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65. The American National Theater and

Academy Chap.

66. American Symphony Orchestra League. 25. The Foundation of the Federal Bar Asso General Federation of Women's Clubs. ciation.

68. Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. 26. The National Fund for Medical Educa 69. Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil tion.

War 1861-1865. 27. Legion of Valor of the United States of 70. Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. America, Inc.

71. Army and Navy Union of the United 28. National Music Council.

States of America.
Boys' Clubs of America.

72. Non Commissioned Officers Association 30. Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies.

of the United States of America, Inc. Civil War Centennial Commission (Omit. 73. National Mining Hall of Fame and ted or Repealed).

Veterans of World War I of the United

American Academy of Arts and Letters.
States of America.

Aviation Hall of Fame. 33. The Congressional Medal of Honor Socie 76. Frederick Douglass Memorial and Histority of the United States of America.

cal Association. Military Order of the Purple Heart of the 29

77. National Committee on Radiation ProtecUnited States of America.

tion and Measurements. 35. Blinded Veterans Association.

78. National Tropical Botanical Garden. Big Brothers,Big Sisters of America. 37. Jewish War Veterans, U.S.A., National

79. Theodore Roosevelt Association. Memorial, Inc.

Blue Star Mothers of America. 39. Agricultural Hall of Fame.

TITLE 37–PAY AND ALLOWANCES OF THE National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary

UNIFORMED SERVICES to the Grand Army of the Republic.

1. Definitions. 41. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Basic Pay. 41A. Little League Baseball, Inc.

5. Special and Incentive Pays. 42. Audits of Federally Chartered Corpora

Allowances. tions.

9. Leave. Paralyzed Veterans of America. 44. United States Capitol Historical Society.

Payments to Missing Persons. United Service Organizations, Inc.

Payments to Mentally Incompetent Per46. United States Holocaust Memorial Coun

sons. cil.

Allotments and Assignments of Pay. 47. National Ski Patrol System, Inc.

15. Prohibitions and Penalties. 48. Gold Star Wives of America.

17. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 49. Italian American War Veterans of the 19. - Administration.

United States. 50. United States Submarine Veterans of World War II.

51. American Council of Learned Societies.
National Federation of Music Clubs.

American Ex-Prisoners of War.

Former Members of Congress.

3. Veterans' Administration; Officers and National Academy of Public Administra


American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
Polish Legion of American Veterans,

11. Compensation for Service-Connected DisU.S.A.

ability or Death. Catholic War Veterans of the United 13. Dependency and Indemnity CompensaStates of America, Inc.

tion for Service-Connected Deaths. 59. Jewish War Veterans of the United States 15. Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disof America, Inc.

ability or Death or for Service. Navy Wives Clubs of America.

Hospital, Nursing Home, Domiciliary, and National Society, Daughters of the Ameri

Medical Care. can Colonists.

Insurance. 369th Veterans' Association.

Specially Adapted Housing for Disabled Women's Army Corps Veterans' Associa

Veterans. tion.

23. Burial Benefits. 64. American Chemical Society.

24. National Cemeteries and Memorials.












60. 61.



62. 63.




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PART III-READJUSTMENT AND RELATED BENEFITS Chap. 30. All-Volunteer Force Educational Assist

ance Program. 31. Training and Rehabilitation for Veterans

with Serivce-Connected Disabilities. 32. Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational

Assistance. 33. [Repealed).

Veterans' Educational Assistance. 35. Survivors' and Dependents' Educational

Assistance. 36. Administration of Educational Benefits. 37. Housing and Small Business Loans. 39. Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for

Certain Disabled Veterans and Members

of the Armed Forces. 41.

Job Counseling, Training, and Placement

Service for Veterans. 42. Employment and Training of Disabled

and Vietnam Era Veterans. 43. Veterans' Reemployment Rights.

PART IV- GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 51. Applications, Effective Dates, and Pay

ments. 53. Special Provisions Relating to Benefits. 55. Minors, Incompetents, and Other Wards. 57. Records and Investigations. 59. Agents and Attorneys. 61. Penal and Forfeiture Provisions.

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PART V-BOARDS AND DEPARTMENTS 71. Board of Veterans' Appeals. 72. United States Court of Veterans Appeals. 73. Department of Medicine and Surgery. 75. Veterans' Canteen Service. 76. Health Professionals Educational Assist

ance Program.

PROPERTY 81. Acquisition and Operation of Hospital

and Domiciliary Facilities; Procurement

and Supply. 82. Assistance in Establishing New State

Medical Schools; Grants to Affiliated
Medical Schools; Assistance to Health

Manpower Training Institutions. 83. Acceptance of Gifts and Bequests. 85. Disposition of Deceased Veterans' Person

al Property.


TY, AND WORKS 1. Public Buildings, Grounds, Parks, and

Wharves in District of Columbia. 2. Capitol Building and Grounds. 2A. National Archives [Transferred or Re

pealed). 3. Public Buildings and Works Generally. 4. The Public Property. 5. Hours of Labor and Safety on Publi

Works. 6. Acquisition of Sites for and Construction

of Public Buildings. 7. Acquisition of Land in District of Colum

bia for Use of United States by Condem

nation Proceedings (Repealed). 8. Emergency Public Works and Construc

tion Projects. 9. Non-Federal Public Works. 10. Management and Disposal of Governmen

Property. 11. Real Property Transactions by Militar

Departments (Repealed). 12. Construction, Alteration, and Acquisition

of Public Buildings. 13.

National Capital Transportation Progran

(Repealed or Omitted). 14. Safety Standards for Motor Vehicles. 15. Government Losses in Shipment. 16. General Services Administration. 17. Alaska Communications Disposal. 17A. Alaska Federal-Civilian Energy Efficienc

Swap. 18. National Visitor Center Facilities; Union

Station Redevelopment; Capitol Guide

Service. 19.

Capitol and White House-Pennsylvania

Avenue Development.

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TY, AND WORKS—Continued

12. Compensation for Injury, Death, or De

tention of Employees of Contractors Chap.

With United States Outside United 20. Federal Motor Vehicle Expenditure Con

States. trol.

13. School Lunch Programs. 21. National Capital Memorials and Com

13A. Child Nutrition. memorative Works.

14. Development and Control of Atomic 22. Federal Triangle Development.

Energy (Transferred to Chapter 23). 23. Judiciary Office Building Development.

15. Disaster Relief (Repealed).

15A. Reciprocal Fire Protection Agreements. Appendix-Appalachian Regional Development

15B. Air Pollution Control (Transferred or ReAct of 1965.

16. National Science Foundation.

16A. Grants for Support of Scientific Research TITLE 41–PUBLIC CONTRACTS

(Repealed). General Provisions.

16B. Contracts for Scientific and Technological Termination of War Contracts.

Procurement of Supplies and Services by 17.

17. Federal Employment Service (TransArmed Services (Repealed).

ferred]. Procurement Procedures.

18. Youth Medals. Judicial Review of Administrative Deci- 19. Saline and Salt Waters (Repealed, Omitsions.

ted, or Transferred]. Service Contract Labor Standards.

19A. Water Resources Research Program (ReOffice of Federal Procurement Policy.

Federal Grants and Cooperative Agree. 19B. Water Resources Planning.
ments (Repealed. See Chapter 63 of 20. Elective Franchise.
Title 31, Money and Finance).

20A. Civil Rights Commission.
Contract Disputes.

21. Civil Rights. 10. Drug-Free Workplace.

21A. Privacy Protection.
22. Indian Hospitals and Health Facilities.

Development and Control of Atomic TITLE 42—THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WEL

Energy. FARE

24. Disposal of Atomic Energy Communities.

25. Federal Flood Insurance. 1. The Public Health Service (Repealed or

26. National Space Program. Omitted, See Chapter 6A).

26A. National Space Grant College and FellowLA. The Public Health Service; Supplemental

ship Program. Provisions (Transferred or Omitted).

27. Loan Service of Captioned Films and EduSanitation and Quarantine.

cational Media for Handicapped. Leprosy (Repealed).

28. Area Redevelopment Program (Omitted 3A. Cancer (Repealed).

or Repealed). Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, etc. 29.

Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Offenses (Repealed).

Control (Omitted). 5. Maternity and Infancy Welfare and Manpower Development and Training Hygiene (Repealed).

Program (Repealed).
The Children's Bureau.

31. Public Works Acceleration Program.
Public Health Service.

Third Party Liability for Hospital and 7. Social Security.

Medical Care. TA. Temporary Unemployment Compensation Community Mental Health Centers Program (Omitted).

[Omitted, Transferred, or Repealed). 8. LOW-Income Housing.

34. Economic Opportunity Program. Slum Clearance, Urban Renewal, and 35. Programs for Older Americans. Farm Housing.

35A. Community Service Employment for 8B. Public Works or Facilities (Omitted).

Older Americans (Repealed). 8C. Open-Space Land (Omitted).

36. Compensation of Condemnees in Develop9. Housing of Persons Engaged in National ment Programs (Repealed). Defense.

37. Community Facilities and Advance Land Federal Security Agency (Transferred or


Public Works and Economic Develop-
Compensation for Disability or Death to

ment. Persons Employed at Military, Air, and 39. Solid Waste Disposal (Omitted and ReNaval Bases Outside United States.

pealed, See Chapter 82).






Chap. 40. Soil Information Assistance for Communi

ty Planning and Resource Development. 41. Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan

Development Program. 42. Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation. 43. Department of Health and Human Serv.

ices. 44. Department of Housing and Urban Devel

opment. 45. Fair Housing. 46. Justice System Improvement. 47. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and

Control (Omitted). 48. Guarantees for Financing New Communi

ty Land Development (Repealed or

Omitted). 49. National Housing Partnerships. 50. National Flood Insurance. 51. Design and Construction of Public Build

ings to Accommodate Physically Handi

capped. 52. Intergovernmental Cooperation (Re

pealed, See Chapter 65 of Title 31). 52A. Joint Funding Simplification (Repealed). 53. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmen

tal Relations. 54. Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for

Spanish-Speaking People (Omitted). 55. National Environmental Policy. 56. Environmental Quality Improvement. 57. Environmental Pollution Study. 58. Disaster Relief (Repealed or Trans

ferred). 59. National Urban Policy and New Commu

nity Development. 60. Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alco

holism Prevention, Treatment, and Re

habilitation Program. 61.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real

Property Acquisition Policies for Feder

al and Federally Assisted Programs. 62. Intergovernmental Personnel Program. 63. Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention. 64. Public Service Employment Programs

(Omitted). 65. Noise Control. 66. Domestic Volunteer Services. 67.

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment

and Adoption Reform. 68. Disaster Relief. 69. Community Development. 70. Manufactured Home Construction and

Safety Standards. 71. Solar Energy. 72. Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Preven

tion. 73. Development of Energy Sources. 74.

Nonnuclear Energy Research and Devel


Chap. 75. Programs for Persons With Developmen

tal Disabilities. 76. Age Discrimination in Federally Assisted

Programs. 77. Energy Conservation. 78. National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. 79. Science and Technology Policy, Organiza

tion and Priorities. 80. Public Works Employment. 81. Energy Conservation and Resource Re

newal. 82.

Solid Waste Disposal. 83. Energy Extension Service. 84. Department of Energy. 85. Air Pollution Prevention and Control. 86. Earthquake Hazards Reduction. 87. Water Research and Development (Re

pealed or Transferred). 88.

Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control. 89. Congregate Housing Services. 90. Neighborhood and City Reinvestment,

Self-Help and Revitalization. 91. National Energy Conservation Policy. 92. Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use. 93.

Emergency Energy Conservation. 94. Low-Income Energy Assistance. 95. United States Synthetic Fuels Corpora

tion (Omitted). 96. Biomass Energy and Alcohol Fuels. 97. Acid Precipitation Program and Carbon

Dioxide Study. 98. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Re

search and Development. 99.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. 100. Wind Energy Systems. 101. Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering. 102. Mental Health Systems. 103. Comprehensive Environmental Response,

Compensation, and Liability. 104. Nuclear Safety Research, Development,

and Demonstration. 105. Community Services Programs. 106. Community Services Block Grant Pro

gram. 107. Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and

Safety. 108. Nuclear Waste Policy. 109. Water Resources Research. 110. Family Violence Prevention and Services. 111. Emergency Federal Law Enforcement As

sistance. 112. Victim Compensation and Assistance. 113. State Justice Institute. 114. Protection and Advocacy for Mentally Ill

Individuals. 115. Child Development Associate Scholarship

Assistance Program. 116. Emergency Planning and Community

Right-To-Know. 117. Encouraging Good Faith Professional

Review Activities. 118. Alzheimer's Disease and Related Demen

tias Services Research.


Chap. 119. Homeless Assistance. 120. Enterprise Zone Development. 121. International Child Abduction Remedies. 122. Native Hawaiian Health Care. 123. Drug Abuse Education and Prevention. 124. Public Housing Drug Elimination Pilot


Chap. 30. Administration of Public Lands (Repealed

or Omitted). 31. Department of the Interior. 32. Colorado River Basin Project. 32A. Colorado River Basin Salinity Control. 32B. Colorado River Floodway. 33. Alaska Native Claims Settlement. 33A. Implementation of Alaska Native Claims

Settlement and Alaska Statehood. 34. Trans-Alaska Pipeline. 35. Federal Land Policy and Management.

Outer Continental Shelf Resource Man

agement. 37. Public Rangelands Improvement. 38. Crude Oil Transportation Systems. 39. Abandoned Shipwrecks.



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Bureau of Land Management.
Geological Survey.
District Land Offices.
Land Districts.
Withdrawal from Settlement, Location,

Sale, or Entry.

Timber and Stone Lands (Repealed). 8A. Grazing Lands. 9. Desert-Land Entries. 10. Underground-Water Reclamation Grants

[Repealed). 11. Discovery, Development, and Marking of

Water Holes, etc., by Government. 11A. Board on Geographic Names. 12. Reclamation and Irrigation of Lands by

Federal Government. 12A. Boulder Canyon Project. 12B. Colorado River Storage Project. 13. Federal Lands Included in State Irriga

tion Districts. 14. Grants of Desert Lands to States for Rec

lamation. 15. Appropriation of Waters; Reservoir Sites. 16. Sale and Disposal of Public Lands.

Reservation and Sale of Town Sites on

Public Lands. 18. Survey of Public Lands. 19. Bounty Lands (Repealed). 20. Reservations and Grants to States for

Public Purposes. 21. Grants in Aid of Railroads and Wagon

Roads. 21A. Forfeiture of Northern Pacific Railroad

Indemnity Land Grants (Omitted). 22. Rights-of-Way and Other Easements in

in Public Lands. 23. Grants of Swamp and Overflowed Lands. 24. Drainage Under State Laws (Repealed). 25. Unlawful Inclosures or Occupancy; Ob

structing Settlement or Transit. 25A. Lands Held Under Color of Title. 26. Abandoned Military Reservations (Re

pealed). 27. Public Lands in Oklahoma. 28. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to

Public Lands. 29. Submerged Lands.


Joint Committee on Printing.
Government Printing Office.
Production and Procurement of Printing

and Binding.
Congressional Printing and Binding.

Congressional Record. 11. Executive and Judiciary Printing and

Binding. 13. Particular Reports and Documents. 1

Federal Register and Code of Federal

Regulations. 17. Distribution and Sale of Public Docu

ments. 19. Depository Library Program.

National Archives and Records Adminis

tration. 22. Presidential Records.

National Archives Trust Fund Board. 25. National Historical Publications and Rec

ords Commission. 27. (Repealed). 29. Records Management by the Archivist of

the United States and by the Adminis

trator of General Services. 31. Records Management by Federal Agen

cies. 33. Disposal of Records.

Coordination of Federal Information

Policy. 37. Advertisements by Government Agencies. 39. Government Printing Office: Office of In

spector General.




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