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8. d.


£ On leaving the petition for grant of letters patent.....

5 0 0 On notice of intention to proceed with the application...... 5 0 0 On warrant of law officer for letters patent.....

5 0 0 On sealing of letters patent......

5 0 0 On filing specifications.......

5 0 0 At or before expiration of the third year...

50 0 0 At or before expiration of the seventh year....

100 0 0 On leaving notice of objections

2 0 0 Every search and inspection.......

0 1 0 Entry of assignment or license.....

0 5 9 Certificate of assignment or license..

0 05 Filing application for disclaimer..

5 0 0 Caveat against disclaimer.......

2 0 0 The fees to be paid to the law officers and to their clerks shall beBy a person opposing a grant of letters patent:

£ 8. d. To the law officer.....

2 12 6 To his clerk...........

0 12 6 To his clerk for summons..

0 5 0

£3 10 0

By the petitioner on the hearing of the case of opposition:

£ 8. d. To the law officer.......

2 12 6 To his clerk .........

0 12 6 To his clerk for summons.

0 5 0

£3 10 0

By the petitioner for the hearing, previous to the fiat of the law officer allowing a disclaimer or memorandum of alteration in letters patent or specification:

To the law officer...
To his clerk

£ 8. d. 2 12 6 0 12 6

£3 5 0

By the person opposing the allowance of such disclaimer or memorandum of alteration on the hearing of the case of opposition.

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By the petitioner for the fiat of the law officer allowing a disclaimer or memorandum of alteration, or letters patent and specification.

£ 8. d. To the law officer...

3 3 0 To his clerk...

0 12 6

£3 15 6

NOTE.—The following is an abstract of the comparative cost of patents in the principal foreign States in

British currency:

France, £4 per annum for fourteen years.
Great Britain, (provisional protection,) £5.
Sealed, £25.
At the end of three years, £50 additional.

At end of seven years, £100 additional.
Belgium, 88. first year, and increasing progressively for twenty years up
to £8 for last

Austria, £10 for first five years.

£20 for second five years.
£40 for third five years.



Italy, 88. 4d. per year, paid at once.

£1 12s. per annum first three years. £2 12s. per annum second three years. £3 12s. per annum third three years. £4 12s. per annum fourth three years. * £5 12s. per annum fifth three years. Saxony, £4 10s. for first five years.

£8 for second five years. Sweden, fees not fixed, and expenses of advertising. Victoria, (Australia,) £7 4s. 6d. for first three years. Prussia, £20 and upwards from six months to fifteen years. Bavaria, £2 for first year, increasing by degrees annually to £23 for fifteen

years. Netherlands, £12 10s. for five years.

From £25 to £33 for ten years.

From £50 to £62 for fifteen years. Russia, £14 10s. for three years.

£24 10s. for five years. £72 10s. for ten years.

VIII. Forms and Proceedings to obtain a Patent.


SEC. 130. Form of petition.

136. Form of complete specification. 131. How to be written, and stamp. 137. Reference to law officer. 132. Declaration to accompany peti- 138. Notice to proceed to be made tion.

two months before end of 133. Petition and declaration, ac- provisional term.

companied by specification. 139. Form of warrant. 134. Reference indorsed on petition. 140. Form of letters patent. 135. Forin provisional specification. 141. The specification.

To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty
The humble petition of

, in the county of

showethThat your petitioner is in possession of an invention for (here insert the


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title of the invention,] which invention he believes will be of great public utility; that he is the first and true inventor thereof, (if the invention be a communication from abroad, here insert the words, “ within the realm,"] and that the same is not in use (if from abroad, insert the word “therein "j by any other person or persons, to the best of his knowledge and belief. Your petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Majesty will be pleased to grant unto him, his executors, administrators, and assigns, your royal letters patent, for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Iretand, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, for the term of fourteen years, pursuant to the statutes in that case made and provided. And your petitioner will ever pray.

131. HOW TO BE WRITTEN, AND STAMP.—This petition must be written distinctly, or printed, on a £5 stamp, specially provided for the purpose by the Stamp Office, and care must be taken to conform exactly to the instructions given in the act, respecting the dimensions, payments, and other details. 132. DECLARATION TO ACCOMPANY PETITION.

No. 1, of in the county of

do solemnly and sincerely declare, that I am in possession of an invention for, &c., (the title as in the petition,) which invention I believe will be of great public utility; that I am the true and first inventor thereof; and that the same i is not in use by any other person or persons, to the best of my knowledge and belief, (where a complete specification is to be filed with the petition and declaration, insert these words, “and that the instrument in writing under my hand and seal, hereunto annexed, particularly describes and ascertains the nature of said invention, and the manner in which the same is performed ; ") and I make this declaration conscientiously, believing the same to be true; and by virtue of the provisions of an act made and passed in the session of Parliament, held in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth, intituled "An act to repeal an act of the present session of Parliament, intituled 'An act for the more effectual abolition of oaths and affirmations taken and made in various departments of the State, and to substitute declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire suppression of voluntary and extra-judicial oaths and afidavits,

' and to make other provisions for the abolition of unnecessary oaths."

A. B.

day of

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Declared at this

, A. D.

before me, A Commissioner to Administer Oaths in Chancery,

or Justice of the Peace. 133. PETITION AND DECLARATION MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY SPECIFICATION.—The petition and declaration must be accompanied by either a provisional specification or a complete specification, at the option of the inventor. A provisional specification need only give the general principle of the invention, but it must be stated with sufficient distinctness to enable the law officer to whom it is referred to judge of the nature of the improvements discovered, and of the manner in which they are to be carried into effect. The inventor will then have an interval of six months for maturing his invention, and may introduce into his complete specification any improvements or development not inconsistent with the title, or with the principle enounced in the provisional specification.

134. REFERENCE TO BE INDORSED ON THE PETITION.The following is to be indorsed on the petition:

“Her Majesty is pleased to refer this petition to [name of law officer,) to consider what may be properly done therein."


do hereby declare the nature of the said invention for [insert title as in petition) to be as follows [here insert description): Dated this

A. D.

[ To be signed by applicant or his agent.) [It will be for the inventor to judge whether it will be most to his interest to content himself with a provisional specification or proceed at once to a complete specification; by following the former course he will have abundant leisure to perfect his discovery; by adopting the latter he will be able the sooner to bring it into commercial

day of

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