Spaces of Globalization: Reasserting the Power of the Local

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Kevin R. Cox
Guilford Press, 1997. gada 29. marts - 292 lappuses
The "globalization of economic relations" hypothesis is becoming more prominent in everyday social science and public affairs. As multinational and transnational corporations continue to grow, goods, services and money become increasingly mobile. Advocates of the hypothesis claim that this mobility creates forms of competition beyond the current nationally organized forms of a worker representation and state representation. Defined in this manner, globalization can be seen as a threat to welfare states, policies of full employment and national living standards.; examining the underlying assumptions of the globalization arguments, the authors investigate the changing relationships between the local and the global, the territorialization of economic life and the organization of labour.

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Globalization and Its Politics in Question
Territories Flows and Hierarchies in the Global Economy
Between the Global and the Local The Spatial Limits to Productive Capital
Strategic Localization The Myth of the Postnational Enterprise
The Informational Content of Financial Products and the Spatial Structure of the Global Finance Industry
Globalization and the Politics of Distribution A Critical Assessment
Neither Global nor Local Glocalization and the Politics of Scale
Labor as an Agent of Globalization and as a Global Agent
Social Democracy and External Constraints
Representation Unbound Globalization and Democracy
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Par autoru (1997)

Kevin R. Cox is Professor of Geography at The Ohio State University. His major interests are in the politics of local economic development and in social theory and geography. His books include Conflict, Power and Politics in the City and Location and Public Problems.

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