Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

pt. III, n. s., v. 6

Caryll (I.)-Continued.

Cassie's not a bit like mother.


Hide and seek.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

We'll all go home when there's no place else to go. 4380 (173). Clarke (C.) River girl. 3698. Clarke (R. C.) First June rose. 2654. Clarke-Whitfeld (J.) In Jewry is

God known. 2994.

Clerc (C. Borel-) See Borel-Clerc (C). Clough-Leighter (H.) Bells of youth. 2258.

Clutsam (G. H.) Madonna mia. 3230.
Coan (J. F.) Golden eagle. 2758.
Cohnreich (L.):

Lend me thy voice. 3136.
Valse Valli. 4165.

Cole (L. E.) Every page in memory's album holds a picture dear of you. 2620.

Coleridge-Taylor (S.) Petite suite de concert. 3567, 3568.

Collins (C.):

Let me help you over the stile. 3142.

Let's go the longest way. 3144.

Oh the ocean. 3485.

Collins (J. E.) Eyes of grey. 2626.
Collins (Mrs. J. M.) Two songs. 2425.
Coleman (D.) Oh, oh, oh, the sweet-
est girl I know. 3482.
Colombe (La) 2777.

Conant (G. W.) Four patriotic unison songs. 2441.

Coney (A. B.) Good-bye old pal. 2768.

Conlin (J.) Way down in old honeyland. 4245.

Connolly (C.) Coastguard's daughter. 2420.

Connors (T. J.) Goodbye Bill, the

bell is ringing for you. 2767. Contes d'Hoffmann. 3476. Converse (F. S.) Festival of Pan. 2646.

Cook (C. L.) Maybe I'll come back. 3284.

Cook (W. M.) In de evenin. 2987.
Cooke (W.) Fleurette. 2661.

Cooper (C. H.) No one like you.
Cooper (J.):

Rosy cheeks. 3739.

When the old oaken bucket was new. 4287.

Cooper (M.) Catch me. 2379.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Currens (H. E.) Arbor of of roses. 2159.

Curry (A. M.) Nocturne (A) 3435. Custard (R. Goss-) See Goss-Custard (R.)

Cuttle (W.) Psalm 13. 3614.
Czibulka (A.) Vision (La) 4201.
Dahm (P.):

Best'est gal I ever knew. 2268.
Good-bye to you Miss Liberty.

Dale (W. T.) Harp of glory. 2813. Dalton (H.) Meadow lark. 3288.

Dalton (L.) Valley of dream. 4154.
Daly (J. M.):

Pitter patter. 3576.
Popping corn. 3596.

Dana (H.) See Dana (Mrs. I. C. B.) Dana (Mrs. I. C. B.) Edenland. 4380 (27).

[blocks in formation]

Nursie-nursie. 3455.

Sweet Kathleen. 3975.

Davis (G. L.) My creole Sue. 3380. Some variations on the

Davis (J. H.)

Londonderry air.

Dawson (G.)



By the druid's altar.

Day (A. J.) Then the girls all ran to kiss me. 4040.

Deacon (C.) Love's morning song.


Debussy (C.)


Cathédrale engloutie.

Wavelet (The)

De Groff (E. V.)

4380 (85).

De Koven (R.):

Autumn's hour. 2187.

Love's prayer. 3212.

De Leon (W.) Campus (The) 2340. Delibes (C. P. L.) Passepied du Roi s'amuse. 2502.

Delius (F.):

An meines herzens königin. 2139.
Ciel est par dessus le toit. 2407.
Heimkehr. 2838.

Il pleure dans mon coeur. 2969.
Indisches liebeslied. 3010.
Liebesphilosophie. 3150.

Lune blanche. 3226.

Romeo und Julia auf dem dorfe. 3709.

Delmarter (J. E.) To the front.

[blocks in formation]

Denney (H.)

4380 (104).

Chimes novelty rag.

Denny (F.) Jacob's vision. 3042. D'Entremont (H. L.) Songs I heard

in childhood. 3903.

Deprez (D. A.)
Desai (U. L.)
Desmoulins (R.)
De Vere (J.)

see me now.

4 cantiques. 2507. Hindu music.

2858. Cacaouette. 2332. If mother could only 2961.

De Von (F.) She's my little Katy Murphy in dear old Killarney. 3840. Diederich (A.) Longing for the highlands. 3185.

Diehl (A.) Bride of the mistletoe. 2307.

pt. III, n. s., v. 6

Dillon (W.):

I thought it was what I thought it was. 2933.

Keep it up. 3080.

Eastman (-) Every page in memory's album holds a picture, dear, of you. 2620.

Ebbets (L.) Broadway forever. 2309.

Ditson (G.) Antlers march. 4380 Eberhard (E.) Course of studies of (92).

[blocks in formation]

Grand conservatory of music of the city of N. Y. 4380 (19). Ebert-Buchheim (E.): Barcarolle. 2224.

[blocks in formation]

When a heart's behind a kiss. 4267.

Whoa, Nance. 4310.

Edwards (G.) Comet and the earth. 2435.

Edwards (H. J.) Gique fantastique. 2721.

Edwards (L.) When you dream of the girl you love. 4380 (176). Ehlers (C.) Flotte burschen. 2668. Ehrenfechter (C. A.) Hunting galop. 2880.

Elardo (J. W.) What do you wish me little girl to say. 4260.

El Cota. Cherry leaf rag. 4380 (103). Eldridge (H. C.) Midsummer eve. 3328.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Sancta Maria. 3762.
Song of glory.
Faust. 2778-2780.
Fearis (J. S.):

Chicago. 2387.

Dancing stars. 2480.

God is our refuge and strength. 2751.

Tell me again. 4017.

Ferdinand (L. J.) Zampa. 4366.

Ferrara (B.) Studio (Lo) del violino. 3949.

Ferrari (G.) Vaggsång. 4152.

Ferrata (G.) Scherzino. 2644.

Ferrell (C. W.) In rabbit time. 2999. Fijan (A.):

· Parfums d'amour.


Vers la soixantaine. 4185. Filippucci (E.) Roseraie (La) 3733. Fille de regiment. 2528. Fillmore (F. A.)


Oh clap your hands.

Finch (C. A.) Buccaneer.

4380 (99).

Fink (H.) Schattenspiele. 3777. Fischel (M. I.) Double stop scale. 2539.

Fischer (B.):

Falsche schätzlein. 2633.
Lied (Das) 3153.

Fischer (B. E.)

Dancing. 2476.

Fischer (C. E.)

Nellie Gray. 3417.

Fischer (Fritz):

[blocks in formation]

Fischer (Fred) That's going some for you. 4029.

Fitzgibbon (-) Frisco rag. 2688.
Flagstad (M.) Clara. 2412.

Flam (R.) Frosch-polka. 2691. Fleischmann (0.) Nocturno für flöte und waldhorn. 3436.

Fletcher (J.) Our glad hosannas. 3526.

Fletcher P. E.)

north. 2518.

Dialect songs of the

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