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this drug being sold today.

Doses range from 300 to 800 mg. each; effects may appear one to two hours after ingestion, and may last up to 12 hours. Usually some sort of stomach disorders are present, and there may be some vomiting. In peyote buttons, this is most often caused by improper cleaning before ingestion, which leaves fibers containing a very unpleasant substance. The best advice to first-time users may very well be: If you feel like vomiting, do it - the effects of the drug will not be changed, and you will feel physically much better afterwards.

Although the properties of mescaline are slightly different than that of LSD, it is still a hallucinogenic, and can cause mind-alterations and hallucinations. Exercise all usual caution. Readers should especially be aware of the fact that much of the chemically based mescaline has tested out as LSD only, especially during the last two years. Also beware of the fact that some of the fake "mescaline" being sold is also LSD-PCP in combination. On top of this, these fakes are supposed to be "organic." Don't believe it.

Mescaline (Peyote-Lophophora Williamsii), does not appear to be physically harmful or addictive in any way. It can often be used in situations where LSD cannot, because of its lesser strength and other properties. It is presently legal in California, Arizona and New Mexico for Indian religious ceremonies only, and illegal for all other purposes.

95-295 - 73-27


Classification: Stimulant.

Overdose potential: Possible, but ordinarily not fatal. Long-term damage to body and mind can result through prolonged use. Overdose and death possibility increases when injected, due to impurities in drug. Physical addiction: Of unusual type. See below.

Common methods of consumption: Ingested or injected, capsules, pow. der or tablets.

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The "Speed" category includes: Amphetamines (incl. Benzedrine), Dextro-amphetamine (Dexedrine), Methamphetamine (A phedroxyn, Desoxyn, Drinalfa, D.O.E., Methedrine, Norodin, Sy drox.)

What is speed? Where will it take you?

Speed is fantastic at first; kids in high school drop diet pills, p pills, bennies and combinations with no apparent bad effects. Y can shoot it, and go through groovy rushes that take you apart molecule by molecule and put you back together by pouring you in a big plastic mold.

Little red track marks are on your arms now. You're smiley ar wired as you sit in the corner and whittle a wooden banana for three straight days without eating or sleeping. Your mind goes fast on speed-you have a million things to do - your heart is racing a million miles an hour: You feel great, so stoned it's unbe lievable. The pill freaks come over and you whittle two bananas

Instead of one-from 9 o'clock Thursday night until 8 the next morning. You get out your kit-more speed-and perfect register! Rush! Fffoooooooossshhhhh!!!!!!!


breakfast over, you go out to look for more wood so you can whittle a monkey to go with the bananas. Then the Man sees this weird hair and a guy walking around with a happy expression on his face. The siren pops on and you freak out. You're really paranoid now as they check out your tracks and your eyes. No dope, 'hough, and luckily they let you loose. By Friday night you've nearly finished the monkey, and going to start some palm trees oon. You keep imagining there's someone looking at you through he window. Your heart pounds fast. The door opens it's Fred 'he smack freak from the second floor who wants to know if you have a spare needle. You give him your old one and tell him to boil it a lot because it's clogged. He comes back in a half hour to 'eturn the needle and you shoot up again in your living room. George comes over. You put away your works because everyone 'knows George is a narc anyway—besides, if he doesn't get you the uy looking through the window will!!! You're still going a million niles an hour now—you finish the palm tree, you're scared to tart on the coconuts because while you weren't looking somebody night grab your meth, your bananas and your monkey and hide 'hem so you'd go insane knowing they were hidden and you could't find them. So you go lock yourself in the bathroom with your neth, your bananas, your palm tree and your monkey and shoot up the rest of the spoon-and pretty soon your head starts doing unny numbers and the monkey starts screaming and you run aroind holding your hands over your head-George gets freaked out ind you figure he's going to get The Man but you can't do anyhing because the monkey is screaming and screaming so loudly hat your head is shattered into a million pieces.

So your head stays that way for hours and hours and finally you zive up and stare at the ceiling for awhile and crash for a week. When you wake up you're a mess. Your veins are messed up, your eyes are yellow and your skin is a glowing amber. You feel like an elephant is standing on your chest and won't let you move. You crumple yourself up in the wastebasket and the garbage collector takes you away. All this time you're thinking—“Oh well-it could have been the garbage disposal."

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SPEED KILLS. It's true. People have been taking speed ever since it was developed before World War IL How many people have you ever met who have been taking speed for as much as ten years? Five years? If they survive this long you can believe they aren't at all in good shape. Even heroin addicts have a longer life span.

Speed kills. The reason most kids don't notice it is because they have young, healthy bodies that can take a lot of stress and strain before they finally give in. Speed activates the entire body and forces it to race at high rates of speed for a long time. The larger the dose, the greater the strain. The smaller the dose, the smaller the strain. This is why speed can be legitimately prescribed in small doses (in diet pills, pep pills, etc.) for several months without apparent harm. A lot of speed puts a great strain on the entire circulatory system and often causes aneurism (ballooning) in the arteries or vessels.

Appetite is non-existant. Food is a big drag and it is almost impossible to eat solids. Sleep is also very difficult, if not impossible, during the run. Both lack of appetite and inability to sleep are side effects of speed; the body becomes very wasted when no nourishment or chance for sleep-rejuvenation takes place.

The liver and kidneys, which filter impurities from the system, are forced to over-work. This creates a situation much like operating a complex water pump and filter system without water. It just burns up. Putting water into the pump (i.e., drinking lots of water) helps, but not as much as not using speed in the first place.

Because of the massive stimulation of the nervous system by Amphetamines and because appetite and sleep patterns are disturbed, an eventual state of toxic psychosis often occurs. This is usually characterized by hallucinations, tremendous panic or fear reactions, with added waves of despondency and depression. During this period it is extremely tempting to avoid the hard comedown

by shooting up again or dropping more speed. By the third or fourth day of continuous use the chemical starts taking over, everything seems unimportant.

Speed actually enables years of aging and deterioration to be squeezed into a few short weeks or months.

In addition, Speed freaks often suffer an acute state of paranoia. Friends who used to take speed imagined that people were staring at them through windows and whenever they weren't looking. The natural uneasiness-nervousness that comes from Speed is intensified by fear of getting caught or busted.

Kids who are on speed make a big mistake that is common to this and other hard drug users. The more speed they take, the more their heads get messed up. The illusion is that they think their heads were messed up anyway, and take more speed to alleviate the anxiety caused by intense confusion. Of course, the end result is only increased confusion, anxiety, and decreased mental capacities. Another proven effect of Speed is eventual damage to brain functions; people who once had full control of the English language find themselves unable to remember proper words, and even have difficulty in speaking. Not all hard drugs will do this-but, speed will.


Hospitalization is almost never necessary. The person will be very wired at first, with unbelievable pulse rate, which will eventually level off at a staedy fast rate after several hours. Speed may be very dangerous for those with heart defects.

Besides long-term dangers of speed itself, there are several dangers associated with using needles for the injection of any drug. The most common of these, hepatitis, will be discussed here:


The most common form is "viral hepatitis," caused by an unclean needle or contamination of the drug being injected. (The other type of hepatitis is "infectious hepatitis," caused by personal contact. Both are extremely prevalent in heavy dope cultures.) There is nausea, loss of appetite, possible vomiting, and usually a feeling of being ill similar to the flu, but on a heavier scale. Following this, jaundice, yellowing of the skin and eyes, usually occurs. After a period of weeks to months, the patient feels fairly well. But the extensive cost and good care involved with such a rehabilitation are usually too much for the average speed freak to afford.

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