Senate Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Public Documents and Executive Documents: 14th Congress, 1st Session-48th Congress, 2nd Session and Special Session, 1. sējums

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120. lappuse - Lieutenant and you are your self to observe and follow such Orders and Instructions, as you shall from time to time receive from Me or...
24. lappuse - No person shall be prosecuted, tried, or punished for any offense, not capital, except as provided in section one thousand and forty-six, [referring to the revenue laws] unless the indictment is found, or the information is instituted within three years next after such offense shall have been committed.
3. lappuse - Service, or at any time, in consequence of wounds received in service, and shall leave a widow, or if no widow, a child, or children, under sixteen years of age ; such widow, or if no widow, such child, or children, shall be entitled to receive half the monthly pay...
8. lappuse - States, in all matters and proceedings, appertaining to suits in which the United States is a party, or interested, and cause them or either of them, to report to him from time to time, any information he may require in relation to the same.
xiv. lappuse - Congress by the former Secretary of the Treasury at the opening of its session in December last. These estimates, modified by the present Secretary so as to conform to present requirements, are now renewed, amounting to $32,436,764.98, and, having been transmitted to both Houses of Congress, are submitted for your consideration. There is also required by the Navy Department $2,003,861.24.
3. lappuse - ... receive half the monthly pay, to which the deceased was entitled at the time of his death, for and during the term of five years.
2. lappuse - States to call forth such number of the militia of the State, or States, most convenient to the place of danger, or scene of action, as he may judge necessary to repel such invasion, and to issue his orders for that purpose to such officer or officers of the militia as he shall think proper.

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