Annual Report of the Superintendent Of...

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Department of Public Instruction, 1867

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41. lappuse - ... and the child might be put to school at his expense. Once in every year the examination should be renewed, with a gradually extending range of subjects, so as to make the universal acquisition, and what is more, retention, of a certain minimum of general knowledge virtually compulsory.
58. lappuse - ... good moral character. Each person so nominated, shall receive a certificate setting forth his name, age, health and character, and a duplicate of such certificate shall be immediately sent by mail, by the Superintendent, to the Secretary of the Board. 3.
172. lappuse - ... and forwarded to the office of the superintendent of public instruction on or before the first day of October of each year a report for the year ending the thirtieth of June preceding.
22. lappuse - ... the clear proceeds of all property that may accrue to the State by forfeiture or escheat, and all moneys •which may be paid as an equivalent for exemption from military duty, and the clear proceeds of all fines collected in the several counties for any breach of the penal laws...
11. lappuse - ... he does not feel and cannot assume, and the other closeness of attention and abstraction of thought, which he cannot give amid the multiplicity and variety of cares, — from one case of discipline to another, pressing on him at the same time, — he goes through the same circuit day after day, with a dizzy brain and aching heart, and brings his school to a close with a feeling, that with all his diligence and fidelity, he has accomplished but little good.
58. lappuse - Board. 3. Upon the presentation of such certificate to the President of a Normal School, the candidate shall be examined under the 'direction of said President in the branches required by law for a third grade certificate, except history and theory and practice of teaching, and if found qualified to enter the Normal School in respect to learning, he may be admitted after furnishing such evidence as the President may require, of good health and good laoral character, and after subscribing the following...
58. lappuse - Schools, and in case vacancies exist in the representation to which any Assembly district is entitled, such vacancies may be filled by the President and Secretary of the Board of Regents. 2. Candidates for admission shall be nominated by the...
92. lappuse - University in all its departments and colleges, shall be open alike to male and female students ; and all able-bodied male students of the University, in whatever college, shall receive instruction and discipline in military tactics, the requisite arms for which shall be furnished by the State.
165. lappuse - The college of arts shall embrace courses of instruction in the mathematical, physical and natural sciences, with their applications to the industrial arts, such as agriculture, mechanics and engineering, mining and metallurgy, manufactures, architecture and commerce...
22. lappuse - The proceeds of all lands that have been or hereafter may be granted by the United States to this State, for the support of...

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