Analytical and Topical Index to the Reports of the Chief of Engineers and Officers of the Corps of Engineers, United States Army, 1866-1900 ..., 3. sējums

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903

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1656. lappuse - That the Secretary of War may cause proceedings to be instituted, in the name of the United States, in any court having jurisdiction of such proceedings, for the acquirement by condemnation of any land, right of way, or material needed to enable him to maintain, operate or prosecute works for the improvement of rivers and harbors for which provision has been made by law; such proceedings to be prosecuted in accordance with the laws relating to suits for the condemnation of property of the States...
1658. lappuse - Provided, That no person shall be arrested without process for any offense not committed in the presence of some one of the aforesaid...
1659. lappuse - States to resume possession of such lands, it being declared that all such rights shall continue to be held by the United States in trust for the people of any State or States which may hereafter be erected out of said District. The term "navigable waters...
1657. lappuse - Directed to forward to Congress, to accompany his annual report, a report of all inspections made by the inspection department of the Army as to the necessity, economy, and propriety of all disbursements made by disbursing officers of the Army; also whether tbe disbursing officers of the Army comply with the law In keeping their accounts and making their deposits.
1376. lappuse - March 3, 1885, a board, to consist of the officers and civilians hereinafter named, is appointed to "examine and report at what ports fortifications or other defenses are most urgently required, the character and kind of defenses best adapted for each, with reference to armament," and "the utilization of torpedoes, mines, or other defensive appliances:
1616. lappuse - Congress at its last session appropriated five thousand dollars "to enable the Chief of Engineers of the Army to continue the examination of the subject and to make or secure designs, calculations, and estimates for a memorial bridge from the most convenient point of the Naval Observatory grounds, or adjacent thereto, across the Potomac River to the most convenient point of the Arlington estate property.
1662. lappuse - That all wrecks of vessels and other obstructions to the navigation of any port, roadstead, harbor, or navigable river, or other navigable waters of the United States, which may have been permitted by the owners thereof or the parties by whom they were caused to remain to the injury of commerce and navigation for a longer period than two months, shall be subject to be broken up and removed by the Secretary of War, without liability for any damage to the owners of the same.
1661. lappuse - That after the regular or formal report on any examination, survey, project, or work under way or proposed is submitted, no supplemental or additional report or estimate for the same fiscal year shall be made unless ordered by a concurrent resolution of Congress.
1656. lappuse - ... such works are situated in the same region and are of the same kind or character.
1660. lappuse - Printer on or before the 15th day of October in each year, and the Public Printer shall cause said reports to be printed with an accurate and comprehensive index thereof, on or before the first Monday in December in each year, for the use of Congress.

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