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85 STAT. 217


SEC. 9. The Secretary may, if he considers that boating safety will not be adversely affected, issue exemptions from any provision of this Act or regulations and standards established thereunder, on terms and conditions as he considers appropriate.


SEC. 10. Unless permitted by the Secretary under section 9 of this Act, no State or political subdivision thereof may establish, continue in effect, or enforce any provision of law or regulation which establishes any boat or associated equipment performance or other safety standard, or which imposes any requirement for associated equipment, except, unless disapproved by the Secretary, the carrying or using of marine safety articles to meet uniquely hazardous conditions or circumstances within the State, which is not identical to a Federal regulation issued under section 5 of this Act.


SEC. 11. The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary may, by joint regulations, authorize the importation of a nonconforming boat or associated equipment upon terms and conditions, including the furnishing of bond, which will assure that the boat or associated equipment will be brought into conformity with the applicable Federal safety regulations and standards before it is used on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.


SEC. 12. (a) No person shall—

(1) manufacture, construct, assemble, introduce, or deliver for introduction in interstate commerce, or import into the United States, or if engaged in the business of selling or distributing boats or associated equipment, sell or offer for sale, any boat, associated equipment, or component thereof to be sold for subsequent assembly, unless

(A) it conforms with regulations and standards prescribed under this Act, or

(B) it is intended solely for export, and so labeled, tagged, or marked on the boat or equipment and on the outside of the container, if any, which is exported.

(2) affix, attach, or display a seal, label, plate, insignia, or other device indicating or suggesting compliance with Federal safety standards, on, in, or with a boat or item of associated equipment, which is false or misleading;

(3) fail to furnish a notification as required by section 15 (a) or exercise reasonable diligence in fulfilling the undertaking given pursuant to section 15 (c) of this Act.

(b) No person shall be subject to any penalty contained in this section if he establishes that he did not have reason to know in the exercise of due care that a boat or associated equipment does not conform with applicable Federal boat safety standards, or who holds a certificate issued by the manufacturer of the boat or associated equipment to the effect that such boat or associated equipment conforms to all applicable Federal boat safety standards, unless such person knows or reasonably should have known that such boat or associated equipment does not so conform.

(c) No person may use a vessel in violation of this Act or regulations issued thereunder.

(d) No person may use a vessel, including one otherwise exempted by section (c) of this Act, in a negligent manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person. Violations of this subsection involving use which is grossly negligent, subject the violator, in addition to any other penalties prescribed in this Act, to the criminal penalties prescribed in section 34.

(e) No vessel equipped with propulsion machinery of any type and not subject to the manning requirements of the vessel inspection laws administered by the Coast Guard, may while carrying passengers for hire, be used except in the charge of a person licensed for such service under regulations, prescribed by the Secretary, which pertain to qualifications, issuance, revocation, or suspension, and related matters.

(f) Section 12(e) of this Act shall not apply to any vessel being used for bona fide dealer demonstrations furnished without fee to business invitees. However, if on the basis of substantial evidence the Secretary determines, pursuant to section 6 hereof, that requiring vessels so used to be under the control of licensed persons is necessary to meet the need for boating safety, then the Secretary may promulgate regulations requiring the licensing of persons controlling such vessels in the same manner as provided in section 12 (e) of this Act for persons in control of vessels carrying passengers for hire.


SEC. 13. If a Coast Guard boarding officer observes a boat being used without sufficient lifesaving or firefighting devices or in an overloaded or other unsafe condition as defined in regulations of the Secretary, and in his judgment such use creates an especially hazardous condition, he may direct the operator to take whatever immediate and reasonable steps would be necessary for the safety of those aboard the vessel, including directing the operator to return to mooring and to remain there until the situation creating the hazard is corrected or ended.


SEC. 14. (a) Every manufacturer subject to the provisions of this Act shall establish and maintain records, make reports, and provide information as the Secretary may reasonably require to enable him to determine whether the manufacturer has acted or is acting in compliance with this Act and the regulations issued thereunder. A manufacturer shall, upon request of an officer, employee, or agent authorized by the Secretary, permit the officer, employee, or agent to inspect at reasonable times factories or other facilities, books, papers, records, and documents relevant to determining whether the manufacturer has acted or is acting in compliance with this Act and the regulations issued thereunder.

(b) All information reported to or otherwise obtained by the Secretary or his representative pursuant to subsection (a) of this section containing or relating to a trade secret or other matter

85 STAT. 218

referred to in section 1905 of title 18 of the United States Code, or 62 Stat. 791. authorized to be exempted from public disclosure by subsection

552 (b) of title 5, United States Code, shall be considered confidential 81 Stat. 55. for the purpose of that section of title 18, except that, upon approval

by the Secretary, such information may be disclosed to other officers, employees, or agents concerned with carrying out this Act or when relevant in any proceeding under this Act.

85 STAT. 219

Notification, recipients.


Public disclosure.


SEC. 15. (a) Every manufacturer who discovers or acquires information which he determines, in the exercise of reasonable and prudent judgment, indicates that a boat or associated equipment subject to an applicable standard or regulation prescribed pursuant to section 5 of this Act either fails to comply with such standard or regulation, or contains a defect which creates a substantial risk of personal injury to the public, shall, if such boat or associated equipment has left the place of manufacture, furnish notification of such defect or failure of compliance as provided in subsections (b) and (c) of this section, within a reasonable time after the manufacturer has discovered the defect. (b) The notification required by subsection (a) of this section shall be given to the following persons in the following manner

(1) by certified mail to the first purchaser for purposes other than resale: Provided, That the requirement for notification of such first purchaser shall be satisfied if the manufacturer exercises reasonable diligence in creating and maintaining a list of such purchasers and their current addresses and sends the required notice to each person on said list at the address appearing thereon; (2) by certified mail to subsequent purchasers, if known to the manufacturer;

(3) by certified mail or other more expeditious means to the dealers or distributors of such manufacturer to whom such boat or associated equipment was delivered.

(c) The notification required by subsection (a) of this section shall contain a clear description of such defect or failure to comply, an evaluation of the hazard reasonably related thereto, a statement of the measures to be taken to correct such defect or failure to comply, and an undertaking by the manufacturer to take such measures at his sole cost and expense.

(d) Every manufacturer shall furnish to the Secretary a true or representative copy of all notices, bulletins, and other communications to dealers or distributors of such manufacturer or to purchasers, or subsequent purchasers, of boats or associated equipment of such manufacturer, regarding any defect relating to safety in such boats or associated equipment or any failure to comply with a standard, regulation, or order applicable to such boat or associated equipment. The Secretary may publish or otherwise disclose to the public so much of the information contained in such notices or other information in his possession as he deems will assist in carrying out the purposes of this Act, but shall not disclose any information which contain or relates to a trade secret unless he determines that it is necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act.

(e) If through testing, inspection, investigation, research, or examination of reports carried out pursuant to this Act the Secretary determines that any boat or associated equipment subject to this Act(1) fails to comply with an applicable standard or regulation prescribed pursuant to section 5; or

(2) contains a defect which relates to safety,

and if the Secretary determines that notification provided under this section is appropriate, he shall notify the manufacturer of the boat or associated equipment of such defect or failure to comply. The notice shall contain the findings of the Secretary and shall include a synopsis of the information upon which the findings are based. Upon receipt of such notice, the manufacturer shall furnish the notification described in subsection (c) to the persons designated in subsection (b). unless the manufacturer disputes the Secretary's determination, in

85 STAT. 220


which case the Secretary shall afford such manufacturer an opportunity to present his views to establish that there is no failure of compliance or defect relating to safety. Where the Secretary determines Notice; publica it is in the public interest, he may publish notice of such proceeding in tion in Federal the Federal Register and afford interested persons, including the Boating Safety Advisory Council, an opportunity to comment thereon. If after such presentation by the manufacturer the Secretary determines that such boat or associated equipment does not comply with an applicable standard or regulation, or that it contains a defect related to safety, the Secretary may direct the manufacturer to furnish the notification specified in subsection (c) of this section to the persons specified in subsection (b) of this section.

(f) For purposes of section 15, the term "associated equipment" "Associated eincludes only such items or classes of associated equipment as the Sec-quipment." retary shall by regulation or order prescribe after determining that the application of the requirements of this section to such items or classes of associated equipment is reasonable, appropriate, and in furtherance of the purposes of this Act.

(g) The Secretary is authorized to promulgate regulations defining Rule making and establishing procedures and otherwise furthering the purposes of powers. this section.


SEC. 16. (a) The operator of a vessel, including one otherwise Vessel operator, exempted by subsection 4 (c) of this Act, involved in a collision, acci- duties. dent, or other casualty, to the extent he can do so without serious danger to his own vessel, or persons aboard, shall render all practical and necessary assistance to persons affected by the collision, accident, or casualty to save them from danger caused by the collision, accident, or casualty. He shall also give his name, address, and the identification of his vessel to any person injured and to the owner of any property damaged. The duties imposed by this subsection are in addition to any duties otherwise imposed by law.

(b) Any person who complies with subsection (a) of this section or Liability exempwho gratuitously and in good faith renders assistance at the scene of tion.

a vessel collision, accident, or other casualty without objection of any person assisted, shall not be held liable for any civil damages as a result of the rendering of assistance or for any act or omission in providing or arranging salvage, towage, medical treatment, or other assistance where the assisting person acts as an ordinary, reasonably prudent man would have acted under the same or similar circumstances.



SEC. 17. An undocumented vessel equipped with propulsion machinery of any type shall have a number issued by the proper issuing authority in the State in which the vessel is principally used.


SEC. 18. (a) The Secretary shall establish by regulation a standard numbering system for vessels. Upon application by a State the Secretary shall approve a State numbering system which is in accord with the standard numbering system and the provisions of this Act relating to numbering and casualty reporting. A State with an approved system is the issuing authority under the Act. The Secretary is the issuing authority in States where a State numbering system has not been approved.

85 STAT. 221

46 USC 527 note.

Transfer, notice.

(b) If a State has a numbering system approved by the Secretary under the Act of September 2, 1958 (72 Stat. 1754), as amended, prior to enactment hereof, the system need not be immediately revised to conform with this Act and may continue in effect without change for a period not to exceed three years from the date of enactment of this Act.

(c) When a vessel is actually numbered in the State of principal use, it shall be considered as in compliance with the numbering system requirements of any State in which it is temporarily used.

(d) When a vessel is removed to a new State of principal use, the issuing authority of that State shall recognize the validity of a number awarded by any other issuing authority for a period of at least sixty days before requiring numbering in the new State.

(e) If a State has a numbering system approved after the effective date of this Act, that State must accept and recognize any certificate of number issued by the Secretary, as the previous issuing authority in that State, for one year from the date that State's system is approved, or until its expiration date, at the option of the State.

(f) Whenever the Secretary determines that a State is not administering its approved numbering system in accordance with the standard numbering system, or has altered its system without his approval, he may withdraw his approval after giving notice to the State, in writing, setting forth specifically wherein the State has failed to meet the standards required, and the State has not corrected such failures within a reasonable time after being notified by the Secretary.


SEC. 19. (a) The Secretary, when he is the issuing authority, may exempt a vessel or class of vessels from the numbering provisions of this Act under such conditions as he may prescribe.

(b) When a State is the issuing authority, it may exempt from the numbering provisions of this Act any vessel or class of vessels that has been exempted under subsection (a) of this section or otherwise as permitted by the Secretary.


SEC. 20. (a) A certificate of number granted under this Act shall be pocket size, shall be at all times available for inspection on the vessel for which issued when the vessel is in use, and may not be valid for more than three years. The certificate of number for vessels less than twenty-six feet in length and leased or rented to another for the latter's noncommercial use of less than twenty-four hours may be retained on shore by the vessel's owner or his representative at the place from which the vessel departs or returns to the possession of the owner or his representative. A vessel which does not have the certificate of number on board shall be identified while in use, and comply with such other requirements, as the issuing authority prescribes.

(b) The owner of a vessel numbered under this Act shall furnish to the issuing authority notice of the transfer of all or part of his interest in the vessel, or of the destruction or abandonment of the vessel, within a reasonable time thereof, and shall furnish notice of any change of address within a reasonable time of the change, in accordance with prescribed regulations.


SEC. 21. A number required by this Act shall be painted on, or attached to, each side of the forward half of the vessel for which it was

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