Consumer Energy Act of 1974: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, First [and Second] Session[s] ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1973 - 2156 lappuses

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1767. lappuse - But even if appellee's activity be local and though it may not be regarded as commerce, it may still, whatever its nature, be reached by Congress if it exerts a substantial economic effect on interstate commerce and this irrespective of whether such effect is what might at some earlier time have been defined as "direct
1767. lappuse - The power of Congress over interstate commerce is not confined to the regulation of commerce among the states. It extends to those activities intrastate which so affect interstate commerce or the exercise of the power of Congress over it as to make regulation of them appropriate means to the attainment of a legitimate end, the exercise of the granted power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.
1823. lappuse - Rights-of-way through the submerged lands of the outer Continental Shelf, whether or not such lands are included in a lease maintained or issued pursuant to this Act, may be granted by the Secretary for pipeline purposes...
1824. lappuse - ... lands in the vicinity of the pipeline in such proportionate amounts as the Federal Power Commission, in the case of gas, and the Interstate Commerce Commission, in the case of oil, may.
1824. lappuse - Clearly, these requirements have no relation to public safety or order in the use of motor vehicles upon the highways, or to the collection of compensation for the use of the highways.
1408. lappuse - May adopt and use a corporate seal, which shall be judicially noticed.
1672. lappuse - Tennessee Valley Authority— a corporation clothed with the power of government but possessed of the flexibility and initiative of a private enterprise.
1824. lappuse - Failure to comply with the provisions of this section or the regulations and conditions prescribed thereunder shall be ground for forfeiture of the grant in an appropriate judicial proceeding instituted by the United States in any United States district court having jurisdiction under the provisions of section 4 (b) of this Act.
1824. lappuse - Commission, in the case of oil, may, after a full hearing with due notice thereof to the interested parties, determine to be reasonable, taking into account, among other things, conservation and the prevention of waste. Failure to comply with the provisions of this section or the regulations and conditions prescribed...
1771. lappuse - Adjudicative facts usually answer the questions of who did what, where, when, how, why, with what motive or intent...

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