European Economic and Political Issues, 7. sējums

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Frank H. Columbus
Nova Science Publishers, Incorporated, 2003 - 214 lappuses
Vexing issues concerning internal and external change challenge Europe as it tries hard to regroup, reform and refocus. This series is intended to present an ongoing forum to stimulate discussion of these issues. Table of Contents: Preface; Broadband Communications in the European Union: Myths and Realities; Important but not Pervasive: The Shared Limits of Secondary Law in the Common Markets of Europe and South America; Democracy in the European Union; Can Mainstreaming Save EU Social Policy?; The Cases of Gender, Disability and Elderly Policy; Constructing Equality in Europe: The Case of Women's Rights in Italy and the UK; On the Problems of Home Country Control; Measuring the Cost of Increasing Inequality; Approaching the Endgame: Polish Public Opinion and the Changing Euro-Debate in the Run up to the 2003 EU Accession Referendum; Austria: Exceptionalism, Myth and Pariah; The Amsterdam CFSP Components: A Lowest Common Denominator Agreement?; Index.

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The Shared Limits
Democracy in the European Union
Can Mainstreaming Save EU Social Policy?

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