G.):

Chatterbox rag. 6648 (45).
Rolling stone. 6036.

Bowers (F. V.) Here comes a college boy. 6648 (61).

Bowers (R. H.) Mrs. Murphy, 6648 (90).

Bowlby (B. A.):


I will love you till the stars shall cease to shine. 5250. Mother's little soldier boy. Bowman (E.) I never had a man to love me like you. 6648 (67). Brackett (F. H.) Proposal. 5946. Braham (D.) Dip me in the golden sea. 4795.

Braham (D.) See also Braham (G.) and Braham (Mrs. D.)

Braham (Mrs. D.) Medley jig. 6648 (24).

Braham (E.) Boy scouts of America.


Braham (G.):

Bunch o' berries. 6648 (4).

Family overhead. 6648 (8).

Golden choir.

6648 (13).

Grecian bend.

6648 (16).

[blocks in formation]

Yearning. 4594.

living. 6556.

Brandon (F.):

Golden lilies. 5020.

Sunny Spain. 6276.

Browne (R. A.):

If somebody love somebody. 5271.
That is why I love you. 6331.
You don't know how I love you.


Bruce (E. B.) Souvenirs of California. 6228.

Bruchvogel (Mrs. R.) Nora darling. 5753.

Brundage (W. B.) jr. Bewildered lover. 4542.

Brunet (P.) Daybreak valse. 4769. Bühl (A.) United Spanish war veterans. 6401.

Büsser (H.) Leçons manuscrites de solfège. 5440.

Bug (A. W.) See Bug (Mrs. H. M.) Bug (Mrs.


6648 (3). Builder (B. D.)


Bunning (H.)


Burden (W.)

darling. 4803.

M.) Bout-en-train.

Jubilate in C. 6648

Open the door to love.

Don't be sad Nellie

Harebell (The).

Mailied. 5559.

Burdett (G. A.)


Burgstaller (E.)

Burmester (W.)


Französisches lied.

Brander (A. A.) Why seek ye the Burroughs (W. R.) Still, still with

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Oh father when you married mother. 5793.

You never know. 6631.

Cauley (A.) Hush me to dreams waves. 5188.

Centola (E.) Scherzo. 6094. Chadwick (G. W.) O love, stay by and sing. 5775.

Chaplin (N.) Court dances and others. 4713.

Chapman (C. J.) Broadway march and two-step. 4598.

Chapman (E. H.) Rosy Lee. 6065. Chapuis (A.) Leçons d'harmonie. 5439. Chase (C. A.) Be near us, O Father. 4515.

Chase (M.):

Bonnibel. 4562.
Fairy tale. 4905.

Memory's reverie. 5615.
Playmates. 5912.
Sophomore march. 6220.
Chauvet (R.):

J'ai trop chanté. 5335.
Je vous salue, Marie. 5341.
Si vous m'aimez. 6152.
Voici Messidor. 6453.

Chevais (M.) Solfège scolaíre. 6198. Chiara (V. Di) 'Ngiulinè. 5738. Chickering (Mrs. C. F.) In the night she told a story. 6648 (21). Chouteau (M.) Where the stock yard fire heroes fell. 6540.

Christiansen (C. B.) How hearts are broken. 5176.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

at twilight. 5502.

Clough-Leighter (H.) Short communion service. 6145.

Cobb (G. L.) Honey Lou, 'neath the big white honeymoon. 5166.

Coker (F.) Panama fair. 5858. Colburn (O. E.) Put me on your base ball team. 5965.

Cole (S.) Shooting star. 6143.
Coleridge-Taylor (S.):

Endymion's dream. 4863.
Sons of the sea. 6219.

Three dream dances. 4680.
Two impromptus. 4681.

Collard (W. A.):

All aboard. 4398.

Father Knickerbocker. 4915.

College professional. 4683.

Collin (C.) Pièces nouvelles dans tous les tons majeurs et mineurs. 5899. Collins (C.):

Don't sing the chorus. 4809. Father started out to work this morning. 4916.

Oh father when you married mother. 5793.

Colomer (B. M.) Solfège du pianiste. 6194.

Commencement days. 6648 (61).

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