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3 Feb., 1831, ch.

Limitation of time of action.

may be printed construed to prohibit the printing, publishor imported.

ing, importation, or sale of any book, map, 16, € 8, v. 14, p. 438. chart, dramatic or musical composition, print,

cut, engraving, or photograph, written, composed, or made by any person not a citizen of the United States nor resident therein.

104. No action shall be maintained in any

case of forfeiture or penalty under the copy3 Feb., 1831, ch. 10, è 13, v. 4, p. 439. right laws unless the same is commenced

within two years after the cause of action

has arisen. Pleading. 105. In all actions arising under the laws 3 Feb, 1831, ch. respecting copyrights the defendant may 16, 210, v. 4, p. 438.

plead the general issue, and give the special

matter in evidence. Actions cogniza- 106. All actions, suits, controversies, and ble by circuit

cases arising under the copyright laws of the 15 Feb., 1819, United States shall be originally cognizable, ch. 19, 81, v. 3, P.

as well in equity as at law, whether civil or 5 McLean, 38,

penal in their nature, by the circuit courts 2 Wood. & Min., of the United States, or any district court 17 110w, 4:42. having the jurisdiction of a circuit court, or 4 Duer, 382.

in the supreme court of the District of Columbia, or any Territory. And the court shall have power, upon bill in equity filed by any party aggrieved, to grant injunctions to prevent the violation of any right secured by said laws, according to the course and principles of courts of equity, on such terms

as the court may deem reasonable. Appeals to Su- 107. A writ of error or appeal to the Su

Court, United States. preme Court of the United States shall lie







16, & 12, V. 4, pp.

438, 439.

books, &c., to


from all judgments and decrees of any court, 18 Feh., 1861,

ch. 37, 21, v. 12, p. in any action, suit, controversy, or case touch- 130. ing copyrights, in the same manner and under the same circumstances as in other judgments and decrees of such courts, without regard to the sum or value in controversy.

108. In all recoveries under the copyright Full cost to be laws, either for damages, forfeitures, or pen- 3 Feb., 1831, ch. alties, full costs shall be allowed thereon.

109. All books, maps, charts, and other Transfer of publications, of every nature whatever, here- Library of Contofore deposited in the Department of the Interior, according to the laws regulating copyrights, together with all the records of said department, and all records concerning the same which were removed by the Department of the Interior from the Department of State, shall be removed to and be under the control of the Librarian of Congress, who is hereby charged with all the duties pertaining to copyrights required by law.

110. The clerk of each of the district courts of the United States shall transmit forthwith to the Librarian of Congress all books, maps, prints, photograp[h]s, music, and other publications, of every nature whatever, deposited in the said clerk's office, and not heretofore sent to the Department of the Interior, at Washington, together with all records of copyright in his possession, including the

titles so recorded, and the dates of record: Provided, That where there are duplicate copies of legal, scientific, or mechanical works, one copy of each may be deposited in the library of the Patent Office, for which a receipt shall be given by the Commissioner of Patents to the Librarian of Congress.

VI. Repealing Clause and Schedule.

111. Repeal and its effect.


Repeal and


111. The acts and parts of acts set forth in the schedule of acts cited, hereto annexed, are hereby repealed, without reviving any acts or parts of acts repealed by any of said acts, or by any clause or provisions therein: Provided, however, That the repeal hereby enacted, shall not affect, impair, or take away any right existing under any of said laws; but all actions and causes of action, both in law and in equity, which have arisen under any of said laws, may be commenced and prosecuted, and, if already commenced, may be prosecuted to final judgment and execution in the same manner as though this act had not been passed, excepting that the remedial provisions of this act shall be applicable to all suits and proceedings hereafter commenced: And provided also, That all applications for patents pending at the time of the passage of this act, in cases where the duty has been paid, shall be proceeded with and acted on in the same manner as though filed after the passage thereof: And provided further, That all offenses which are defined and punishable under any of said acts, and all penalties and forfeitures created thereby and incurred before this act takes effect, may be prosecuted, sued for, and recovered, and such offenses punished, according to the provisions of said acts, which are continued in force for such purpose.

Schedule of statutes cited and repealed, as printed

in the Statutes at Large, including such portions only of the appropriation bills referred to as are applicable to the Patent Office.


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ume 9,

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