The Hitler Filmography: Worldwide Feature Film and Television Miniseries Portrayals, 1940 Through 2000

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McFarland & Company, 2002 - 293 lappuses
Adolf Hitler was arguably the most evil figure of the twentieth century. From the time his Nazi regime launched World War II to the present time, he has frequently been depicted on film. He was largely ridiculed at first, since laughter was a powerful weapon and morale booster for nations at war. Later representations were more somber and realistic, yet Hitler's image never escaped the undertone of scorn.

This filmography concentrates exclusively on portrayals of Hitler in feature films and television miniseries. Criteria for inclusion requires that Hitler be represented on screen by an actor. The filmography covers films with a factual historical storyline, fictional stories about Hitler (e.g., They Saved Hitler's Brain), alternate histories (e.g., Fatherland), parodies (e.g., Undercovers Hero), and films where actors playing Hitler have a cameo (e.g., Blazing Saddles). Each entry in the filmography provides production credits, an annotated cast list, an analysis and synopsis of the film, an evaluation of the actor playing Hitler in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of his portrayal, and a representative selection of quotations from the film.

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