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Act of July 10, 1940, to amend the law limiting the operation of statutes

of limitations in certain cases. (Public Law No. 736, 76th Cong.).

Act of May 31, 1940, authorizing the continuance of the Prison Industries

Reorganizatlon Administration, established by Executive Order Num-

bered 7194 of Sept. 26, 1935, to June 30, 1941. (Public Law No. 539,


Act of June 6, 1940, to amend section 289 of the Criminal Code. (Public

Law No. 548, 76th Cong.) -- -

Act of June 6, 1940, to amend an Act entitled "An Act To Establish a

Board of Intermediate Sentence and Parole for the District of Colum-

bia, and To Determine Its Functions." (Public Law No. 561, 76th

Cong.) – ..

Act of June 8, 1940, to make it a crime to wreck or attempt to wreck a

train engaged in interstate commerce. (Public Law No. 575, 76th


Act of June 11, 1940, to amend the Criminal Code so as to confer concur-

rent jurisdiction on courts of the United States over crimes committed

on certain Federal reservations. (Public Law No. 598, 76th Cong.)...

Act of June 12, 1940, to amend sections 798 and 800 of the Code of Law

for the District of Columbia relating to murder in the first degree.

(Public Law No. 607, 76th Cong.)

Act of June 17, 1940, authorizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics to collect

information as to amount and value of all goods produced in State and

Federal prisons. (Public Res. No. 85, 76th Cong.).

Act of June 25, 1940, for the protection against unlawful use of badge,

medal, emblem, or other insignia of veterans' organizations incorporated

by act of Congress. (Public No. 663, 76th Cong.)_____

Act of June 29, 1940, to amend certain laws governing Federal prisoners.

(Public Law No. 679, 76th Cong.)

Act of October 17, 1940, to require the registration of certain organizations

carrying on activities within the United States. (Public Law No. 870,

76th Cong.) .

Act of November 30, 1940, to amend the Act of April 20, 1918. An Act

to punish the willful injury or destruction of war material. (Public Law

No. 886, 76th Cong.).

Act of June 21, 1941, to provide for the transportation home of persons

who have been arrested and subsequently released without conviction

or convicted and placed on probation. (Public Law No. 116, 77th

Cong.) - --

Act of July 9, 1941, to amend the Act of October 14, 1940. An Act to

make unlawful the transportation of convict-made goods in interstate

commerce. (Public Law No. 160, 77th Cong.).............

Act of May 11, 1948, to authorize the expenditure of income from Federal
Prison Industries, Incorporated, for training of Federal prisoners.

Act of August 18, 1949, relating to the policing of the building and grounds

of the Supreme Court of the United States. (Public Law. No. 250, 81st


Act of August 31, 1949, the transfer from the Administrator of Veterans

Affairs to the Attorney General of the United States for the use of the

Bureau of Prisons. (Public Law No. 279, 81st Cong.).

Act of October 6, 1949, to authorize the purchase of additional farming

lands for Leavenworth Penitentiary. (Public Law No. 332, 81st

Cong.) .

Act of May 10, 1950, to amend titles 18 and 28, United States Code, with

respect to the time of reporting to Congress rules of procedure adopted

by the Supreme Court for criminal, civil, and admiralty cases and the

time of their taking effect. (Public Law No. 510, 81st Cong.) ..

Act of May 13, 1950, to enhance further the security of the United States

by preventing disclosures of information concerning the cryptographic

systems and the communications intelligence activities of the United

States. (Public Law No. 513, 81st Cong.) - .

Act of May 27, 1950, to amend section 1462 of title 18 of the United States

Code, with respect to the importation or transportation of obscene

matter. (Public Law No. 531, 81st Cong.).

Act of June 15, 1950, to amend the laws of the United States relating to

civil acts or offenses consummated or committed on the high seas on

board a vessel belonging to the United States, to the Midway Islands,

Wake Island, Johnston Island, Sand Island, Kingman Reef, Kure Island,

Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Canton Island, and

Enderbury Island. (Public Law No. 553, 81st Cong.) -

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