Proceedings, 7-9. sējumi

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Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1858

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157. lappuse - ... votes of the members present, and in case of an equal division of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member of the committee.
57. lappuse - A WEIGHT of awe, not easy to be borne, Fell suddenly upon my Spirit — cast From the dread bosom of the unknown past, When first I saw that family forlorn.
75. lappuse - Taxation,) if the value of the ninth amounted to as much as the tax, and to levy more where the true value of the ninth should be found to exceed the tax ; but should the value of the ninth be less than the...
4. lappuse - He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn. 25 But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid arose: 26 And the fame hereof went abroad into all that land.
19. lappuse - HENRY, King of England, and Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Earl of Anjou...
8. lappuse - Two tunnels had been formed in the side of a hill ; they were wide at one extremity, but tapered off to a narrow bore at the other, where they met in a point. The mouths of the channels opened towards the west, from which quarter a prevalent wind blows in this valley, and sometimes with great violence ; and the blast received by them would, when the wind was high, be poured with considerable force and effect upon the smelting furnaces at the extremity of the tunnels.
103. lappuse - ... benefactors ; and the pillaged and powerless victims conclude with the declaration that " the aforesaid lands with their appurtenances we by these presents will warrant to our aforesaid lord the king, his heirs, and assigns, against all the world for ever. In witness whereof we the aforesaid Prior and Convent have caused our common seal to be affixed to these presents. Dated in our Chapter House of Taunton aforesaid, on the 12th day of the month of February, in the thirtieth year of the reign...
129. lappuse - Strata [MS. has stulta] manuque sibi detexit vulnus honesta. Inspexitque diu; tandemque redire salutem Posse sibi dixit, si secum tempore longo Esset, et ipsius vellet medicamine fungi.
122. lappuse - They are stated to be granted in consideration of good, true, and faithful service — we need not stay to surmise its nature — rendered by these dutiful adherents; and the somewhat dubious favour is added of permission to hold the property as fully, freely, and entirely as the late owners had done, and to enjoy it as much as they. Finally, that the lands were to be held by them as tenants in capite, by the service of a twentieth part of one knight's fee, and an annual rent of seventeen shillings...
21. lappuse - January, 1325-6, received assent on the llth, and was confirmed in hia office on the 23rd of the same month.§ The acceptance of the Prior elect and consent of the patron are thus recorded : — " To the venerable Father in Christ Lord John, by the grace of God Bishop of Bath and Wells, John, by permission of the same, Bishop of Winchester, health and continual increase of mutual brotherhood in the Lord. The Conventual Church of blessed Peter of Tanton, of your diocese and our patronage, being lately...

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