Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

ARTS, power of congress to promote, 57.
ARTIFICERS in armories and arsenals, p.

ARTILLERY and ordnance department,
p. 633.

ASSAULT, of mail driver, 2603-felo-
nious, 2664-on ambassadors, 2630.
ASSAYER, of the mint, p. 590.

ASSAYS, of coin to be made, when, how,
p. 590.

ASSIGNEES, Suit by in courts of U. S. p..
125, note.

ATTAINDER, no bill of, shall be passed,
art. 84.

ATTACHMENT, for contempt against wit-
ness, p. 169, note. Against garnishees
in suit by United States against corpo-
rations, art. 297. Foreign attachment
in United States courts, p. 128, note.
ATTORNEY general, 374. Duty of, 375.
Salary of, 376. Clerk of, 377. TO
advise with solicitor of treasury, 258.
ATTORNEYS, district, appointment of,
378, 379. Term of, 128. Salaries of,
379. Compensation to, 380. TO
conform to instructions of solicitor of
treasury, 298. To instructions of au-


ditor of post-office, 394. To report
suits for U. S. to solicitor of treasury,
252, 253,254.

and counsellors, of supreme court,
p. 156.

AUDITORS, in treasury department. For-
bidden to trade in certain matters, 157,
Duties of, p. 46. Of post-office de-
partment, duties of, 222 to 227.

salaries of, art. 228.
AUSTRIA, treaty with, 279.

vessels and commerce,duties on, p. 479.
AUTHENTICATION of public records, 639.
of copies from office books, 639.

BAGGAGE, exempt from duty, art. 1683.

excessive not to be required, art. 82.
in criminal cases by whom taken, &c.

clerks of district court may take, 624.
commissioners of 625.
fees for taking,

in suits and prosecutions for duties
and penalties, 626.


defendant liberated on,
when, having taken benefit of in-
solvent laws, p. 166, note.

proceedings of, when defendant is af-
terward arrested, 167, note.
principal surrendered by, to be de-
tained, 627.

fees of marshal, ib.

in discharge of, defendant imprisoned
by civil authority of state, may not
be brought up by habeas corpus,
167, note.

BALTIMORE, port duty on tonnage, 1798.
BANKS, deposite, see treasury, and see
pages 34, 35, 36, &c.

RANK NOTES, what receivable in pay-
ment to U. S., art. 164, 2146.

secretary of treasury agent of U. S.
with, 197.

to obtain statement from, 198.
receive dividends from, 199.
BANKRUPTCY, powers of congress rela-
tive to, 54, see p. 17, note.

consuls to, salaries of, 467.
shall not expend moneys unauthorized,


restriction on trade of, 469.
treaty with Tripoli, p. 256.
Tunis, 260.

Morocco, 264. Appendix A. No. 13.
BEACONS-Buors. See light-houses.
BEER, PORTER and ALE, importation of,
regulated, art. 2031.

BELGIUM, vessels and cargoes, duty on,
art. 1702.
BELLIGERENT, property of, may be re-
stored by courts of United States,
when, p. 108, note.

BENEFIT OF CLERGY, not allowed, art.

BILL of attainder not to be passed, 72.
BILLS of credit, no state shall emit, 84.
BODY OF CONVICT, may be ordered for
dissection, art. 2685.

penalty for rescue, 2686.


of certain officers may be increased by
president, 129.

not impaired by dismissal of officers,

CARRIAGES, importations in, 2025.

on land and water, power of congress
relative to, art. 60.

jurisdiction of courts in case of, art.
572, &c.

CASTING away ships fraudulently, bow
punished, art. 2653.

vessels and commerce of, duties on,
p. 479.

treaty with, p. 275.

of secretary of senate and house of re- CERTIORARI. See Court.

presentatives, art. 91.

of consuls, 464.

of clerks of courts, 608.

of marshals, 610, 616.
of officers of mint, 2109.

of postmasters, 398.

of officers of the pay and commissary
departments, 2259-2266.

Revenue. Of revenue officers, see

for duties when sued, collector to re-
port to solicitor of the treasury,
250, 251.

relating to post-office, &c., how made,

Books, copy-right, p. 601. See copy-

and writings, courts of United States,
may compel production of, in evi-
dence, 481.


to soldier on enlistment, 1329.
in land, p. 381, 643.

to seamen, art. 2580.

on exportation of fish, p. 448.
lands. See Public Domain.

BRANDY, entry of, &c., 2032, &c.

BRASS and manufactures of, duty on,
p. 470, 473.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

to deposite moneys in bank, 92.

to contract for printing, to report per-
sons employed by him and his ex-
penditure, 92, 93, 94, 96.
compensation to, 97.
compensation of, 97.

to publish statement of appropriations
and certain offices, 98.

clerks in office. See the respective

Of Courts. See p. 157.

to report judgments to solicitor of
treasury, 302.

to make reports relative to suits to so-
licitor of treasury, 254.

Of Supreme Court,-

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[blocks in formation]

for lands, 2145.

assay of, art. 42, see p. 590.

COMMERCE.- Continued.

no preference to be given to one state
over another in, 74.
statistical accounts of, 238, 239.

of officers, when complete, p. 26, note.
may be arrested, when, ib.

of revenue, how and where made out,
where recorded, 130.
when forfeited, 295.
COMMISSION for taking testimony, 637.
COMMISSIONER OF Revenue, certain dutie
of transferred to solicitor of treasury'
244, 249.

what, a legal tender, assays of, 2143, COMMISSIONER OF PENSIONS, duty, salary,

2144, appendix A, No. 11.

to be recoined, when, 2141.
counterfeiting or abasing, p. 732
Of United States, gold and silver, see mint.
p. 590.

copper, what, current, 2142-how distri -
buted, 2131--no state to make, art. 84.
debasement of-forgery of-import-
ing base, see p. 732.

of duties. See revenue.
districts. See revenue.
COLLECTORS-of customs. See revenue,

term of office of, art. 128, see p. 541.
COLOMBIA, treaty with, p. 267; peace and
amity, 955; mutual intercourse, duties,
commercial privileges, 956, &c.; ves-
sels not to be detained without in-
demnification, 959; seeking asylum, to
be protected, 960; vessels, &c. cap-
tured by pirates, to be returned, 961;
shipwreck, 962; property may be dis-
posed of by testament, 963; protection
of persons and property, resort to legal
tribunals, 964; liberty of conscience,
burial of the dead, 965; foreign com-
mission not to be accepted, 975; war
between parties, debts, &c. not to be
confiscated, 976; parties to have pri-
vileges of the most favoured nations,
978; deserters from ships to be appre-
hended, 981; duration of, infringement
of, 983; liberty of commerce, free
ships to make free goods, 966; neutral
property on board enemy's vessels,
967; contraband, 968; blockade, 970;
visitation at sea, 971; passports, 972;
prize courts, 974; consuls, 979; con-
sular convention to be formed, 982;
tonnage duty, 984, and see p. 481.
COLUMBIA-district of, congress may lay
taxes, &c. on 62; collection districts in,
p. 526.


of subsistence, of purchases, commis-
sary. See army, and 639.
of purchases, term of office, 128.

congress may regulate, art. 54; pro-
visions relating to imports, p. 390.
foreign, secretary of treasury to ob-
tain statements of, art. 191.


to take bail and affidavits, 625, 626.
of pension fund, p. 713.

of land office, p. 67.

lished, p. 72. See Indians.
COMMON LAW. See p. 106.
COMPENSATION. See titles of the several
officers who receive-not to be paid
to officer in arrear to United States,


of the treasury, p. 45; restrictions on,
as to trade, 157.
duties of, 203.
salary of, 202, &c.

to make certain reports, &c. to solicitor
of treasury, art. 248.

duty of, in proceedings against debtors
of United States, p. 59, &c.


members of, to take oath, to support
constitution, art. 45.

not liable to impeachment, art. 23.
how composed, art. 11.

senate, how constituted, art. 12, 13-
member of, how qualified, art. 14.
house of representatives, how consti-
tuted, art. 19.

members, how qualified, art. 20.
apportionment of representatives and
direct taxes, 21.

number of representatives from each
state, &c. 22.

vacancies in, how supplied, 23.
speaker of-power of impeachment, 24.
to originate money bills, 25.
delegate in, when and for what term
elected, power of, art. 26.

members of, time, place, &c. of elec-
tion, 27.

may alter regulations for election of
its members, art. 27.
shall meet, when, art. 28.

president may convene, at other than
usual places of sitting, when, 29.
each house of, judge of the qualifica-
tions, elections, and returns of its
members-quorum of, 30.

adjournment of, 30, 36.

may compel attendance of members, 30.



may determine rules, punish disorderly
behaviour, and expel a member,
art. 31.

presiding officers, and committee of,
may administer oaths, 32.
shall keep à journal, in what manner,
shall publish, 33.

journals of, to be distributed, 34, 35.
members of, compensation to, art. 37,
38, 39, 40.

privileged from arrest, when, art. 37.
shall not be questioned for speech
or debate, art. 37.
restriction on members from holding

office, 41-on making contracts with
government, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47.
printing of, how done, art. 48-prices
of, 49-printer, when and how elect-
ed, 50.

general powers of, p. 10.

when exclusive, p. 10, note.
to lay taxes, pay debts, art. 51.
to borrow money, 52.

to regulate commerce, 53.

do not extend to state inspection
laws, &c. p. 11, note.

to lay an unlimited embargo, ib.
to establish uniform rules of natural-
ization and laws on bankruptcy,
art. 54.

to coin money, &c. to fix standard
of weights and measures, 54.
to provide punishment for counter-
feiting, 55.

in relation to post offices, and roads,


in relation to promotion of science
and arts, 57.

to constitute tribunals inferior to
supreme court, 58.

relative to piracies and felonies, art.

to war, &c. art. 60, 61.

to legislate over territories ceded
to, art. 61, see note.

to determine the time of choosing
electors, 63.

relative to treason, 64.

to state acts, records, &c. 65.
to admission of new states, 66.
to territories of United States, 67.
to amendments of constitution,
art. 69.

to make laws to give effect to the
powers vested by the constitu-
tion, art. 69.

to inflict punishment, in cases not
provided for by the constitution
-to exact oath of office-to pun-
ish larceny of letters from post
office; p. 13, note.

to create corporations, ib.
to secure priority of payment to
United States, ib.

to punish breach of privilege and
contempt against it, ib.

[blocks in formation]

abridge freedom of speech, or the
press, ib.

infringe the rights to bear arms, 78.
restriction on, as to taxes, 74.

not to grant title of nobility, 76.
franking privilege of, 447, 451.
officers of, art. 89.

librarian of-library of, 100.
may fix rules for promotions and ap-
pointments, p. 26, note.

president shall give information to,
recommend measures to, convene,
may adjourn, art. 131.

state of, number of representatives
from, 22; circuit court for, 508;
district court for, 543; collection dis-
tricts in, p. 517.

CONSOLIDATION of suits, 630.

of the United States established-the
purpose thereof, art. 1.
debts, and contracts before adoption,
of, valid, under, art. 2.

laws and treaties made in pursuance

of, supreme law, art. 3.

acts of congress and state laws void,
when repugnant to, note, p. 1, note.
cotemporary exposition fixes construc-
tion of, ib.

oath to support, by whom, when, how
taken, art. 5, 6, 7.

amendments to, how made, art. 69.
state powers, how affected by, p. 15,


enumeration of powers in, effect of, 83.
powers not granted by, reserved, 83.
see appendix A, No. 14.

of United States, went into operation
when, p. 17, note.

CONSPIRACY to destroy vessels, 2668.
CONSULS. p. 101, may receive protests and
give copies, 459; may receive and ad-
minister estates of decedents, when,
how, 460; shall protect vessels strand-
ed, 462; ships papers to be deposited
with-when, where, 463; duties of, in
relation to seamen, 1487; to give bond,
464; giving false certificate of pro-
perty, 465; of persons, 466; on Bar-
bary coast, salary of, 466; not to pay
money unauthorized by law, 468; shall
not own vessels trading with Barbary,
469; to transmit accounts, 470; power
of, not affected by certain specifica-
tions, 471; fees of, 472; shall give re-


ceipts, 473; allowance to, at London
and Paris, appendix A, No. 9.
CONSULS FOREIGN, to have custody of
ship's papers, &c. art. 1415, &c.
courts, president.

See congress,

of court, courts may punish, 482.
of congress, p. 13, note.

CONTINGENT EXPENSES, heads of depart-
ments to report to congress, 271.

public, members of congress not to be
concerned in, 41, &c.

for military and naval service, by whom
and how made, 263, 264; annual
statement of all, to be made to con-
gress, 265; by secretary of state,
treasury, war, navy, when and how
made, 266.

to be deposited in comptroller's office,

agents for making, 269; to give bond,

advance of money on, 271.

with post office, how made, 393.
maritime, jurisdiction of district court
in, p. 145, note.

states shall not pass laws impairing,

art. 84.

[blocks in formation]


suits against, by United States, art.
296, &c.

not citizens, p. 126, note.

with the enemy, 2352.

illegal, with foreign government, 2493.
CORRUPTING, or influencing jurors, pun-
ishment for, 2627.
CORRUPTION, of blood, art. 2683.

in circuit courts, when not allowed, p.
178, note; in actions against several
parties, who might be joined,
in case of several libels which might
be joined, art. 647; on several libels
against cargo, &c. seized for same
cause, ib. in case of discontinuance
of suit by informer, 648; on affirm-
ance of judgment and decree by su-
preme court, 649; are of course,
when-on reversal of judgment—
on dismissal of writ of error-of
printed case-United States never


pay-security for, when required-
proceedings by clerk to recover-
each party bound to pay, what, p.
178, note; counsel fees allowed, as,
when, p. 179, note; upon conviction,
by whom paid, art. 2681; claimant of
vessel seized by United States, costs,
by, art. 647; attorney multiplying
vexatiously, 630; on writ of error,
648, and seq.

in criminal cases, 2681.
COTTON, manufactures of, duty on, p. 469.
wool, duty on, art. 1626.

COUNTERFEITING, United States' securi-
ties and coin, &c. congress may pun-
ish, 55; punishment for, &c. see p.

see judiciary, power of congress rela-
tive to, 58.

martial, see army rules and regula-
tions, passim, p. 652; see navy rules
and regulations, passim.

of inquiry, see army, p. 652.
navy, p. 685.

in the army, art. 2348.

in the navy, 2489.
CREDITS, for duties, art. 1703.
CREDITORS, of United States, remedies
for, 305.

CRIMINAL, jurisdiction of courts, see


power of congress to punish, 59.
provision relative to persons accused
of, 81.

common law jurisdiction in criminal
cases, art. 2583.

constitutional provisions relating to
crimes, ib.

offences against the state, p. 720.
treason, what, art. 2584-punishment
of, 2585-indictment for, p. 749.
misprison of treason-definition of
offence-punishment of, 2586.
criminal relations with and against fo-
Offences against revenue laws, p. 580.
reign powers, p. 722.
Offence against the post-office acts, p. 725.
Offences relating to public documents, p.


Offences relating to the currency of the
United States, p. 732.

Offences in hinderance of justice, p. 734.
Offences against national law, p.735. Su-
ing out, or issuing process against am-
bassador, &c. 2628. Punishment for,
Larceny of Public Property, 2631.
2629. Violating safe conduct, 2630.
Bribery of Directors Bank United States,
art. 2632.
Extortion, punishment for, p. 738.
Perjury-what-how punished, p. 737.
Offences against individuals, p. 738.

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