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JUL 12 1900

1.--Annual Report of the Controller of State for the year 1858.

2.-Annual Report of the Treasurer of State for the year 1858.

3.--Annual Report of the Surveyor-General for the year 1958.

4.-Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

5.--Annual Report of the Attorney-General for the year 1858.

6.--Annual Report of the Secretary of State for the year 1858.

Jo-Annual Report of the State Registrar for the year 1858.

8.--Annual Report of the Trustees of the Insane Asylum for the year 1858.

---Ånnual Report of the Board of State-prison Directors for the year 1858.

- 10.—Report of the Senate Investigating Committee relative to State-Prison Affairs.

11.-Transactions of the Agricultural Society of the State of California during 1858.



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This amount will certainly be doubled during the next six months, thus swelling the loss of revenue, from these sources, for the tenth fiscal year, to $84,824 48.

It is to be hoped that the law which has operated so disastrously upon the revenues of the State, will be repealed by the coming Legislature, and the distribution of the proceeds of the sales of State and County licenses restored to the ratio under the old law : one-half to the State and Counties, respectively.

In this connection, it will be proper to say, that the Revenue Laws require immediate and thorough revision.

The duties of the various County officers are vaguely defined, and conficting, and the State suffers great loss by the inefficient manner in which the laws for the collection of the revenue are enforced.

During the last fiscal year the sum of $4,257 71 was recovered from the sureties of C. F. Lynn, a defaulting Treasurer of Trinity County, by my Predecessor (whose zeal and activity, in the enforcement of the Revenue Laws, is to be commended,) and a suit was instituted against the ExTreasurer of Sierra County, and his sureties, for the recovery of $3,750 24, balance due the State, which is still pending. The Treasurer of Mariposa County, as is alloged, was robbed of $7,300 State funds, on board the steamer, immediately after her arrival at the levee, in this city, in the month of July last, and no trace of the money or robbers has been found.

The amendment of the law governing the sales of "Swamp and Overflowed Lands," has materially decreased the receipts therefrom, and the enactment of a law similar to the old law, in its general features, would largely increase the sales of these lands.

The short period that has elapsed since my induction into this office, prevents an extended report at this time.

There are other important matters, which will receive consideration hereafter.

The taxable property of the State, for the year 1858, is estimated at nearly one hundred and twenty-four millions of dollars. Only twentyfive counties have yet made returns of assessments for the present year, and the estimate is based upon the returns of last year, from the Counties which have failed to transmit the proper reports to this office.

This amount is nearly two millions of dollars less than the amount of taxable property reported for 1857. While, in a majority of the Counties from which returns have been received, the value of property bas increased, in several of the most wealthy Counties there appears a large decrease, and, in the City and County of San Francisco, the assessment has fallen off nearly nine millions of dollars. This decline in the value of property, with the reduction of the State tax to sixty cents on the one hundred dollars, has decreased the amount of taxes due the State to $743,729, which is $37,302 less than the State tax of 1857; and it is certain that an unusually large delinquent-list will still further diminish the

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,


Your obedient servant,


The present financial condition, and the future liabilities of the State, imperatively demand an increase of the tax for the ensuing year, unless the law controlling the distribution of the proceeds of the sales of State and County licenses is changed.

The amended Revenue Law, passed April 17, 1858, by which all the proceeds of the sales of ninth and tenth class merchandise, and third class liquor licenses, are paid into the County Treasuries, has worked a still further diminution of the receipts into the Treasury of the State, as will be seen by an examination of the subjoined statement:

Controller of State.

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