Television Booster Stations: Hearings Before a Subcommittee ... Eighty-sixth Congress, Second Session, on S. 1886, an Act to Amend the Communications Act of 1934 with Respect to Certain Rebroadcasting Activities. June 6 and 7, 1960

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Considers S. 1886, to authorize FCC to waive operator's license and construction permit requirements in the case of booster stations engaged solely in rebroadcasting television signals.

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56. lappuse - In reaching its decision on the rules of general applicability which are proposed herein, the Commission may also take Into account other relevant information before it, in addition to the specific comments invited by this notice.
33. lappuse - The actual operation of all transmitting apparatus in any radio station for which a station license is required by this Act shall be carried on only by a person holding an operator's license issued hereunder, and no person shall operate any such apparatus in...
62. lappuse - Posting of station and operators licenses, (a) The station license and any other instrument of authorization or individual order concerning the construction of the equipment or manner of operation shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the room in which the transmitter is located so that all terms thereof are visible...
3. lappuse - CARS stations, if the Commission finds that the public Interest, convenience, and necessity would be served by such action.
60. lappuse - If a manual adjustment is provided to compensate for different average signal intensities, provision shall be made for determining the. proper setting for the control and if improper adjustment of the control could result in improper operation, a label shall be affixed at the adjustment control bearing a suitable warning.
95. lappuse - Will you please come forward and identify yourself for the record? STATEMENT OF MARTIN H.
63. lappuse - The licensed operator on duty and in charge of a broadcast transmitter may, at the discretion of the licensee, be employed for other duties or for the operation of another station or stations in accordance with the class of operator's license which he holds and the rules and regulations governing such stations. However, such duties shall in no wise interfere with the operation of the broadcast transmitter.
57. lappuse - VHF translator or on an adjacent channel, which occurs as the result of the operation of the translator. Interference will be considered to occur whenever reception of a regularly used signal is impaired by the signals radiated by the translator, regardless of the...
18. lappuse - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The CHAIRMAN. The next witness is our colleague from North Carolina, the Honorable Alton Lennon.
57. lappuse - If the interference cannot be promptly eliminated by the application of suitable techniques, operation of the offending translator shall be suspended and shall not be resumed until the Interference has been eliminated. If the complainant refuses to permit the translator licensee to apply remedial techniques which demonstrably will eliminate the interference without Impairment of the original reception, the licensee of the translator Is absolved oí further responsibility.

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