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II. Inhaltsverzeichniss, nach den Ursprungsländern der Actenstücke alphabetisch geordnet.

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Amerika, Vereinigte Staaten von.

Bündnisse, Verträge etc.:

1871. Dec. 11. No. 4632. Engl.-Amerikan. Differenzen:

1871. Mai 8. No. 4625. China.

Bündnisse, Verträge etc.:

1872. Sept. 2. No. 4626. Deutsches Reich.

Bündnisse, Verträge etc.; 1871. Dec. 11. No. 4632. 1872. Jan. 11. 4631.

12, 4630.
Febr. 7. 4629.

14. 4627.
März 2. 4636.
April 19. 4628.
Mai 14. 4633.

1871. Juni 20. No. 4653.

26. 4654.

28. 4655. Juli 1. 4656.

17. 4657. 18. 4658. 21. 4659.

29. 4660. Aug. 4. 4661.

5. 4662. 11. 4663. 15. 4664. 14. 4665. 21. 4666.

22. 4667. Sept. 21. 4668.

8. 4669. 13. 4670. 18.

4671. 18. 4672. 26. 4673.

26. 4674. Oct. 21. 4675.

29. 4676. Nov. 1. 4677.

2. 4678. 3. 4679.

30. 4680. Dec. 8. 4681.

11. 4682. 1872. Jan. 5. 4683.

8. 4684. 9. 4685. 14. 4686. 19. 4687. 19. 4688. 20. 4689. 22. 4690. 24.


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26 14. 4634.
Juni 11. 4647.

19. 4648.

1872. April 25. No. 4637.
Mai 1. 4638.

2. 4639,

14. 4640. 4641. Juni 24.

4646. Juli 4. 4642.

5. 4644.

8. 4643. England.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.:

1872. Mai 14. No. 4631. Engl.-franz. Handelsvertrag: 1871. Juni 13. No. 4651.

15. 4652.







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Franz.-engl. Handelsvertrag: 1871. Juni 13 – 1872. Nov. 5.

No. 4651—4735 s.: England. Italien.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.:

1872. Febr. 7. No. 4629. Kirchenfrage:

1872. Juni 16. No. 4645. Luxemburg.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.: 1872. Juni 11. No. 4647.

19, 4648. Oesterreich-Ungarn.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.:

1872. Sept. 2. No, 4626. Niederlande.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.:

1872. Jan. 11. No. 4631. Portugal.

Bündnisse, Conventionen eto. : 1872. März 2. No. 4636.

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1875. Jan. 24. No. 4692.

26. 4693. 26. 4694.

4695. 28. 4696. 28.

4697. 29. 4698. 29. 4699. 30. 4700. 30. 4701.

30. 4702. Febr. 1. 4703. 2. 4704.


4706. 3. 4707. 5. 4708. 9. 4709. 9. 4710. 9. 4711. 10. 4712. 13. 4713. 14. 4714. 15. 4715. 16. 4716. 17. 4717. 20. 4718. 24. 4719.

24. 4720. März 1. 4721.

2. 4722. 3. 4723. 8. 4724. 8. 4725. 13. 4726. 15. 4727.

15. 4728. 1872. März 18. No. 4729.

18. 4730. 19. 4731. 23. 4732. 25. 4733.

25. 4734.

Nov. 5. 4735. Frankreich.

Bündnisse, Conventionen etc.: 1872. Febr. 14. No. 4627.

Juni 29. 4635.

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[Inhaltsangabe. – Sitzungen der „Joint High Commission“ zu Washington im Frühjahr 1871. Die zur Alabama-Frage gehörigen Abschnitte aus dem 36. Protokoll dieser „Commission“ und aus dem Vertrag von Washington vom 8. Mai 1871. Der „Case“ und die Beilagen werden dem Schiedsgericht zugestellt.)

Nr. 4625. Ver. Staat., ,,Case" von

In the spring of the present year (1871) five Commissioners on the part of Great Britain and five Commissioners on the part of the United States of America met at Washington in a body, which, when organized, was known as 1871–72. the Joint High Commission, in order to discuss, and, if possible, to arrange for, the adjustment of several causes of difference between the two Powers. Among the subjects which were brought before that body by the United States were “the differences which arose during the rebellion in the United States, and which have existed since then, growing out of the acts committed by the several vessels, which have given rise to the claims generically known as the Alabama Claims." 2

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i Auf dem Titelblatt des betr. Blaubuchs lautet es vollständiger: “The Case of the United States, laid before the Tribunal of Arbitration to be convened at Geneva under the Provisions of the Treaty between the United States of America and Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, concluded at Washington, May 8, 1871."

[Anm. d. Herausg.] 2 Mr. Fish to Sir Edward Thornton, January 30, 1871, Vol. VI, page 16.

Staatsarchiv XXII.


Nr. 4625. Yer. Staat.,

(Hier folgt das 36. Protokoll der Joint High Commission, bis zu der Ueber„Case" von schrift „Art. XII.—XVII.“; dasselbe hat das Staatsarchiv bereits als Nr. 4496 1871-72. (Juli- und August-Heft 1871) gebracht. Dann folgt in dem „Case" der Vertrag

von Washington, bis Art. XI. einschl.; dieser Vertrag ward als Nr. 4497 (in
demselben Heft) abgedruckt: wir geben daraus hier die in den „Cases“ oft an-
geführten „three rules“]:

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“In deciding the matters submitted to the Arbitrators they shall be govern-
ed by the following three Rules, which are agreed upon by the High Contracting
Parties as Rules to be taken as applicable to the case, and by such principles
of international law, not inconsistent therewith, as the Arbitrators shall deter-
mine to have been applicable to the case: || Rules. | “A neutral Government
is bound - "First, to use due diligence to prevent the fitting out, arming, or
equipping, within its jurisdiction, of any vessel which it has reasonable ground
to believe is intended to cruize or to carry on war against a Power with which
it is at peace; and also to use like diligence to prevent the departure from its
jurisdiction, of any vessel intended to cruize or carry on war as above, such
vessel having been specially adapted, in whole or in part, within such juris-
diction, to warlike use. || “Secondly, not to permit or suffer either belligerent to
make use of its ports or waters as the base of naval operations against the
other, or for the purpose of the renewal or augmentation of military supplies
or arms, or the recruitment of men. || “Thirdly, to exercise due diligence in its
own ports and waters, and, as to all persons within its jurisdiction, to prevent
any violation of the foregoing obligations and duties. || “Her Britannic Majesty
has commanded Her High Commissioners and Plenipotentiaries to declare that
Her Majesty's Government cannot assent to the foregoing Rules as a statement
of principles of international law which were in force at the time when the
claims mentioned in Article I arose, but that Her Majesty's Government,
order to evince its desire of strengthening the friendly relations between the
two countries, and of making satisfactory provision for the future, agrees that,
in deciding the questions between the two countries arising out of those claims,
the Arbitrators should assume that Her Majesty's Government had undertaken
to act upon the principles set forth in these Rules. || “And the High Contracting
Parties agree to observe these Rules as between themselves in future, and to
bring them to the knowledge of other maritime Powers, and to invite them to
accede to them.

. In accordance with the provisions of Article III of the Treaty, the
United States have the honour to lay before the Tribunal of Arbitration this
their “Printed Case," accompanied by the documents, the official correspondence,
and other evidence on which they rely ·

... Lastly, they will endeavour to satisfy the Tribunal of Arbitration that it can find, in the testimony which will be offered by the United States,


ample material for estimating the amount of such injuries, and they will ask the Nr. 4625. Tribunal to exercise the powers conferred upon it by Article VII of the Treaty, „Case" pon in awarding "a sum in gross, to be paid by Great Britain to the United States, 1871 – 72. for all the claims referred to."

In April, 1869, the President communicated to the Senate a mass of official correspondence and other papers 'relating to those claims, which was printed in five volumes. These, and two additional volumes, containing further correspondence, evidence, and documents, accompany this case. The whole will form "the documents, the official correspondence, and the other evidence on which (the United States) rely,” which is called for by Article III of the Treaty. Reference will be made throughout this paper to these volumes thus: “Vol. I, page 1,” &c., &c., &c. The United States understand, however, that they may, under the terms of the Treaty, present hereafter "additional documents, correspondence, and evidence," and they reserve the right to do so.


The unfriendlg course pursued by Great Britain toward the United States

from the outbreak to the close of the Insurrection.

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[Inhaltsangabe. Beziehungen der Ver. Staaten zu Grossbritannien vor 1860. Freundliche Beziehungen der beiden Regierungen im Jahre 1860. Die Lage der Ver! Staaten 1860. Wahl Lincoln's. Abfall der südlichen Staaten. Amtsantritt Lincoln's. Lincoln unterrichtet die englische Regierung von seinen Absichten. Lord John Russell verspricht die Ankunft des Gesandten Adams abzuwarten, bevor er handelt. Die Uebergabe des Fort Sumter. Die Insurgenten erklären, Kaperbriefe ausgeben zu wollen. — Lincoln procla mirt die Blockade der südlichen Häfen. Zweck dieser Blockade. – England fordert Frankreich zu gemeinsamem Handeln auf. – Die Meinung der englischen Kronjuristen wird auf Grund einer mangelhaften Copie der Proclamation Lincoln's eingeholt. – Unterhandlungen Englands in Paris. - Neutralitäts proclamation Englands. – Der Publicist Rolin-Jaequemyns über die englische Proclamation. Unterhandlungen Englands und Frankreichs mit den Insurgenten, in illoyaler Weise geführt. Sie betreffen das Seerecht. Hierüber wird gleichzeitig zwischen England und den Ver. Staaten unterhandelt; jedoch fruchtlos.]

The new Government took an early opportunity to inform the British Government of its purposes. 1 On the 9th of March, four days after the instalment of Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Dallas, the Minister of the United States at London, was instructed to communicate to Lord Russell the Inaugural Address of the

1 Seward to Dallas, Vol. I, page 8.

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